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Marvel’s Avengers franchise to end in the wake of Siege

New Avengers: Finale!

New Avengers: Finale!

April will see both the conclusion of Marvel’s Siege four-issue miniseries and the apparent end — certainly only temporarily — of the Avengers franchise.

That’s right, the publisher’s solicitations preview lists the series finales of The New Avengers, Dark Avengers, The Mighty Avengers and Avengers: The Initiative. It also solves the mystery of what comic writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Bryan Hitch have been collaborating on: It’s a 64-page one-shot called New Avengers: Finale.

Siege ends the Avengers … and this is how I find out?” Bendis joked late this afternoon on Twitter.

References to “the Age of Heroes” and “the Heroic Age” are sprinkled throughout the solicitation text, making it a safe bet that at least some of those titles will quickly return as part of a new status quo teased back in November: “Witness the Marvel Universe triumph over its greatest challenges ever as the Heroic Age ignites! Still lurking in the shadows are forces of evil and cosmic-level threats, but a new spirit of hope, courage, and the selflessness at the heart of heroism will rise up. The most extraordinary tales ever will be told in this Heroic Age of the Marvel Universe. The Age of Heroes is upon us!”

The New Avengers debuted in late 2004 in the aftermath of the “Avengers Disassembled,” followed in 2007 by The Mighty Avengers and Avengers: The Initiative, and in early 2009 by Dark Avengers.



based on this info, i say that we see a streamlined Avengers team AT LEAST before the end of 2010. i also say look for things in 2011 to be a bit of a predictor for the Avengers movie — this gives Marvel an opportunity to get the team into a lineup that looks like the movie and sells well in trades to those who enjoyed the film.

~sigh~ I really like having Spidey, Wolvey and Spider-Woman (along with all the others) in the New Avengers. It was really nice seeing Spidey in a team situation. Hope the situation is rectified in some fashion.

Well they need some type of gimmick/stunt to temporarily bump sales up on the 4 AVENGERS series. No one working at Marvel will admit it, but one of the major reasons why sales (up until the last few months) were so high on both NEW AVENGERS and DARK AVENGERS was because both books had some type of stunt/gimmick (be it variant covers or a tie in to a major crossover) for most of their entire runs to boost sales on both books. Take away the gimmicks/stunts, and sales start to rapidly fall (as the most recent sales figures have shown).

I predict that 3 of the 4 AVENGERS series will be relaunched after this “AVENGERS FINALE” gimmick/stunt is over with. Here are my guesses for the 3 Avengers titles that will be relaunched after the finale.

AVENGERS written by Bendis
the long rumored AVENGERS ACADEMY by Gage

By may will have new avengers books with dumbe #1s. :( I mean come on that is what they have to do. Goodbye to New Avengers and Dark Avengers. Hopefully means the end of Wolverine as Avenger. I really don’t think it means long with avengers books. I mean Joe q isn’t that dumb is he? ::Thinks about for a second and then remembers him letting what is happening to hulk family of characters:: Okay I think he would be that dumb.

Thank god – this is GREAT NEWS. The Avengers books have been so tedious and frustrating to read that I dropped them long ago. Maybe we’ll finally see a return of the greatness that Kurt Busiek had achieved with the book, back before Spider-man was a member, Wolverine was a member of every team at Marvel, and Bendis decided that he needed to have half the team appear as other characters (Ronin, anyone?).

Enough with the poser Avengers (sorry DARK Avengers – God, what a horrible book) and the others.

I actually think one of the good things to come out of Dark Reign is Dark Avengers. The quality of the book really surprised me, since by all appearances it was just Thunderbolts by a different name. Given the book’s good sales, I wonder if Marvel will find a way to keep it going or just retire the title and revamp the Thunderbolts.

Funnily enough, I posted an article about this very subject a few days ago. It’s interesting to see some of my predictions come true. I’d post the article here instead of a link, but that would just be flooding the comments section, so instead here’s a link.

I really hope Stu Immonen sticks with whatever comes out of this, I love his stuff on New Avengers. Wouldn’t mind seeing Slott continue on a second Avengers book, and to see more of the Initiative characters.

This era of the Avengers franchise ends. *shrug*, I’ve been reading it since Busiek, even on his worst day Bendis is a thousand times better than Bob Harras was. Let us remember how far the Avengers franchise had sunk in the 90s, it was so dreadful that Rob Liefeld was able to get ahold of it, no one else would touch it because Harras had so mucked it up. And how do you follow the EIC and basically ignore everything he did to destroy a franchise. Same problem existed with Fantastic Four, Captain America had only had problems with art for the most part Gruenwald was a decent if gimmicky writer. Waid came on and quickly made the book really interesting again.

It took Heroes Reborn to salvage Avengers, Iron Man, Fantastic Four and Thor.

That Bendis was able to take what Busiek did in rebuilding Avengers and turn it from one solid book into three books that sold extremely well is enough for him to be able to tell the critics to STFU. Busiek fixed it, Bendis came in and made it a big seller.

The only thing I don’t like about the Avengers book is Mike Deodato, I’m not a fan of his art and hope he’s shuffled off to something I don’t care about.

This is just hype over going back to the pre-New Avengers status quo. I enjoyed seeing Spider-Man and Wolverine as Avengers, but am I the only one who feels like Wolverine was never there? I also feel like the book never felt like “The Avengers.” I don’t think the threats were big enough for an Avengers book and I would have liked to seen smaller adventures with specific characters, like maybe a Luke Cage/Ronin/Wolverine adventure/subplot….I dunno

I don’t care what happens to Wolverine, whom I find is best in occasional team doses and solo stories, but Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Spider-Woman should stick around, they’ve earned spots and have always been Avengers type characters, I never understood why they were ignored by previous Avengers writers. If Hawkeye is an Avengers character why not Cage and Iron Fist?

And Bucky, too. He should stick around in whatever form he eventually takes.

Most of all, I really wish they would tell Heinberg to put up or shut up with the Young Avengers, cause this is ridiculous, that book has been waiting for him to get off his ass for years. I want some god damned Young Avengers drawn by Jimmy Cheung and I don’t CARE who writes it anymore.

its about time for a change for marvel had too many teams calling themselves avengers. hopefully this means a more stream line team. like iron man cap and thor. with spider -man spider-woman and luke cage and ronin as the line up for keep some of the new. dark avengers can go back to thunder bolts and hope it means Norman is out of iron man’s armour. but as long as the avengers are back to what they should be. and Brian finds some time to fix the damage he did to scarlet witch also

Well,as an avengers fan since issue #1, the first series, I’d like to see the book pick up at the original numbering, as marvel has been leaning that way.My brother quit the book, even before it went up to 3.99.i think the dark rein was draged out far to long. Came to like the mighty avengers by Slott more then the new avengers.Never got into the inititive much.

I pick up New Avengers regularly, and I have to say I find it a bit of a shame that it’s finishing, much as other people seem to complain about it a lot, I enjoy the team dynamic/interactions in it, even though the characters I was originally buying it for have since left. Equally, I’ve been tempted to pick up Mighty since Slott started writing it, as it looks like a fun series.

But as both the Initiative and Dark Avengers will possibly be obsolete plot wise it makes sense, and New and Mighty will presumably be renamed/revamped to fit in with the Age of Heroes Concept – I just hope we don’t get something identical to what we had before and the universe can develop (though I don’t mind some things – eg. Clint becoming Hawkeye again etc)…

What is not working in the Avengers is… Bendis. As much as I like him, he’s kinda burnt out. He’s dialogues are the only thing that’s been working lately. Also not working is Wolverine. As Duvie said, he’s not “there”, just like Fraction’s Magneto or Namor on X-Men.

When the Anvegers reboot, I hope will have “the Big 3″ in there (Thor, Cap and Iron Man).

And I hope will keep Ares, Herc & Cho, Spidey and Mike Deodato…

Having been a diehard DC fan as a kid, I was never a fan of the Avengers. The Vision, The Scarlet Witch, the Captain Marvel with the ‘fro – no thanks.

However, I loved the New Avengers. I liked the street level feel. I liked the dynamic of the characters together – especially Spider-Man, a character I was never a huge fan of.

It’ll be interesting to see what plays out with both the characters and the creative teams.

Hopefully this means that, as expected, the SHRA will go away, thus eliminating what kept the heroes spread all over the place. Don’t take me wrong- Civil War and its legacy actually made things more interesting for a while, but a superhero universe where even the most noble heroes are suspect is just not satisfying in the long run.

The big question is: even if we return to the previous status quo, with the same people at the helm (Bendis, etc.) can the stories TRULY get lighter, even if they mean to? Because that’s the problem I have with DC- not that their characters suck or that there’s an explicit detail darkening things up ala the SHRA, but that I have no faith on Didio, Johns etc. ever letting go of the “throw in something shocking (read: disgusting), no matter on which book!” approach any time soon (which is why I’m not falling for “Brightest Day” being a similar “New and Improved Universe” campaign.)

I’m trying to calculate the numbers of the various series together so that “Avengers” can relaunch with a nice round number, but I’m not getting there…

I’m really starting to wonder if Bendis will call it a day on the franchise–he likes to stick around to help resolve everything he sets in motion in a book, and Siege really feels like that here.

My predictions for the new books are:
– Avengers, featuring the big names and maybe starting with a high number if they can work it out
– An Avengers street level book with Luke Cage et al
– Avengers: Children’s Crusade, the follow-up to Young Avengers, which will run and then be replaced by Avengers Academy
– And other books will undoubtedly launch–New Warriors being a likely option

A necessary reboot — series with lower issue numbers on the cover sell much better than long running titles.

Clearly new titles will emerge on the other side of these finales, with re-jigged Avengers line-ups. I don’t think there is enough demand or need for 4 titles to replace the outgoing 4, but who knows. Right now I love the work Christos Gage is doing in Initiative, and I love the artwork on Dark Avengers and New Avengers. I hope they keep something of these going in the future. As to what titles will emerge on the other side? Probably they will have an ‘Avengers’ title so they can go back to the old numbering system (like Amazing Spiderman, Thor, Cap etc.). Maybe a Young Avengers title and then one more of some type? Who knows. As far as line-ups go, I would drop Wolvie from the Avengers, but otherwise keep the teams as they are.

What I’d like to see happen would be for New Avengers to become a new Defenders book… with the same creative team… might actually revive that franchise.

And then I’m sure this relaunch of sorts will include the return of the “real” Avengers title… probably at #505 wherever it left off (assuming “Finale” was #504). And that real Avengers book will be Cap, Thor, Iron Man, maybe Henry Pym, and, as a surprise… the Hulk.

It’ll have the big three and this will hopefully be a cross between the New (which it can’t stay forever folks) and JLA (Morrison run) relaunches. I’m looking forward to this.

I loved the Avengers as a kid, and happened to reenter the comcs world in the year or so before Bendis took over the Avengers. I’m talking Jack of Hearts, female Captain Britain etc. As I recall, Marvel was using guys like Chuck Austin and others, and I frankly thought it was all so lame I just assumed that the Avengers were cool to kids but just didn’t cut it for adults — at least not me. I also recall a Geoff Johns run that was better, but not “magic” though it was certainly the best run of that time (by the way, Geoff Johns was just an up and comer at the time…. not THE Geoff Johns). Bendis made the Avengers really interesting again, at least to me, and obviously to many others. I thinkhe has done an unbelievable job restoring the Avengers brand, and I don’t think he’s lost a step. Of course, he doesn’t hit a home run with every arc, but the Avengers is a must-have book again because of Bendis. I don’t expect that to change after Siege.

These will be released in 4 titles and retailers will be able to get a mini Cap Shield, mini Thor hammer, mini Iron Man helmet and Mini Hawkeye bow with the purchase of these titles. Then Marvel will ask that you rip off the covers of 50 of these to recieve a free Deadpool NFL Superpro variant.

Glad I quit reading Marvel

New Avengers and Dark Avengers are two of Mavel’s top sellers. It’s kind of obvious for me also that Avengers will be relaunched as number five-hundred-something (remember all the fuss about X-Factor when it disapeared from solicitations?). I almost agree with Craig about the number, but I guess they will be counting New Avengers to renumber the book (they did all sorts of crazy calculations with Captain America).

Does this mean i finally get my Young Avengers back? The Dark Reign version was ridiculously stupid.

Hopefully they have like 3 Avengers books max

They’re “Nu-Avengers” like Brother Voodoo as Sorceror Supreme didn’t exactly work out. And the Spider-Woman monthly series that was hyped for several years is selling a lot lower even with Bendis writing it. Marvel would be foolish to relaunch the book with the same characters they’ve been pushing for the past 4 years.

Well, if this signals the end of Bendis’ tenure with the franchise, i’ll be really upset…..not. While I can appreciate the concept he started with DISASSEMBLED, this isn’t and never was THE Avengers. Frankly, the book has been ALOT of talk for the past five years, and much of that talk is coming from characters totally OUT of character—Bendis has turned nearly every character that’s come through this franchise into a smug smart-ass bent on seeing which one can out quip the other. I’ve stuck with it simply because I convince myself its not really the Avengers but some crazed off shoot–yes it’s mildly entertaining, but it’s in no way, shape, or form what I would consider a classic Avengers run (as opposed to Roger Stern or Kurt Busiek, whom I consider the two best writers in the series’ history). Of course, I also enjoyed Harras’ run, soap operatic though it may have been, so maybe I’m the wrong person to ask. :)

John W
January 15, 2010 at 6:30 pm
Thank god – this is GREAT NEWS. The Avengers books have been so tedious and frustrating to read that I dropped them long ago. Maybe we’ll finally see a return of the greatness that Kurt Busiek had achieved with the book, back before Spider-man was a member, Wolverine was a member of every team at Marvel, and Bendis decided that he needed to have half the team appear as other characters (Ronin, anyone?).

Enough with the poser Avengers (sorry DARK Avengers – God, what a horrible book) and the others.

My opinion exactly. I can’t wait to see what happens when Wanda shows up with Clint’s love child.

As long as Dr. Strange is back on the team full-time, I’ll be happy. Was never crazy about 2 Spiders on the same team; I guess I’d prefer Spider-Woman since she gets less exposure (although Bendis does a hilarious Spider-Man).
Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Dr. Strange(!!!), Spider-Woman, Henry Pym (non-Wasp!), Jocasta

Bring the heroic age on already.

Classic Marvel > whatever the hell they”re doing right now.

Get Wolverine and Spiderman out. They';re good characters, and I love Spidey, but their inclusion is such a transparent marketing gimmick and goes against the grain of who those characters are supposed to be.

There is gonna be at least two Avengers titles, the Avengers with the big guns and Avengers Academy, the Secret Avengers thing is possible, but I’m not sure, and, don’t forget this people, there is no word about Thunderbolts, what’s is gonna happen to them? That I want to know.


If Marvel went with their usual methodology of renumbering, then an adjective-less Avengers would start out at #568. Kind of a weird place to start….

So likely they’ll start the series over with a new #1.

Thats Stupid. Mighty Avengers dose not need a new #1 issue if it dose return. and what they will launch New Avengers as AVENGERS #1 and then what change the #s once it hits 600 or something. Get Off it. This is just going to turn more people off than not. This is an Editorial decision that bites.

Still wondering about what this Heroic Age could be… I, mean, the Registration Act didn’t worked out too well, leading the way into Dark Reign… Marvel claims it’s something that was never ever done in comic before, so I wonder… Heroes controlled by the government didn’t worked, powered individuals having their own country didn’t work (re: x-books), so… what will it be? What about the Avengers poilicing their own? Kind of like the Jedi Order in Star Wars, only with Master Steve Rogers.. Heh, this would explain the Avengers Academy rumors… I don’t think they would do that, but it WOULD be interesting…

Get the Avengers back to their original numbering and put in the line-up every -ne wants to see: Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Vision (the original), Scarlett Witch, Wonderman, Beast, Ms. Marvel, and alternates, Wasp and Yellowjacket!!! Put Spider-Man with his clones and Wolverine in his other 47 books and be done with it! Let’s see the Avengers go back to the great comic it used to be!!!


My guess is that they will start with a number 1 and at issue 32 they’ll change that number to 600.
BTW has any of you considered the hypothesis of avengers becoming one of those Three per month books?
Would you buy it? I know I would.

as long as one avengers team has captain america and iron man and thor. on it. and if nothing else new avengers can become the defenders with doctor strange regaining the title of sorcer supreme again with spider woman and spiderman and echo under the ronin armor again. as for scarlet with the second thing bendis needs to do once the new avengers titles start is to bring her back and make it so she has recovered from him writting her as totaly bat shit crazy. and doubtful she will show up with a love child for the reason she went bat shit was having kids with the vision.

Let’s be honest, we all know what one of the new series coming out of this will be:

Deadpool’s Avengers.

Looking forward to the relaunch, Avengers was always my favourite book as a kid.

Just for the record, the greatest Avengers writers were Steve Englehart, Roy Thomas, Jim Shooter & David Micheline. For all you youngsters out there, do yourselves a favour and go buy the Marvel Essential editions featuring these writers… some of the best superhero comics ever!

LOL, so let’s see:

This week, DC comics announces:

*Brightest Day (a bi-weekly series)
*The Return of BOP
*The start of a new weekly series
*Paul Levitz back on the Legion
*Finch’s defection from Marvel, and exclusive to DC

All major, MAJOR stuff. While the only news Marvel can muster up is:

*The return of a second-tier X-character (woooo, a returning mutant!! What’ll they think of next….)
*Some shoddy ass “marketing” stunt
*All Avengers titles (that apparently nobody really cared about) being canceled, after the Seige (that nobody really cares about) is over.

LOL. Need I say more?

Most of all, I really wish they would tell Heinberg to put up or shut up with the Young Avengers, cause this is ridiculous, that book has been waiting for him to get off his ass for years. I want some god damned Young Avengers drawn by Jimmy Cheung and I don’t CARE who writes it anymore.

I agree one hundred percent. I’m getting sick and tired of this waiting. It seems that Marvel either can’t or won’t do anything to advance the YA characters or resolve the Scarlet Witch’s unresolved plotlines until Heinberg finds the time to write the book. And given his track record, we could be waiting literally years for that to happen.

Personally I’d like to see them return to their original numbering. I’d be fine with 501. The Avengers has a rich history but Drew is right, with Marvel’s screwy numbering system they’d probably go back and count West Coast Avengers and we’d wind up with a debut issue of Avengers #700.

I think that Avengers will be given the Spider-Man treatment…three times a month written by Bendis and Slott with Avengers Academy written by Gage…

@SAMURAI36 You, sir, are an idiot. The Avengers titles all sell well.

And they’ll renumber at #600. They’ll fudge a little bit but here’s how it works. Both Mighty and New are technically the Avengers, as both teams spun out of the Civil War. 64 issues of New, 36 issues of Mighty, and 503 issues of Avengers comes to 603, they’ll back track a bit and just start at #600 to start off the Heroic Age.

We will probably see the return of Avengers with some kind of renumbering gimmick… ( Maybe they will release it three times per week like spidey if you count the series stopping at around issue 501 I think + 64 New avengers issues if they count them Issue 600 is easily reachable before the avengers movie )

I also hope we will see an X-force style Dark Avengers team with street level and darker heroes accomplishing Secret War style missions to eliminate dormant threats ( this could easily tie in with secret warriors or T-Bolts)

Finally I think Initiative will spin out a new title and probably some New warriors mini-series…

Anyways we will know more next month with the may solicits…

If people want to read Busiek’s Avengers or Sterns’ Avengers, etc. They are available in TPBs or back issues. Go for it.
And if you are a fan of the Avengers….. WHO CARES ABOUT THE NUMBERING??!
Call every issue number 1 as far as I’m concerned. I kinda do something odd and read the books for the stories and art. You know they won’t ‘re-launch’ with some odd number in the mid- 500s, so of course there will be number 1s.
For myself, if Bendis is done, I hope someone with a long range vision that will be around for awhile, will take over. In other words not 10 issues then a new writer, etc. Bendis is not perfect, but he shook things up and made some interesting ideas, and has stuck with the team(s) for a good stretch.


Although I’d wish you are very wrong. The Avengers titles do indeed seem well.
Maybe you shouldn’t let yor personal tastes cloud your objectivity.

It will hurt to see my favorite Avenger book (Initiative) since Buseik’s run come to an end.

I hope if they do relaunch the title, they keep in the same format with featuring a large cast of characters that rotate into and out of the spot light while dealing more with the grunt level heroics and missions of being government sponsored heroes rather then just another super hero team.

I LOVE Wolverine as an Avenger! I LOVE Spider-man as an Avenger! You know why? Because they’re big properties. I loved Grant Morrison Justice League, and I was kind of hoping for a little of the same, high profile magic when this new Avengers team showed up,and ok, that lasted about 6 issues before Civil War, Secret Invasion, Dark Reign, blah blah blah crap, but I have no problem with… ok, you know what? Here’s my dream team: Cap, Iron Man, Wolverine, Spider-man, Daredevil, Dr. Strange, Iron Fist (cuz he’s popular now), Ms. Marvel (because dear God, Marvel has like no really strong female personalities and she’s close enough), maybe female Black Panther, and there you go.

OH! No, I just want the team from the Marvel Adventures series. There you go. Those guys are great. So get on that, Marvel. I guess Black Widow would be ok. Or Storm. Maybe Kitty Pride?

No Hulk because how long would that realistically last anyway? No Moon Knight, because see Hulk. No Punisher, because see Moon Knight. Same Elektra. Same

Samurai36 never said that the titles didn’t sell well, he just said that people don’t care if its canceled. people from different boards haven’t really expressed any kind of heartbreak with the titles being canceled because we all have the feeling that they are going to be replaced in one way or another with more avenger titles. samurai was simply recapping this past couple of weeks announcements made by dc and marvel. he feels that dc has come up with quite a few more exciting news that seem to be moving the company forward whereas marvel really has been stagnant. the biggest news that marvel really had this week was something that many deem spiteful and unethical.

If you want to know what a great run of Avengers was like, check out Avengers, (original series), #158 through #202, some of the greatest Avengers writers ever, Jim Shooter & David Micheline and the greatest Avengers artist’ ever, George Perez and John Byrne. Go out and buy the Marvel Essential editions featuring these writers and artist’. If not the best Avengers ever (in my opinion, the best), then some of the best Avengers comics ever!

I understand where Quesada and everyone at Marvel are coming from as far as putting out a great product and Bendis having a mass canvas in which he wants to tell his grand stories. What puts me off, are the gimmicks and events where we (that’s Marvel and some other comic companies) have to do this (event that was bigger than our last one) to get you to buy our product. I checked out New Avengers up until 48 and said, enh. I think Bendis has some good ideas but I don’t have the patience to buy 5-6 six issues of one arc that is part of a grander bigger story. I didn’t like how he would spotlight specific Avengers for a issue or (two or three) to tell part of a bigger story. When I pick up the Avengers, I want to read THE AVENGERS. If you want to spotlight someone in the group, do a stand alone issue or bring back Avengers Spotlight.
Collecting isn’t what it is used to be. I know the big thing isn’t necessarily the stand alone issues of regular comics but the multi-part huge epics that can be collected in trade paperbacks and sold anywhere and everywhere. It’s not about comics, it’s about profits and revenue that comics can generate. Who cares if Peter and Mary Jane are no longer married? Who cares that Jarvis hasn’t been seen in forever? Who cares that SHIELD originally stood for Supreme Headquarters, International Espionage, Law-Enforcement Division and now we have SWORD and HAMMER? Who cares that there are no Defenders or Champions anymore? The answer: I do. I checked out Brand New Day and even though Spider-Man was brought back to his roots more or less, Peter wasn’t. Maybe Jarvis has been around but since I don’t collect everything Marvel produces I haven’t seen him. I loved the fact that here was a regular human who believed in what the Avengers stood for and could hold his own with them (even a God [Thor]). The Marvel U needs SHIELD now more than ever. I loved that the Defenders and Champions weren’t made up of the most familiar characters in the Marvel U and they could still kick BUTT. I wish someone like the guys on the X-Men U would revitalize these groups. Dan Slott would kick ASS writing either of them and introduce new supporting characters and/or hereoes that haven’t been featured in either group. But I cannot do much about it, I can write how I feel and maybe somebody out there will listen. I find it interesting that Marvel looks to the past so much for new things like Spider-Man’s Secret Wars and Clone Wars but Wolverine is still in a yellow and blue costume. He was much cooler in the orange and brown. Okay, I went off on a tangient there. As far as the Avengers go, I hope they return and I hope they are under the helm of somebody new (sorry Bendis). Otherwise, I will keep waiting…

Yay, more 7 dollar comics, with 20 pages of new content and 60 pages of bios!

I really don’t care what happens as long as DAN SLOTT is still writing at least one Avengers title.

Q: Are we not men?

January 16, 2010 at 11:41 pm

I think the current Mighty Avengers line up is brilliant and needs to stick around some more.

I have been reading The Avengers since Disassembled, and hearing the announcement didn’t scare me one bit. We all know that there will be replacement titles. I have absolutely loved the landscape that was created with Disassembled and after reading these storylines for the past six to seven years I can’t wait to find out the next step.

I will be sad to see “Initiative” go, as I was definitely surprised by that title once Civil War came to an end and it began. I do hope we get something resembling that title with “The Heroic Age.”

The idea of “Avengers” going thrice monthly is definitely intriguing, and would help me and others streamline already bloated pull lists. For what it’s worth, I would really love a centralized Avengers title with the big three, and from what we have seen so far that isn’t far from the realm of possibility.

One thing I do disagree with here is everyone’s distaste for everything that has happened over the past couple of years. I look at this as one large MU and Avengers storyline told over the last seven years, and with that we have definitely gotten something that is much more epic and dramatic. Instead of staying stagnant, the characters and the obstacles they have faced have changed drastically. And now, after being destroyed, reassembled, having their world turned upside down, their friends turning against them, an invasion of serious magnitude, and losing control to a madman, The Avengers as they were are poised to return. Sounds pretty great to me.

Hopefully this means less Bendis and less events.

What awful news, I liked very much that stuff of Avengers having four series. It showed how they are having the importance that the X-men had during the 90’s, but with better plots and better drawnings.

For some strange reason this sounds like the DC Justice League debate all over again, e.g. “Why can’t we have the Big 3 JLA and the Giffin/DeMattis JLI at the same time”.

Let Bendis do his Luke Cage/Spider Woman/Ronin Avengers and have some other guy to the Cap/Iron Man/Thor Avengers. Then EVERYONE is happy!!!

Naruto forever.

So is Charlie Huston writing 12 issue of an Avengers book starting in the fall then?

I will miss Avengers: Initiative. As a longtime DC fan, Initiative was the first Avengers title that I’ve found accessible (without being familiar with long history of the team).
Slott’s writing was never boring and I loved the revolving door of characters.

Steven R. Stahl

January 17, 2010 at 7:22 am

If Bendis had written a series with pretty much the same characters, but no classic Avengers, and called the series, say, THE ERADICATORS, with the heroes committed to eradicating crime that hurt the citizens, would fans have been enthusiastic? At least some of the fans who say they like NEW AVENGERS do so, not because the content is noticeably better, but because the style of the writing was different. They either disliked or scorned the traditional stories that focused on heroism and had soap opera-type subplots.

Looking back, there hasn’t been a single storyline in NEW AVENGERS that could be called successful, much less classic. All the space devoted to Spider-Woman during the first two years was wasted, because there was an impersonator in the costume. From “Civil War” on, the series was merely a platform for event tie-ins, with the group existing only for the purpose of providing opposition for the Mighty Avengers, the Dark Avengers, or the Hood and his gang. The series started out with an unworkable premise — catching the Raft escapees — and will be ending with none. Using the “classic stories” standard of assessment, the series is a failure. Using a stricter standard, the viability of the storytelling (mechanics) in each issue, the series was catastrophically bad. The first storyline, “Avengers Disassembled,” was a story without a premise, a theme, or a plot — the Scarlet Witch has a psychotic break, starts killing teammates for no reason, rational or irrational — and readers were supposed to be shocked shocked! to learn that the Witch’s power wasn’t what they thought (knew) it was, her memory of events wasn’t what they thought (knew) it was, and her breakdown was all due to her lazy, stupid teammates not spotting all those nonexistent warning signs before the break occurred. I doubt that Bendis actually knows the difference between retconned history, published history, and filling gaps in histories.

If anyone wants to praise the storytelling mechanics in NEW AVENGERS, go ahead.


Here’s hoping that they relaunch with an Avengers Weekly or thrice-monthly title….

And the price for New Avengers Finale? I bet at least $5.99 !!!Possibly more!!

As long as Spidey is still on the team, I’ll be happy.

I do love the idea of Bendis, Slott, and perhaps a third writer alternating on a weekly or thrice-weekly book.

I don’t really read any Marvel comix, but this is clearly a marketing driven decision that has everything to do with the movie coming out in two years, and making the titles reflect the character line-up from that film.

I hope Avengers doesn’t go thrice monthly. My wallet can’t take it. But I wish they would have a team with Cap (Steve Rogers) Thor, Iron Man, Hulk (I’ve always wanted to see him back) Wolverine, Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel and the Black Panther

Beyond the obvious hope that the Avengers “franchise” will be reduced back to *just* The Avengers, my primary concern is that there will be a new series to fill the niche of The Initiative–i.e., giving page time to lower-tier characters in their own right, rather than as just occasional guest stars in the big guns’ books. I’m far more interested in a lot of the characters spotlighted in The Initiative than I am about the fates of many of Marvel’s “name” characters.

At this point I’ll follow Bendis into hell if he asks. Yes, it would be nice to have a breather and settle down at HQ somewhere, but honestly these books have given our heroes something substantial to fight for. Honor, pride. love, etc. So yes, I’m down with it. And I’m sorry for all of those Busiek fans out there that think he was something special. I’ll give him Avengers:Forever, but that’s it. Otherwise, he was cutesy, and he had no idea how to write Clint Barton with dignity. I hope that he and Perez never, ever, ever get a hold of an Avengers book again!!!

I’ll give him Avengers:Forever, but that’s it. Otherwise, he was cutesy, and he had no idea how to write Clint Barton with dignity.

Bendis’s handling of Barton actually provides examples of how Bendis’s stories failed mechanically. Barton died in “Avengers Disassembled,” of course, and subsequently abandoned his Hawkeye identity, due in part to guilt at not (supposedly) preventing Wanda’s psychotic break. How could he prevent something from happening when the only cause of it was the storyline itself?

Bendis portrayed Barton as idolizing Captain America, which was false. Barton respected Cap, but his dislike for authority and the military mindset, his pragmatism, and skills at improvisation would prevent him from idolizing Cap or anyone else.

Barton’s aversion to killing was also a long-standing characteristic, and was a focal point in Englehart”s Phantom Rider vs. Mockingbird plotline in WEST COAST AVENGERS. Bendis had him abandon that principle out of nothing more than anger, frustration — and, apparently, wanting to do an idiot plot in NEW AVENGERS: THE LIST and NEW AVENGERS ANNUAL #3.

Compared to traditional heroes, Bendis’s Barton has no principles, hardly even an identity.


The only Avengers I buy/interested in is the Cage,Spider Woman,Ronin one.

Noted SRS, however, Barton’s been my favorite hero since I can remember, yet that’s also come with a hyper sense of criticism for the way that he’s been handled. You site Englehart’s WCA run as an example of principal, something that runs through the core of our character,his aversion to killing, yes? More important to Clint, IMO, are his feelings of insecurity. That’s why I buy him running out half cocked to take as many shots at the Dark Avengers as possible, that’s why he grabs a Kree soldier as he’s about to explode taking out the “mothership” in Disassembled, that’s why he takes the growth serum in his many Goliath appearances, that’s why he steals the show in the Kree-Skrull, that’s why his mouth writes checks his butt can’t cash, and that’s why I’m glad Bendis gets him. Barton’s no good as a leader, you know why? because he can’t help but compare himself to his idol, Steve Rogers. He’s much better as the scoundrel with a heart of gold, yet that archetype, in Bendis’ world, contains a hothead switch that we haven’t seen before. I welcome it

This is probably just to break the ties that bind and make a better Avengers team. Mighty and New will, probably, become one team ((though certain members would leave the team, most likely)). It’s the end of the Initiative. The CAP was pardoned for his acts against the SRA, so the entire thing is out the door. Dark Avengers had to come to and end when Norman is taken out of power, and he’ll be taken down with Seige. I don’t think that there is a more appropriate time to make this change in the team(s). I mean, if it weren’t for Loki then the Avengers wouldn’t exist.

I’d LOVE to see a single Avengers title come out and resume the old numbering! But I’m sure whatever they have in mind is more complicated than that.


Are you KIDDING ME!? Great. JUST great. I get back into collecting Marvel, I see Pym get called the “Scientist Supreme” which totally sucks me in and now this happens.

DAMN YOU MARVEL. Is Quesada behind this?!

I don’t believe this for a second. There’s no way they’d cancel successful titles without immediatly being replaced.

I hope they fight some ninjas again.

I just subscribed to New Avengers not that long ago! Hopefully it was long enough that I’ll get my fulll money’s worth. It’ll be interesting to see what Avengers team forms in the aftermath. I think that now they’ll probably only have one Avengers title called “Avengers” without any adjective.

The Avengers are Marvel’s biggest franchise. They’re the new X-Men. No way are they going to scale it back to just 1 title. I think we can expect at least 2 titles after Seige

I agree with Scott, I also started reading from around the time of dissasembled/new avengers and have loved all the events. The changing of the landscape has kept things fresh and there have been some great storylines in the avengers, Cap and Iron Man books. There have been some pretty poor ones also, but overall I have really enjoyed them. I’m looking forward to the next step and think the big three back together will be great. I also hope they keep the Dark Avengers in some form, maybe remove Osborn as he has been in almost every title going, but a team of morally ambigous avengers doing “good” through “bad” mechanisms has the potential for some great storylines

Sounds like a great jumping-OFF point for me.

Long time fan of the Bi-Coastal Avengers. Here’s to hoping they keep two teams around and slimming down the line-up. I never was a fan of making virtually every “lawful” Marvel superhero an Avenger-by-default. PLEASE keep Luke Cage, Hank Pym and Clint Barton in the fold. They represent the spirit of the Avengers and deserve facetime.

I’m a long time Avengers fan (started way back with issue 181). I’d love to see the New Avengers evolve into a great Defenders team. Revamp Mighty Avengers with the trinity and a few new characters even make it thrice monthly for kicks. Throw in an Avengers Academy book a la orginal New Mutants and it’d be fun.

Don’t worry Bendis-Avengers fans. As long as he’s writing the books it doesn’t matter who is on the team. It will still have that street level feel.

64 pages of Bendis? Sounds Expensive…

64 pages of Hitch? Sounds like a delay..

Then again, if Siege #1 is any indicator, it could be 22 pages of story followed by a 42 page Cup of Joe Column hocking all the Avengers trades from across the decades. Maybe some Red Hulk for the last few pages.

Yes Yes finaly…. The best news yet. I dropped The new Avengers and Avengers: The Initiative years ago. Never seen so boring comics as those 2 titles. Gave Mighty Avengers a chance again because of the roster. Again I was fooled. The same boring stories only senseless dialog and nothing ever happened. The stories just dragged on. I sticked around because a heard a new creative team took over. Finaly something good happened to the Avengers again. Still not on the same level as Busiek or Perez but still it was improving again. Pity this title will be cancelled too. When a new Avengers book will emerge hopefully no more Bendis. I won’t even be bothered thinking about buying a book that Bendis writes and I guess it will be farewell to the Marvel universe after 30 years of collecting comics.

I like the guy who reported dc’s “major announcemnts” comapared to marvels…cause i had no idea what any of them mean save for legion and thought brightest day was a joke…..and I read at least 4 dc books….ahahaha..dc kids would get all hyped for a rainbow fighting against a zombie…oh wait…they did

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