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Straight for the art | Frank Miller’s new Sin City covers

Miho by Frank Miller

Miho by Frank Miller

He’s only been on Twitter for five days, but already Frank Miller is making the most of his newfound outlet: This afternoon he posted a pair of new cover illustrations for what I assume are new versions of the Sin City trade paperbacks. That’s Miho above, for Family Values; click here to see Dwight from The Big Fat Kill.

Meanwhile, this is a bit on the cryptic side, but there appears to be more art to come: “ps. DINOSAUR is coming next week,” read Miller’s final pre-weekend tweet. That’s a callback to the “really cool dinosaur” he announced having drawn in his Twitter debut. Dare I hope for a full-length Cretaceous-Era Frank Miller thriller?



You’re awesome! I’m so psyched! Thank you, Gidge

Are we sure this isn’t the cover to the next Duran Duran album?

These are not improvements (coverwise) in my opinion over the originals. They look more like sketches done at a con.

Man, this minimal style of Miller’s is quite nice.
Let’s see a Batman story done this way.
Where is my Batman vs the Taliban story, bitch?

I wanna buy a copy of this as a print or poster. Any tips?

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