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Marvel unveils Iron Man’s new armor

Iron Man's new armor

Iron Man's new armor

Marvel is giving one of its core heroes a makeover. A new suit of Iron Man armor, set to debut following the conclusion of the “Stark Disassembled” arc in Matt Fraction & Salvador Larroca’s Invincible Iron Man, was revealed late last night at

Billed as the brainchild of writer Fraction and Iron Man and Thor movie designer Ryan Meinerding, the new armor is a sleeker, slicker affair, which Fraction argues is a reflection of the ever-simplifying and streamlining nature of technology. “We were looking for something that felt as sleek and glossy as a sports car Tony Stark would covet,” he told the site.

Ol’ Shellhead takes his new look out for a spin beginning in April’s Invincible Iron Man #25.



He looks kinda generic. It’s really just a spandex with some LEDs glued onto it – kinda looks like X-Ray from the U-Foes. Where is the ARMORED Avenger? I get the sleeker, miniturization argument (I’m not looking for War Machine here) but give us some bulk. I always liked that of the Big 3, each had their own shillouette: Cap in the body stocking with the athlethic build, Thor with the flowing cape and Iron Man in the bulkier, armored suit.

Sean T. Collins

January 8, 2010 at 8:04 am

The Iron Man suit I remember from my Secret Wars action figure was even sleeker and smoother than this one, though, so it hasn’t always been bulky.

Bob Layton has commented that he never understood why Iron Man’s armor got bulkier when technology tends to make things sleeker. I think this is an improvement over the last few attempts to improve his armor.

Looks good, but I’m not sure what all the headlamps are for.

Y’know, with miniaturization, Iron Man’s armor ought to be handheld by now.

Sean T. Collins

January 8, 2010 at 8:20 am

I remember that Layton quote, Shawn. He’s got a point!

Couldn’t care less about practical – it just looks nifty.
Always wonder if marvel artists like spending the time to render something that complicated panel after panel – that last set of armor he wore seemed like it would have been a tremendous pain to bring to life, and this looks just as complex, albeit sleeker.

At least he won’t get lost in the dark.

Once again Marvel seems Hell bent on making sure if someone likes a character in a movie they won’t be able to find that same character in their comic books. I don’t mind the idea of sleeker but jets and tanks don’t get “sleeker”. They get better. Faster. More deadly. If you pare down the armor on a tank it becomes more vulnerable despite the tech inside.

Is it just me, or does it look really similar to what he was wearing before?

I’m sure even the totally uninitiated will be able to recognise this as the same character from the movie. Especially if it appears in a comic book with “Iron Man” written on the cover.

As for bulky vs. sleek, there’s room for artists to interpret this with varying degrees of angularity/bulk. His silhouette will be just fine, I reckon. Looks good! Nice to see a writer so invested/involved in how his comic looks.

Sean T. Collins

January 8, 2010 at 9:15 am

Ike, you really think movie fans won’t be able to recognize that as Iron Man?

I wish they could stick with one armor. I liked the one that Adi did for his run.

January 8, 2010 at 8:16 am
Y’know, with miniaturization, Iron Man’s armor ought to be handheld by now.”

Ha ha ha ha!

“If you pare down the armor on a tank it becomes more vulnerable despite the tech inside.”

Except, it’s not a tank, it’s a suit of armor. Which is likely utilizing unreal alloys, the point of Iron Man is not that it’s a guy in a tank, it’s a guy in a suit of armor. Armor gets more efficient, it has to, bulky armor is deadly to the wearer, it’s hard to fight in a suit of heavy, clunky armor.

My problem is with the muted colors. It doesn’t pop. Hopefully the comic version will be brighter.

Well, thats gonna be a bitch for future artists to draw. just saying.

Nice. I like it a lot.

I like it but it has too much gold in it. At least the helmet design is basically the same.

He has basically had the same armor from Avengers: Disassembled, through Civil War and then Secret Invasion and Dark Reign. When Tony is “reassembled”, he would want to build a new armor.

They should do a homage cover back to the cover he had after Silver Centurion was gone and he built the new one.

I don’t know, while I agree with the argument that as tech advances it gets smaller.
But. It is still a man inside the armor and not only would the armor still have to be able to protect him, but it would also have to have ways to bend and flex in order to have some beleivability.
Also Stark wuld just cram more stuff into the space made available by the smaller tech.
Because of the film we could see how the last siut could possibly work.
This is just a fail in my book.
sorry, but It looks like a lazy artist drew a body shape and then slapped on some Iron Man motives.

I say back to the drawing board.

Fantastic look. Everything about Fraction and Larocca’s run has been great, glad to see the “next stage” will keep things rolling.

Not really feeling it, i hope we don’t see something like this in IM2.

It’s not awful, but it just doesn’t flow like the extremis armor. and i hate that it makes him look like he has a muscle shirt on ~ not as awful as the 90s “belly shirt” armor, but still not a look i encourage.

January 8, 2010 at 9:15 am

“I wish they could stick with one armor.”

That would kind of go against the character.

This is a joke right? In a week you’ll reveal the real armor. Honestly, I’ve read Iron Man since 1980 and this is the worst design I’ve ever seen. Looks like something Wildstorm would come up with.

Silly, over complicated, Lady Gaga inspired.

Do Not Want.

“Silly, over complicated, Lady Gaga inspired.”

By far the most off-base comment I’ve heard yet. It’s practically the opposite of just that.

Roquefort Raider

January 8, 2010 at 10:36 am

The color pattern looks really weird and busy. I’m all for a sleek look (as in Granov’s designs, for example), but the suit should not look garish. Losing the golden bits scattered here and there in the red parts would make the whole thing look a lot less kitschy.

Given the history of the character, usually when he has had a personal crisis, Tony Stark develops a new armor. When he lost Stark International and gave the suit up to Rhodey, he developed the Silver Centurian armor and after Armor Wars he returned to being the Golden Avenger. I think this fits in perfectly with that history.

Huh – That’s actually along the lines of what I was expecting. I’m not THRILLED about it either, but I actually kinda figured – I’m betting it’ll have a new set of armament/capabilities more in line with what Pepper Potts has been using and this fits with that.

But when are they gonna bring the nose back?

Since when does Iron Man wear Crocs as part of his armor? Was he Reassembled as a 40-something Mom?

The layout of all those (unnecessary?) headlights gives the armor a good Kirby / New Good design feel to it.

Whoops – “New Good” supposed to be “New God”.

Rather, “Fourth World”.

Don’t like it, looks like no armour at all.
Warren Ellis and Adi Granov’s design was the best.

Um… boring.

Keep those movie guys out of comics.

And how does a “writer” visually design anything?


As for as the look,I’m really digging it,but I can’t wait to see the applications they apply to it work.

I’ve been haranguing Marvel editorial about the clearly unrealistic design of Iron Man’s thumbs since the title first started to hit its stride with Byrne’s groundbreaking Armor Wars II. With this new “upgrade” Stark’s greatest vulnerability has finally been eliminated.

“And how does a “writer” visually design anything?”

Are writers not allowed to have visual input on the character they are writing about? Do they not also have their own imagination and vision of said characters? And why is writer in quotation marks, are you saying Fraction is not a writer? If so, that is rather insulting.

I like it. I also remember the Layton quote and I think he was right. It will be interesting to see how different artists interpret this.

“Lady Gaga inspired”

Like that’s a bad thing.

And looking at it again, it *does* have a Kirby thing going, too. More I look at it, the more I dig.

I’m shocked that none of the true Iron Fans were happy about the return of the circular uni-beam!

Die-yng, Bugatti Veyrons don’t look like Model T’s either. If it doesn’t look like past armors then I think the artists are doing their job correctly.

Eric, those aren’t Crocs. They’re ninja-booties (C’mon, who doesn’t love ninjas?). Maybe Stark’s been hanging out with Daredevil lately.

Mark – Noooo, the SKIN armor was one of the worst designs so far.

I’m just happy to see the Extremis armor go away.

“”And how does a “writer” visually design anything?”

Are writers not allowed to have visual input on the character they are writing about? Do they not also have their own imagination and vision of said characters? And why is writer in quotation marks, are you saying Fraction is not a writer? If so, that is rather insulting.”

That’s exactly what I’m saying. It’s like crediting a great “editor” as a co-writer.

Different job descriptions for a reason. Keep the egos in check.

(FYI – Fraction is an awesome writer)


“Bugatti Veyrons don’t look like Model T’s either. If it doesn’t look like past armors then I think the artists are doing their job correctly.”

Right on the money. I keep hearing things like “it doesn’t look like armor”. IT’S THE 21ST CENTURY, PEOPLE. Armor technology has evolved and enhanced just like all other technology. It may not look like any armor you’ve seen before, but the tech behind it probably protects him better than anything that came before. And it most definitely looks like he can maneuver better in it. Welcome to the future.

Can we get some more opinions with imagination and/or scientific understanding?

Well, I wanted the chest circle back, but I guess I should be careful what I ask for because I do not like this. The little lights make him look like a Christmas tree, and the placement of the red and gold elements looks really haphazard.

My main problem though is with the face. In that he should have one that resembles a human and not a bug. Losing the red on the front of the helmet would improve things a lot, but he’d still have that weird frowning mouth he’s had for the last several years where he looks like a gurning old man with no teeth. Also, you should be able to see his eyes. He’s Iron MAN, and you should be able to recognize that there’s a human inside there.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying. It’s like crediting a great “editor” as a co-writer.

Different job descriptions for a reason. Keep the egos in check.”

So writers should only be allowed to write words and not envision what those words may look like when interpreted by an artist? And an artist can only draw pictures and not try to imagine the words and sounds that his image may be evoking?

“Also, you should be able to see his eyes. He’s Iron MAN, and you should be able to recognize that there’s a human inside there.”

I have to disagree with you on that one. I like the “eye-less” look for the very reason you sighted. It provides a tactical advantage if you can produce robot dupes to stand in for you when need be.

Besides, I’d hate to see Ol’ Shellhead get his Iron Butt kicked because he got poked in the eye. ;-)

Oh, and did anyone else find it interesting that the writer and movie designer for Iron Man and Thor came up with this and not an artist?

The writer I understand but the movie designer angle intrigues me.

Roquefort Raider

January 8, 2010 at 1:01 pm

Well, Othello, Adi Granov did design the first movie’s armor AND an awesome one for the comics, so there’s a precedent. I regret that Meinerding’s vision isn’t as good as Adi’s, though.

It’s a little bit much (especially all the extra lights and lines) but I applaud the thinking behind this, even if the result doesn’t seem quite right. It can always be changed (and will change) so I see no point to all the whining.

Personally, I’m looking forward to the day Tony gets liquid metal armor. Now that will be cool.

I think I need to see the road test before I’m sure what I think about this model. It’s hard to judge from one murky, static image. I’ll only have a clear feeling for it based on seeing it in a story.

An armor redesign does make sense based on both Tony Stark’s personality and the very human desire to turn the page after so much turmoil. Having said that, I really liked the Disassembled to Dark Reign era armor though. It had a visual logic to it that made it instantly credible.

I’ve heard the argument that the armor should follow the general technology trend and become sleeker and more compact over time. But, I find it much more believable that Stark would use miniturization to add functions to the suit rather than making it skin tight.

I agree with you there RR but it makes me wonder if this may be a sneak peek at what’s being planned for Iron Man 3 or the Avengers.

Wow! Like it or hate it (me, I think it’s kinda cool, kinda Hollywood… obviously!) it’s got everyone commenting on it.

Wanna bet that it shows up at the end of the new movie? Will this be the Iron Man that we see in the Avengers movie?

I think I just wet myself…

This.looks.Bad ass.

From a purely logistical point of view, this design is terrible. The way that the red and champagne/gold layer on the arms will make it INCREDIBLY difficult to compose panels in which there’s any degree of clarity. There’s heavy dark and light, warm color and a neutral, either of which makes having it clearly pop on just about ANY background a real obstacle. This might look really good in motion media, but on the page I expect it’ll be a train wreck in terms of visual storytelling.

I should note, just the arms/hands though…. the rest looks fine. But, as Ditko mentioned, the hands are key in superhero character design.

Thomas Barichella

January 8, 2010 at 3:22 pm

Colors look too similar to the Iron Patriot suit Osborn’s been wearing. You’d think Tony Stark would do anything to distance himself from that suit when he returns…

“Oh, and did anyone else find it interesting that the writer and movie designer for Iron Man and Thor came up with this and not an artist?”

The designer is an artist.

WRT the idea that sticking with a standard look for the armor for a long period of time would go against the character:

The armor underwent three major visual versions in the character’s first year (gray, bulky version; same armor, painted gold (only a visual change); red and gold version).

However, for the next 20 years [from TALES OF SUSPENSE #48 (December 1963) through IRON MAN 199 (October 1985)], the basic visual of the armor remained unchanged: red gloves, boots, torso, and most of helmet; gold arms, legs, faceplate, and chest beam. The raised epaulets, raised border around the chest beam, and the hip pods took about two years to finalize (by a quick review of covers at the GCD ( Beyond that, some minor experimentation with the faceplate isthe only notable difference (pointed above eyebrows; riveted look (both from the mid-60s); nose (mid-70s)*). Gloves and boots generally looked the same, and covered about half of the lower arm/leg.

Since then, from a quick review of the covers again, one version of the armor lasted 4-5 years (the one after the “Silver Centurion” version, starting around issue 233); generally, some sort of notable visual change to the basic layout, thickness etc. would come along within 3 years.

*Note: the version of the armor where Tony only had to don the gloves and boots, and everything else would slide out over him, also from the 70’s, didn’t change the visual (well, except for the loss of the nose).

I like the sleek, I like the headlights and the salute to the classic roundel on his chest, the overall shiny is good and I think it’s a step in the right direction.


It’s a real pig of a mess on close inspection. It was designed by a guy who designs things that are going to be a physical or cgi model, things that don’t have to be reproduced panel after panel for an entire comic. I somehow see every artist going to work on Iron Man saying ‘Fuck that, think we’ll have Tony Stark in a suit for this issue…’

Unless they get the guys who draw those beautifully drawn Transformers comics that armour is going to wreck heads.

“”That’s exactly what I’m saying. It’s like crediting a great “editor” as a co-writer.

Different job descriptions for a reason. Keep the egos in check.”

So writers should only be allowed to write words and not envision what those words may look like when interpreted by an artist? And an artist can only draw pictures and not try to imagine the words and sounds that his image may be evoking?”

I’m saying that unless writer has the abilities to turn whatever words they have written down into a visual design and should not be looking for that credit. Simple as that.

For example. No matter how specific a direction a director gives an actor in a film he does not look for a co-acting credit.


I don’t like it. It looks wussy and fruity. and I hate the muted colors in that photo.

I don’t get why they wouldn’t wanna have the look in the comic sync up with the armor from the movie which looks great.

hate it. bring back the simple design from the 80’s and i would surely read the book.

he looks like hes about to go dance at a rave, not blast crap out of ultimo

Just looks like a muscley guy wearing spandex now. So the idea of Iron Man having armor is out?

In spite of all you guys in the “OH NO! They changed something! Blasphemy!” crowd, Iron Man always has to evolve to stay 10 steps ahead of the real world, so it’s only natural that he would get a big overhall every few years. I like this new look and applaud the creators for pushing Tony into the future

It’s interesting, has kind of a Kamen Rider or Bio Booster Armour Guyver look. Not big on the muted colors, but the rest is pretty nifty.

Also, while I don’t know if it’s the case here, it’s not unusual for comic book writers to sketch out rough designs or directions for artists they’re working with. Grant Morrison had a whole sketchbook of designs related to Seven Soldiers and Alan Moore has drawn thumbnail comics for artists he’s worked with in the past.

Boo. They should’ve had Adi do an update. This one will last 6 months tops.

“The designer is an artist.”

I know that. I was alluding to the fact that the current (or future) artist on the comic book didn’t design the new armor. That is traditionally how character redesigns come about. I found it interesting (from a conspiracy theorist viewpoint) that the movie designer for Thor and Iron Man did the redesign.

“I don’t get why they wouldn’t wanna have the look in the comic sync up with the armor from the movie which looks great.”

That’s what I was alluding to in an earlier comment. I wonder if that is exactly what Dis-vel (or is that Marsney) is doing by having the movie designer create the new armor with Matt Fraction and not someone like Granov.

Personally, I can’t wait to see what the pseudo-technological explanation for the new armor is.

The sizing of the picture on this site makes it look like crap.

A closer look at the details, this armor looks a lot better than I originally thought

Maybe they should just call him “Spot.”
I’m not a big Iron Man fan, but other than the faceplate, it looks like a generic villain. Hate it.

Boo this is a terrible design… I understand that technology advances but to make his ‘armor’ look more like a wet suit is just plain terrible. I hope Marvel sees the error they have made and go back to AG’s design.

i hate comments like, “well, love it or hate it, it’s got people talking!” that’s the kind of garbage joe quesada spews to spin controversy into a positive thing. but much of the time when people debate editorial decisions in comics, it has little-or-nothing to do with the current product stirring interest. for instance, i haven’t read an iron man comic in years, and i’ve got no idea what’s going on in the book (though i’ve been told i’m missing out), so my commenting here has nothing to do with the product they’re putting out. people are going to talk about these things because they love the characters and are hooked, which is a testament to jack kirby, stan lee, and the creators who came before them and made these characters great. current marvel editorial shouldn’t pat itself on the back for NOT destroying pre-existing interest in these wonderful, engaging characters. they could put iron man in a diaper and people will talk about it, myself included. almost ANYTHING they do to these characters will stir up discussion. people would have been talking if one more day centered around peter parker strangling an infant,.

personally, i’m only commenting on this because i think it’s hideous. it’s busy and cluttered and (perhaps most importantly) will be a nightmare for artists to draw. and it has nothing to do with fear of change; my favorite iron man costume of all time is the original ultimate suit, and it was the most radical redesign to date. but this suit is a mess. the only thing i like about it is the circular chest piece, though i would have only had two additional lamps on the chest (i think that’s how it is on the movie version). the extra lamps scattered throughout the costume don’t bother me nearly as much as the scattershot placement of gold elements, but all those lights on the chest and neck look ridiculous. i know taste is taste, but from a design standpoint this costume is atrocious. though as a professional artist with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, i learned years ago that the general public absolutely LOVES bad design.

I don’t like the slim nature of the suit overall; I think that while technology might get smaller, there has to be an insulating layer for the man underneath. Unless his whole suit is made of the same thing that Cap’s “absorbs impact” shield is made out of, you’ve just got a guy getting knocked around in a paper-thin suit (which is indestructible but does little for the man inside to whom the force is transmitted.) Aside from that, however, the smaller the tolerances, the easier everything breaks …

For those people who say “I’m not looking for War Machine,” I am. One of Tony’s greatest classical strengths has been the “extras” in the armor, that no matter how miniscule they get, unless he’s got a can of Pym Particles, require some space. Rocket Skates, mini-grenades and diode mines, drills in the fingers to cut through and drill through stuff … Personally, I’ve always been a fan of Silver Centurion, though.

I don’t mind all the lights all over, I think it gives the suit a nice, “techie” look, and I am happy about the return to the circular Unibeam, but I really wish they’re remember “armor” instead of “costume.”



I stopped reading anything with Iron Man in it after Civil War… along with a whole lot of other stuff. So, basically I assume it’s the same story of the story going nowhere for about five years.

looks like some manga reject

hey guys this is kinda off topic, but what is iron mans armor made of? dont say iron coz there is no way that (going by images from the film) that is iron. it looks like plastic. and metal would be very uncomfortable and iron would be would need alot of energy to lift him and a load of metal into the air for extended periods of time, and would probs need to be big to lift him and his armor, and theres no room that. and wouldnt people be a bit suspicious of him buying the crap needed for that? and he’s never there when the action is going on?

Well after taking a day to mull it over and then looking at a larger higher res version of the image I have come to a final conclusion regarding this design. And that conclusion is that this design totally sucks. It is so completely impractical and farcical in design that I have a hard time not laughing at it when I see it.
How in the hell would the pieces move against each other? How would the parts bend?
How would the wearer bend at the waist without the central core cutting his guts in half?

I may sound nitpicky, but as a professional artist, I look at this the same way an Editor would look at some pages and ask the artist if he thought the bus that he drew actuall represented an actual bus or just a rectangular cube with wheels on it. I have actually seen an Editor make that comparison.
Artistically this is a good piece of work.
Design wise this is the most amateurish non-thought processed concept that I have seen.
Its even more farfetched than that craptacular Spider Armor from Civil War.
Metal, no matter how thin you make it look does not work like cloth.
A suit of armor will be bulky. One filled with electronics and weapons and propulsion systems would add to that bulk and require the use of a superstructure to support it.

Even in science fiction you have to start at a foundation of reality to create something believable.
This looks like the only foundation it started with was a big fat Bong hit.

Go back to Adi Granov and pay him to design a suit for you. The movies went to him because even they could see he had better design sense.

It’s awesome!!!!

I like this version of the armor.

I think that they need to release a picture of it in action, flying or fighting, say, in a blue sky to really appreciate it. The image that they released is too muted.

Rommel Reyes
January 8, 2010 at 4:19 pm

hate it. bring back the simple design from the 80’s and i would surely read the book.

so, just the armour is keeping you from reading the comic? suuuuuuure..

i agree with the above about that there needs to be some bulk beyond Tony’s body that is the armor itself, atleast for the gadget and stuff.

the Layton quote just buggs me and i dont find it applicable.
it feels like he said it before the real dataprocessing stuff was added.
i mean in the begining he had buttons and had to aim him, and pilot himself and no scanning and i could go on.
to summarize: it doesnt necessarily get smaller when it gets more advanced. it might go for more power instead and the armor should become bigger for every new thing that is added.

I like it, stream lined and sexy its good. I can see a guy like Stark going in this direction.

The thing you have to consider with Iron man is that since his conception the tendency has been to shift more towards realism (or at least a sort of comics equivalent of ‘Hollywood realism’ meaning that his more recent armour designs have been done to look like they actually could work to some degree as opposed to older models which don’t.

As to this particular armour, I have mixed views – on the one hand it certainly looks cool, but on the other it doesn’t really give off the kind of vibes I’d go for if I was redesigning the costume – make it white and silver and it’d kind of look like what you’d get if he gave the Iron man design contract to Apple – not that there would be anything wrong with that in itself, but it doesn’t reflect how I think Stark would work as a designer – slim down yes, but not to the point where it looks optimised for manouverability over toughness. But as I say it *does* look cool, and there may well be reasons for the design, so I’m willing to wait and see.

Not a big fan of all the lights. Some of the definition seems about as useless as a nose on a faceplate or nipples on a Batsuit, but it’s Tony Stark, who’s a little vain and has done stuff like that before. Other than that, looks like it’ll be a pain for the colorist. Overall, not my favorite design, but I imagine I’ll get used to it quickly. It’s not like it hurts my eyes, so my level of “care” is maybe two on a scale of ten.

The armor looks great. I guess u can’t satisfy anyone these days.

Lol ! Shiny! Looks like Ultra Man lives again!

Hey, lets make all Marvel characters look really Gay!

Maybe Iron Man is trying to get into the new Tron movie….!

Uuuuh… It reminds me of IRON LAD’s armor a lot, but it doesnt look like an armor a lot. Hopefully once Larroca gets to draw it, he will add weight to make it LOOK like an armor.

“Hey, lets make all Marvel characters look really Gay!”


Q: Are we not men?

January 11, 2010 at 3:56 am

Whaah! Whaah! Change! Whaah! Whaah! Not like when I first read it! Whaah! Whaah!


January 12, 2010 at 12:02 am

All those lights remind me of spider eyes…looks kinda creepy. What if Iron Man tries to sneak up on a villain in the dark and forgets to turn all those lights off?

It looks very sleek but it’s a bit of a step away from the Iron Man that I’ve always known.

The sleek grooves remind me of City of Heroes armors. Unfortunately, the horrible bloody awful color pattern reminds me of that, too.

I like the thought BEHIND the armor, but I don’t like the way it was executed. While it’s very form-fitting it doesn’t really come off as sleek to me because of the placements of the red and yellow and all the random lights. I think Adi Granov’s extremis armor looked way sleeker then this.

I get what they’re trying to do, but I don’t think they pulled this off well. It’s ugly from a design point of view to me personally. I think a good Iron Man suit should look sexy yet practical, and this to me just looks awkward and garish. But oh well, it’s not the first Iron Man armor I haven’t liked, and I’m sure there will be many great ones and not so great ones for years to come. I hope the redesign runs with this idea and produces a better result.

does anyone know the best costume you can buy for an Iron Man suit and where it can be purchased.????Anyone?????????//Thank YOU!

Guys, the point of technology is move forward. This is just a reflection of the times. I’m pretty sure generations of comic fans have always grumbled whenever Iron Man has gotten a new suit of armor. He’s just going with the flow. Plus the design isn’t that bad. I kinda dig it. But I’ll have to see it in action first before making my judgement.

lol just imagine if jarvis was able to control his own suit individually (like in the second making of ironman for example), this would be the right suit for him D=

it’s awesome

Chris A Lampkin

April 1, 2012 at 6:52 pm

I like that it appears pretty seemless. This is a reminder of the days when his armor was described as advanced steel mesh. I can imagine that it is composed of some rubber metal composite or overlay to give it a hermetic seal and flexibility and also to insulate it from the high electrical currents that the motor/muscles would need to lift the enormous weights. As for all the apparent lights I see them as potential combos of repulsor retro thrusters and alternate repulsor power supplies. He also needs to be visible to jet fighters and passenger planes as well as wild life to avoid some serious night collisions! I do agree that at least one of the colors is not the vibrant color that says”nobility,honor and royalty ” I always prefer function over fashion. I think it does a good job of providing a blend of stealthy angles and sections that reflect and divide radar waves with streamlined aerodynamics. But that’s just my opinion !

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