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Send Ted Rall to Afghanistan

No, really. He wants to go. He’s even got a Kickstarter project up and everything:

To Afghanistan and Back

To Afghanistan and Back

In November 2001, The Village Voice and KFI Radio in Los Angeles sent me to Afghanistan to cover the U.S. invasion. The work I produced earned accolades from The Nation and The Washington Post, which called my work “the best journalism from Afghanistan by an American reporter.” What I saw made me one of the earliest and most vocal opponents of the Afghanistan war. While Democrats called Afghanistan “the good war,” I filed an essay from Afghanistan called “How We Lost the Afghan War.” It was printed in December 2001.

Now I’d like to go back for an update, and to fill in the gaps by visiting parts of the country where US reporters never go. I have media outlets ready to publish my stories and a publisher for a book about this trip. But magazines and newspapers can’t/won’t cover travel costs. Because it costs tens of thousands of dollars to travel to a war zone, that’s what I’m trying to raise here.

Rall is looking to raise $25,000 over the next 88 days. A $10 pledge gets you regular Internet updates from Rall while he’s overseas. $50 gets you a copy of the book, and so forth, up to $5,000 which, if you pony up, will get you dinner on the town in New York City on Rall’s dime, plus the eventual book and original art.



If Ted Rall wants to go to a foreign country, he should open his own damn checkbook and quit trying to get a free ride.

“Hey, everybody, give some money to me so I can be more famous!”

Maybe Dirty Danny Hellman and Art Spiegelman will chip in some money. I will too, just so long as he promises not to come back.

When the Bush administration decided to ignore international law and invade a peaceful country to overthrow a dictator that was put in place there by the Reagan Administration, they went against every principle that made this country great. Until we remove all our troops from the middle-east, and do something to solve our problems at home, our reputation in every country is ruined. If I could afford to go anywhere after the damage the neoconservative war/profit-mongers have done to our economy, I would definitely say I was from Canada. I invite you to my pages devoted to raising awareness on these important issues:

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