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Simone and Benes reunite for new Birds of Prey series

Birds of Prey #1

Birds of Prey #1

DC Comics announced this morning that writer Gail Simone and artist Ed Benes will reunite this spring to launch a new Birds of Prey series.

Simone and Benes took over the series, which centers on Oracle and a roster of superheroines ranging from Black Canary and Huntress to Big Barda and Lady Blackhawk, in 2003. Benes left the title two years later, but Simone continued her run until July 2007.

Birds of Prey was canceled in February 2009 with Issue 127 during DC’s shakeup of the Batman titles.

The relaunched series will see the return of Black Canary, who left at the team at the end of Simone’s tenure.

“… Even if you’ve read every previous BoP issue multiple times, I think you’re going to really feel the ground shift a little with this. It’s going to be a blast,” Simone tells Comics Alliance. “It’s Black Canary putting her boot in bad guys’ faces and the Huntress taking no *&^% from anyone and Oracle being smarter than anyone else in Gotham. That’s what I loved about the book in the first place.

“… It’s classic Birds of Prey but maybe just a little tougher and a little naughtier. I’ve been given some really surprising approvals and I think long-time readers and newbies will find it quite unlike any other comic on the stands. I’ve always said the secret of the book is that it’s a female buddy cop story, basically, and that is a surprisingly rare thing in all media.”



cool loved birds of prey and glad Gail is back doing it in fact hope to see another secret six birds team up down the road or maybe Gail wind up having Oracle be able to be able to have some moment in her legs again. but still need her chair.

wow….why did they even cancel it?

Remember when they canceled JLA and relaunched it as Justice League of America, then canceled JSA to relaunch that and claimed it wasn’t a gimmick? These are gimmicks. DC will never admit to screwing some kind of pooch. Gail left for some reason and the book was canceled thereafter, due to the aforementioned shakeup. Now Gail is coming back. DC has this weird mind changing, new shift in the status quo in the middle of a new status quo problem. This is the next phasee of that plan to lower sales on all titles. Just look at Superman.


I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying. DC or Dan Didio may not admit that canceling BoP was a misstep in the first place, but this doesn’t seem like the gimmicks you’re referring to (which I agree were mostly sales gimmicks). If anything, this feels like either a quiet mea culpa from Didio or maybe Diane Nelson trying to right some wrongs.

Between this, JLI and whatever other announcements DC has planned in the immediate future for Brightest Day tie-ins, it seems like DC is trying to undo some of the problems it’s created for itself over the past several years.

And I’ve been thinking about this “changing boats mid-stream” problem that both DC and Marvel seem to have had over the past 10 years or so, and I think a large part of the problem has to do with length of stories vs. creator tenure on a title.

I’ve been picking up a lot of Essentials and Showcase Presents over the past year, and I’ve discovered that creators seemed to jump ship just as often as they do now. But then, 24 issues meant 16-24 individual stories, whereas now it may be 4-6, max. So a new status quo doesn’t seem to have enough time to settle in because not many stories are completed before a new creator comes in to shake things up again.

Add to that the fact that we’re in the age of writers as rockstars. Every time a writer takes over a title, they want to add their spin and leave their mark, so they change the status quo. But then the next writer wants to leave HIS mark on the character, so they change the status quo. Supporting casts and settings aren’t given the opportunity to mature or grow on the audience before changing again.

Look at Wonder Woman. She must have had at least a dozen distint, different supporting casts since her reboot in the 80s.


Well, it’s official.

I’m collecting comics again.


Kitty Pryde yesterday now this! It’s turning into a bumper week for good comics news!

Hopefully this will get back to the classic Birds of Prey stuff. And Babs will have two regular books again (this and Batgirl, after all she was a regular on BOP and the Cass era Batgirl so I guess she’ll be in both).

This is amazing news now if Garth Ennis would start writing punisher again my week would be complete (Frankencastle WTF were they thinking?)

For once, some good comics are coming over the horizon.

It strikes me as odd that this is announced right around all of the rumors for the Morrison Wonder Woman run. Did they tell Simone she was off Wonder Woman, and then offer her BoP as a give-back, a consolation prize of sorts?

Not sure why they don’t just make this BoP #128. Relaunches only launch in the short term, and it’s a lot easier to cancel a book at #6 than it is at #150.

Hooray!!! :)

Omigod, omigod. It’s Rachel Summers on the cover. @_@

So who are the two blacked out characters then? This website successfully spoiled who Twilight was in Buffy , so don’t stop now with the fun. Someone knows somewhere on another website, and I’m obviously going to have it spoiled for me before the comic comes out, so you may as well do it here too.


It’s Drusilla and Principal Snyder.

with the JLI, Kitty and this, its been a good comics week for me news wise

As for the blacked out figures, I’m pretty much sold on the female being Dove (the scalloped wings and the ponytail gave if for me)
And the bigger one? Creote? It certainly looks male from the silhouette.

Only questions I have so far.. wheres Misfit? And where’s Manhunter?
particulrly Manhunter seeing as her back up feature is disappearing needs a home

Unless they’re resurrecting her title too – yeah i know too much to hope for!!

Wouldn’t it make sense that Batgirl would be the blacked out figure?

How cool would it be if Bane were the other one?

BOP and SS working with Oracle.

Given her Suicide Squad roots I could see it.

Excellent news! :D Well I would rather of had Nicola Scott back on BOP rather than Benes but that’s a small price to pay for one of my favourite writers back writing some of my favourite characters!

Who says that Morrison is taking over the monthly?

Maybe he is doing an Earth One book with Ethan Van Sciver?

Great news! DC has been cranking out some really exciting updates this week. Is it too much to hope for Solomon Grundy being the huge blacked out figure on the left?

gonna be awful hard for Benes to draw Barbara’s butt when she’s always in the wheelchair (…well, _somebody hadda say it : ) )

So the reason for cancelling this in the first place was…..? If you are doing it to “shakeup” the Batline, surely there should be more than a year from cancelation to announcing it’s return?

As a DC fan, this has been a good couple weeks’ worth of announcements now. If Simone plans on doing this IN ADDITION to Secret Six and Wonder Woman, then I will be even happier. Three books a month from her is better than I could have imagined…

Having not read the previous series, are all the characters in this book female? Mainly asking as I ponder the blacked out figures on the cover image…

Not ALL, but certainly most and they were by far the focus of the book. Barabra Gordon/Oracle was the team leader/organizer, and she had several field operatives, almost all female. Huntress, Black Canary, and Lady Blackhawk are the main operatives, but others including Catwoman, Power Girl, Gypsy, Vixen, Manhunter, and Lady Shiva were used at one point or another.
There are also several characters who were created new for the series, including Black Alice, Misfit, and Infinity. Black Alice recently joined the cast of SECRET SIX. Infinity was, I think, a Tony Bedard creation, so I don’t know if Simone will use her or not. And Misfit has been MIA since the end of the first BoP series, so I have high hopes she’ll be back in some capacity in the new one.

….does this mean I can stop sacrificing lamb chops in Gail Simone’s name? I have been PRAYING for this book to return, and for Gail to write it!


I just hope that this doesn’t mean that Grant Morrison is writing Wonder Woman. Heinberg and Picoult and Infinite Crisis screwed her up enough for the next ten years, and Gail’s still working on getting her back on track.

This and the JLI and BOooster Gold news made my day, heck they made a whole week!!

So so so awesome. I loved Gail and Ed’s first run on BoP. This is an immediate pull list add. :)

ugh, why is barbara gordon so smart anyway? it doesn’t play into her character at all, at least pre-cripp, it’s just something to make her *ahem* stand out. gimmick. lame.

rockarolla —

Babs has always been portrayed as having a photgraphic memory.

it’s what made her move to Oracle so perfect. If anything, the smarts weren’t utilized enough when she was Batgirl.

I’m a tiny bit out of the loop….anyone have a link to the Grant on Wonder Woman rumor?

I don’t see the cancellation and resurrection of this title as a bad thing at all. I personally felt the series should have ended when Simone left, and didn’t enjoy the short period without her. Not that the use of the characters since then has been much better, but there are a lot of titles that would have a much stronger legacy if they weren’t forced to continue without the people who made them great. Can you imagine if DC had insisted on continuing Gotham Central without Rucka? Welcome back, Gail Simone and Ed Benes.

Simone & Benes? I am sold.

About time! Really looking forward to this, the book just went completely off course after Gail Simone left last time. This is great news!

I guess it’s not widely known, but the original plan around the time that BOP was being canceled was to cure Barbara and bring her back as *Batgirl*. Saner heads at DC prevailed, so they instead moved Stephanie into the Batgirl role, which left Barbara as a bit-player instead of a lead. So I see the return of BOP as simply another step in the course-correction caused by the change in plans.

I just hope Gail will come back and use Gypsy again. It seemed like she was trying to lead up to something with her, but was unable to do so before she left the book. Please, give Gypsy some face time and some development!

rocknrolla is right on. Supersmart nerd Babs in wheelchair is a cornball ploy to play on fanboi fetishes. It’s no better than Potsticker Psylocke with her ass ‘n chopsticks.

And photographic memory? Who the funk cares? photographic memory =/= nerd computer geekstress maven

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