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Straight for the art | A look at Image United #3, in progress

From "Image United" #3

From "Image United" #3

On Twitter, Rob Liefeld showed off in-progress panels from Image United #3, featuring art by Erik Larsen, Jim Valentino and himself.

He also posted a panel from Deadpool Corps #1, which will be released by Marvel in April.



It’s sad, isn’t it, that the first thing I looked for in the picturewas the feet?

What feet?

After all these years, no feet. Pity that some are incapable of improving with age, yet still want my money.

Huh, looks sorta nice without coloring.

The guy can’t even manage to draw two breasts without one looking like a bag of wet laundry. Do you ever wonder if he draws by holding the pencil still and moving the paper around?

Exactly my point, Alan. Exactly my point.

I was shocked to notice that there is actually one foot in view instead of a handy rock or something in front of it. Shocked, I say!

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