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Robinson would like to do more with the Shade and Opal City — but not Jack Knight

Starman #81

Starman #81’s Ron Richards posted this morning a conversation he had with writer James Robinson about Starman #81, Justice League and Blackest Night, among other topics.

Some of the highlights include:

–Robinson revealed that the “blue Starman,” Mikaal, will officially take on the Starman name and mantle in Justice League. Robinson said he plans to “make him more of a hero.”
–Robinson said he’d like to do more with Opal City and its inhabitants, perhaps in the form of a Shade series or miniseries.
–If he did revisit Jack Knight from his Starman run, “it would have to be with Tony, and it would have to be something big.”
–He talks a little bit about his Justice League work so far, noting “I’m not sure that that was my best work,” and also spoke about the challenges of trying to put a fresh spin on all the Blackest Night tie-ins he’s been writing. “Ultimate it was worth doing, and I certainly had a lot of fun.”
–Ron brought up the recent Red Arrow developments in Cry for Justice, which led to Robinson saying he doesn’t like to kill off characters and won’t be doing so in the future. “It’s a much nicer James Robinson who will be writing comics in the future,” he said.

Go have a listen.


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“Robinson revealed that the ‘blue Starman,’ Mikaal, will officially take on the Starman name…”

Ha!! Shows what you knew, Ghost of David Knight.

I’d like to see the one last Jack Knight story which Robinson hinted about at the end of the series, especially with Harrison. But I would REALLY like to see him come back to Opal City and The Shade, especially if that means we finally get to see The Shade’s origin.

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