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Read Dan Hipp’s Gyakushu! online for free


Just what it says, folks: as we mentioned last week, Volumes One and Two of the Amazing Joy Buzzards artist’s epic fantasy of vengeance Gyakushu! are now available to read in their entirety at Hipp’s new dedicated site, The Thief Is Dead. There’s also an extensive preview of Volume Three, coming soon from Tokyopop. Click away and start scrolling — just be warned that there will be blood…



Whatever happened to Amazing Joy Buzzards? A graphic novel was solicited for November 2008 I think, and I’ve never heard about it since.

I thought I read somewhere else that vol. 3 was not coming out from Tokyo Pop and he was going to serialize it on the web.

@Dan: From Dan Hipp’s blog a few days ago:

“For anyone wondering about AJB: MONSTER LOVE, I’m back on the job and am hoping that 2010 is the year of the Monster(Love). I’m no longer making promises, as I have no more foot to put in my mouth. To everyone that’s been waiting, I thank you for your continued patience.”

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