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Marvel stock removed from New York Stock Exchange today

Marvel Enterprises stock certificate (Is it a collector's item?)

Marvel Enterprises stock certificate (Is it a collector's item?)

Today, less than two weeks after shareholders approved the company’s $4.3-billion acquisition by Disney, Marvel’s stock was removed from the New York Stock Exchange. Yes, the “MVL” ticker symbol is no more.

Marvel made its initial stock offering under billionaire investor Ronald Perelman in 1991, just five years before the company went bankrupt.

In the Disney acquisition, Marvel shareholders received $30 in cash and approximately 0.745 in Disney stock for every Marvel share they own.



I wonder if the Motley Fool guys will use the backs of those old Marvel stock certificates for their suicide notes.

Ha! Y’know, I was thinking of Motley Fool when I wrote that post. They were just head over heels for Marvel stock, weren’t they?

I thought about buying some Marvel stock way back when, but a column by Warren Ellis at this very site about how they’d be going under soon convinced me that doing so would be a bad idea.

Stupid, stupid me.

this is not the first time Marvel has gone under – I had many shares of Marvel Entertainment Group before it became Marvel Enterprises Inc and lost it ALL-I was given worthless warrents which cost more to cash in than MVL stock was worth on the open market. I would have been thrilled if Disney bought them out when I had that stock – As it is- I own Disney so I guess I hold a stake in Marvel once again

I am, at this very moment, listening to 640 am KFI talk radio – Charles Payne giving stock advice. He mentioned Marvel as a top stock to invest in. Now, I read it’s gone, has been acquired & is no longer on NYSE. Hm.


Sean/Kevin/Carl……do you guys even know how to look at numbers?

Investors who bought Marvel on Motley Fool’s recommendation made 10 times their money. Marvel didn’t stop trading because they went out of business, you idiots. Marvel stopped trading because Disney bought Marvel for a premium.

Keep ignoring Motley Fool’s advice at your peril. It leaves more great stock tips for people like me. BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Motley Fool Investor

June 22, 2011 at 12:07 pm

Sean, Kevin & Carl

Do you idiots even know what the hell you are talking about? Did you NOT read the article? Anyone who owned this stock was given $30 cash and .0745 of Disney stock. So if you owned 1,000 shares, you just got handed $30,000 AND about 74.5 shares of Disney stock too.

Learn to read next time MORONS

You actually get 745 shares of Disney stock if you had 1000

Snow- do the math

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