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Paul Levitz to write relaunched Legion of Super-Heroes

Lightning Lad design by Yildiray Cinar

Lightning Lad design by Yildiray Cinar

Birds of Prey isn’t the only DC Comics series returning this spring. The publisher announced this morning that it will relaunch Legion of Super-Heroes with writer Paul Levitz and artist Yildiray Cinar at the helm.

Levitz, who recently stepped down as president and publisher of DC, wrote the series on and off between 1974 and 1989, creating landmark runs against which all later versions of the title are inevitably compared. Cinar is probably best known for his work on the Ravager co-feature in Teen Titans.

As previously announced, Levitz also will write the recently relaunched Adventure Comics, which also features the Legion of Super-Heroes.

“It’s such fun to be back in the future, blowing up planets, undoing Legion marriages, revealing unrevealed factoids, and starting improbable new relationships,” Levitz told the DC Universe blog. “If there’s a better job in comics than writing the Legion, with its vast cast and creative opportunities, I’ve never held it.”

Levitz talks more about Legion and Adventure with Graeme McMillan at



So two books on the Legion? Couldn’t they move Superboy back into Adventure?

TJ- I’d bet this means Superboy stays in Adventure.

No, it will be a Legion Origins book, as you can read on his interview. I really don’t care about Conner, so it’s alright if he moves to Teen Titans and stays there. Adventure Comics could focus on other fringe DC characters as back-up series, though.
I just hope that Levitz follows more on the Shooter/Giffen side than on the awful Geoff Johns path. Less Silver Age and more adult/sci-fi.

TWO Levitz LEGION series? Oh, man, I’m in heaven.

And Yildiray Cinar’s an excellent choice for a Levitz Legion. He’s got classic storytelling strengths with a nice modern spin. Can’t wait.


Love the Legion so will be on board with both, which will continue to put a hurting on the wallet(two legions, new flash ongoing, Brightest Day, and Bruce Wayne Returns). Thank god the Superman books right now are terrible so that I can confidently skip War of Superman. One thing I want to know is whether Levitz will address the GL Corps. in the 31th Century? Sadamm Yat decided to form a new Corps. in Legion of Three Worlds and I would love for this to be touched on at some point. In my perfect world I would want a 3rd ongoing in the 31st Century about the new GLs, which may be a smart move for DC b/c the GL books are the current backbone of the DC Universe, but that isn’t likely.

I Hate Teenage Comics. I Hate Teenagers i have felt this way since i was 10 years old. I no matter waht would read Robin Solo or any Teen Titan comics. only liked spider-man when he was grown up.



I’m all over that!!!

I hope adventure is clark/kara/legion and LOSH is the adult legion

Man this week just keeps getting better and better for this old DC fan. A new Levitz Legion series is great. I also like the idea of them having a feature in Adventure Comics, with maybe a rotating second feature starring second tier or “homeless” characters…

I’ll buy it just for that cover.

I wish this meant Connor could stay in Adventure, because I have zero desire to read the train wreck that is Teen Titans.

As far as the Legion itself, I’ve always loved them (particularly this, the “classic” versions), and will be glad to see them written by one of the men best known for doing so. But I’ll admit that I wish they’d change their names a bit. They’re roughly Superman’s age now (at least that’s the impression I get), so becoming “Men” and “Women” seems better. Cosmic Man. Saturn Woman. Lightning… Man? :) Shadow Lady. Things like that.

January 14, 2010 at 9:16 am
I hope adventure is clark/kara/legion
In New Earth history there is no Clark/Kara Legion. They never belonged to the same Legion. Clark has been with this Legion, Kara was sent to Earth-Prime when she joined Waid’s Legion in that title

But nikki is not so far away from the truth. If Adventures is going to be an “ongoing” secret origins books (as at least seems implied on the interview), what we will have is an Adult Legion book and a teen Legion book. Pretty much what Giffen & the Biernbaums (and Mark Waid) did back in the early 90s.

Ricardo – it won’t be the same. The Giffen/Bierbaum/Waid 90s Legion books took place concurrently. Adventure will be lining up the Superboy/Legion stories with the Johns Secret Origin revamp to fit with current continuity.

That being said I’m curiously optimistic about this Legion relaunch. I was a huge fan of Levitz’s Legion run and Great Darkness Saga is among my all-time favorite Legion stories so hopefully he will bring that same level of storytelling to the book. Yildray Cinar’s art is fantastic. I’ve been a fan of his ever since his work on Noble Causes.

2 Levitz Legion books month? I might have to start working overtime in order to afford all of these new books being announced this week. DC is really starting to get on the right page. All they need to do to compliment this is release more of Levitz original runs in trades. Now that would be awesome. Great Darkness is near impossible to find.

What-Does-It-Matter Lad

January 14, 2010 at 12:15 pm

The Legion has been revamped and rebooted so many times, it has been rendered meaningless. The charm of the original series was lost long ago. Continuity has become hopeless, like most of DC. Betcha Levitz’s new reboot also gets rewritten out of continuity a few years from now.

And that drawing by Yildiray Cinar posted above? That is not Lightning Lad, sorry.

I’ll pass.

One of my favorite comics of all time was the X-Men/Teen Titans crossover from the 80s. I propose that the next time DC and Marvel cross over, it’s a Legion/X-Men miniseries that either clears up or eliminates the time-hopping continuity for both teams.

What-does-it-matter Lad – you are right about the numerous reboots. As soon as you feel at home with the book there’s some editorial decision to start over.
There are two pretty much separate fan bases for the Legion. One likes the timid, boys club Swan and Waid Legion and one likes the SF adventure oriented Shooter, Levitz, Abnett/Lanning Legion.
And it has been going back and forth a lot in the last 15 years or so.

But i found that even with continuity being bent, broken and erased i can still enoy the Legion if it is well written. Shooter got the Legion back on track, and i have my fingers crossed that Levitz will run with the ball.
(You may have noticed, i’m with the SF adventure group)

“I just hope that Levitz follows more on the Shooter/Giffen side than on the awful Geoff Johns path. Less Silver Age and more adult/sci-fi.”

…According to all indications, you’re going to be thankfully VERY disappointed. Levitz plans to bring the Legion back to glory, and hopefully put to rest all of the abuse the team received starting with the Five Year Crap and only receiving a halfway decent reprieve during the DnA run.

I really liked the Giffen 5YG Legion, and I say that having re-read his entire run within the last 6 months. The DnA Legion was fantastic but of course, DC gave it ZERO trade paperback support at the time — even when Legion Lost was the hottest thing going for a short time there. Now we get hard and softcover editions of the less than interesting recent Shooter run. (Of course, we have yet to see Great Darkness Saga in a nice hardcover edition — DC, are you listening?)

Two questions about Levitz on the Legion though — will they bicker with each other as much as they did back then? Arguing about who was leader and who was deputy leader and who was more deserving to be leader blah blah was present in just about every issue of his I think. And most importantly, will they play Dungeons & Dragons as much as they used to? I always thought it was funny that Levitz seemed to think D&D would remain popular with casual fans for 1000 years…

I really hope Levitz ignores everyone’s expectations (including my own) and just follows his incredible storytelling instincts.

I am, as should come as no surprise, there like Jack the bear from Delaware.

What I’m trying to figure out is from the Legion’s point-of-view, how much time has passed between Superboy’s last visit to the 31st Century,to Superman last seeing them durring Crisis and then The return to past durring the “Superman and The LSH” arc.

Clearly more time passed for Kal-el then it did the Legion – they seem to be in their early 20s and He’s got to be mid-30’s.

Great news. I just hope the books are sustainable.

Yeeesh. Those character designs are gawdawful. Come on. Lightning Lad is going Poochy-XXXTREME there.

This title has been relaunched more often than Paris Hilton changes outfits, hairstyles or boyfriends.

I have to be one of the only people who liked the Zero Hour Legion.

The new artist was really good on Nobel Causes too.

I’m with-holding judgement until I see it. Too many disappointments in the last 20 years to take DC’s word on anything involving the Legion. I’m curious to see how much of Levitz’ post-crisis Legion stories remain in continuity. He implies that all of them are, Johns has implied that that’s not the case. Frankly, I don’t see how the post-crisis stories can be worked in, but we’ll see.

Two other observations:

-somebody made a comment earlier saying they thought it was funny the Levitz thought D&D would still be relevant 1000 years from now. On one hand, if we’re gonna go there, I think it’s “funny” that anybody thinks that life on earth 1000 years from now is going to be even remotely recognizable to us, either culturally or technologically. On the other hand, I actually think Levitz (and Giffen) should get some credit; that game the Legionnaires were playing may have been called “Dungeons & Dragons,” but it’s a lot closer to the MMORPGs that are all the rage now. They actually were ahead of the curve on that one…

Am I the only person who likes ALL of the Legion stories? I’m not so sure about the Golden Age stuff sometimes, but I haven’t been able to get my hands on anything but the Threeboot Legion, the Animated Legion, and the revived Classic Legion.
I must be the only person I’ve ever heard say “all Legions are still Legion to me”.

Also, thank God for Matthew E and his “Hero Histories” (I think he’s covered all Legionairres, and the Subs and the Academy and supporting cast like Rond Vidar, in all incarnations) and the wonderfully devoted fans at Scans_Daily (now on Dreamwidth, not LiveJournal), without whom I would not know nearly so much as I do.

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