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The Fantasy Lantern Draft begins!

Blackest Breakfast by Jeremy Wojchihosky

Blackest Breakfast by Jeremy Wojchihosky

One of my pet theories about superhero comics is that the best of them don’t hesitate to tap into what I call “inner-eight-year-old gold” — those simple, magical ideas that made playing with your Secret Wars or Super Friends action figures so much fun. (I, for one, made Iron Man and Magneto arch-enemies. I mean, c’mon, it’s right there!)

One of my favorite such goldmines is the opposite-number villain, those baddies who share a hero’s basic look and power set but change the color scheme and otherwise stand as a mean-spirited mirror image. That’s why I’ve loved Geoff Johns’s Green Lantern run ever since he introduced the Sinestro Corps, and why that love has only gotten stronger as a whole rainbow of Lanterns has been introduced for Blackest Night and beyond. And like a kid playing with his toys, I can’t help but daydream about which other characters it’d be cool to draft into the War of Light.

Looks like I’m not the only one. Over at his blog The Cool Kids Table, Ben Morse has selected a rainbow of Marvel characters he thinks are fit to wield the various multi-hued Power Rings floating around the DCU right now. If he had his way, you’d have a very different Red Hulk on your hands from the one Jeph Loeb concocted, while Clint Barton would look more like Green Arrow than ever and Storm would be making Love rain o’er everyone. This isn’t the first time he’s done a Lantern Draft, either: Like any DC fan worth his salt, he came up with his own personal picks for the roles currently filled in Blackest Night by Mera, Lex Luthor, Scarecrow, Ganthet, the Flash, the Atom, and Wonder Woman. Click the links to see his full rosters.

Ben’s childlike enthusiasm for giving superheroes a ring and a makeover sparked a similar desire within me. At my “day blog,” Attentiondeficitdisorderly Too Flat, I did my own Marvel and DC Lantern Drafts. While Ben had no problem coloring up more obscure characters provided they were a good match for the relevant slot on the Emotional Spectrum, my picks definitely factored in marquee value — not out of concerns about imaginary sales levels, but just because I think using big-name characters would be that much more awesome. That’s why my DC list includes Blue Superman and Yellow Batman, while keeping writer Geoff Johns’s Orange Luthor, Violet Wonder Woman, and good ol’ Green Lantern Hal Jordan in place. Meanwhile, my Marvel list sees Norman Osborn and Charles Xavier get back to their scary and sympathetic roots respectively with Yellow and Indigo, and I’m particularly proud of placing the Punisher in the Black Hand role as the avatar of the Black Lantern Corps.

What if the Power Rings sought bearers in the Mignola-verse? I tried to answer that question with my Bureau of Paranormal Lanterns. I’d say that if Hellboy’s got the chutzpah to say thanks but no thanks to being the Beast of the Apocalypse, he’s got the Green ring on lock, no? Meanwhile, the Yellow ring obviously has to go to whoever the King of Fear ends up being. Head on over, check out all three lists, and tell me who I got wrong!

But my favorite Lantern list of all so far comes from the Comics Reporter, Tom Spurgeon: Behold the glory of the Muppet Lanterns! Animal as a Red Lantern is particularly inspired, while making Miss Piggy Orange instead of Violet is a bold choice. Personally I preferred his original Yellow Lantern, Sweetums, to his current pick. And you owe it to yourself to discover his Blue Lantern and Black Lantern Guardian choices at the source.

Finally, who could forget Jeremy Wojchihosky’s “Blackest Breakfast,” as seen above? If they do in fact come up with a White Lantern Corps domewhere down the line, that Sun guy from the Jimmy Dean commercials would be a perfect fit.

Since there’s no point in writing for a comics blog if you can’t indulge in something as gloriously geeky as this, the whole Robot 6 crew will be checking in down the line with their personal Lantern picks. But before our Fantasy Lantern Draft begins in earnest, drop us a comment and tell us what your dream Rainbow Coalitions look like!



That Spurge post KILLED me this morning, and I needed to be killed.

Joshua Williamson

January 28, 2010 at 12:25 pm

Jason Ho from Bongo Comics posted his own Star Wars / Yellow Lantern:

I loved this blog and its so true the idea of our inner child coming out. Its fun and that is what I have always loved about comics. The picture of the cereal characters in lantern corps costumes is cool. The blud Sugar Bear and the Orange Trix Rabbit are the best. I mean lets face…Trix are for kids! Love the blog!!

For the full GEEK cred.

LoTR Lantern Fellowship

Gollum = Orange Lantern
Frodo = Green Lantern (I suppose you could plug in Aragorn here)
Sam = Violet Lantern
Gimli = Red Lantern
Sauron = Black Lantern
Gandolf = Blue Lantern

And I’m torn about making either Saruman or the Ring Wraiths = Yellow Lanterns….

And yes, putting Sam as the Violet Lantern over Arwen was soooo deliberate on my part.

The Legion of Substitute Substitute Lanterns:

Rage = Black Witch
Compassion = Saturn Girl
Love = Blok
Hope = Thom Kallor
Fear = Projectra/Sensor Girl
Willpower = Polar Boy
Avarice = Brainiac 5
Black Lantern = Invisible Kid I

The Ugly American

January 28, 2010 at 1:40 pm

Earth = Kwame
Fire = Wheeler
Wind = Linka
Water = Gi
Ma-Ti = Heart

Am I doing this right?

If the ugly American is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.


Red Nixon
Orange Taft (he was over 300 pounds, that’s a hefty appetite)
Yellow Reagan
Green Lincoln
Blue Obama
Indigo Teddy Roosevelt
Violet Kennedy
Black Truman

DC Heroes

Red Magog
Orange Superboy-Prime
Yellow Zoom
Green Batman
Blue Superman
Indigo Wonder Woman
Violet Wally West
Black Jason Todd

Red = Steve Dallas
Orange = Sen. Lucias Bedfellow
Yellow = Portnoy
Green = Milo Bloom
Blue = Opus
Indigo = Michael Binkley
Violet = Cutter John
Black = The Giant Purple Snorklewacker

You guys should probably check these Star Wars ones out…

Also, Hawkeye – Green? Truman – Black?

PLUS White Lanterns are next right? What are they gonna be? Life?

This all makes me so very happy.

Black was hard. I gave it to Truman simply because of the atomic bombings. Not a great selection, I’ll admit. I’m open to better ideas.

Yo, Joe Lanterns

Red = Cobra Commander (has some anger issues)
Orange = Zartan (in it for the money, not the ideology)
Yellow = Destro (come on, it even sounds like Sinestro!)
Green = Gung Ho (if you need willpower, go with the Marines)
Blue = Duke (inspiration to his troops)
Indigo = Lifeline (conscientious-objector medic)
Violet = Scarlett (utter fan-service … Scarlett Sapphire = HAWT)
Black = Serpentor (he’s made from the DNA of dead conquerors!)

Yeah, this is a pretty fun meme.

How convenient, I just finished this cartoon displaying my dream team. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

OK, Star Wars (original trilogy):

Red = Darth Vader
Orange = Jabba the Hutt
Yellow = Boba Fett
Green = Yoda
Blue = Obi-Wan Kenobi
Violet = R2-D2 (can a droid feel compassion? I bet this one could.)
Sapphire = Princess Leia

Why does no one every take into account the emperor’s line to Vader “His compassion for you will be his undoing” ????????? Clearly Luke is Indigo

Also Tarkin was the big proponent in ruling by Fear with his death star he’s most def. Yellow. Anakin is super willpower Vader is just him infected by parallax


Voldemort – Orange
Bellatrix – Yellow
Dumbledore – Violet (wack, I blame Rowling, not fictional Albus)
Sirius – Green
Hagrid – Indigo
Fenrir Greyback – Red
Hermione – Blue


Battlestar Galactica
Red: Brother John Cavil
Orange: Tom Zarek
Yellow: Admiral Helena Cain
Green: President Laura Roslin
Violet: Lieutenant Karl Agathon
Indigo: Major Lee Adama (ret.)
Blue: Admiral William Adama
Black: Lieutenant Alex Quartararo

Sons of Anarchy:
Red: Jax Teller
Orange: Ethan Zobelle
Yellow: Agent June Stahl
Green: Opie Winston
Violet: Chief Wayne Unser
Indigo: Gemma Teller Morrow
Blue: Tara Knowles
Black: AJ Weston

There is something so unacceptable in putting a baby in a Star Sapphire costume…

Elfquest Blackest Night…!

Red – Strongbow / Kahvi
Orange – Picknose / Winnowill / Two-Edge
Yellow – Madcoil / Winnowill
Green – Cutter / Treestump / Rayek
Blue – Skywise / Suntop / Nightfall
Indigo – Dewshine / Clearbrook / Savah / Redlance
Star Sapphire – Leetah / Newstar

Yes, this is very wrong, on many deep and subtle levels…

Click here for the wrongness.

Marvel Lanterns:

Red – Hulk
Orange – Kingpin
Yellow – Man-Thing
Green – Iron Man
Blue – Captain America
Indigo – Invisible Woman
Violet – Wasp

Red = Ranger Smith
Orange =Yogi Bear
Yellow = Dick Dastardly
Green = Milo Bloom
Blue = Augie Doggie
Indigo = Magilla Gorilla
Violet = Snagglepuss
Black = The Funky Phantom

Oops forgot my green lantern…

Huckleberry Hound.

Red- Skipper
Orange- Thirston Howell III
Yellow- Lovey
Green- the Professor
Blue- Gilligan
Indigo- Mary Anne
Violet- Ginger
Black- the Harlem Globetrotters

Wow. This is the kinda shit that even Newsarama wouldn’t publish.

Please keep this kinda stuff off the home page. It makes you look ridiculous.

Gotta agree with Christian. Let’s not have any fun with this & treat these comic books with the seriousness that it deserves. Wander off, little troll.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong about geeking over stuff like this. This IS what superheroes are about, in the end: crazy ideas. Realism is OK, but not to the point where it drags the fun down. That’s why while I like this multicolor lanterns idea, I cannot enjoy Blackest Night- it’s full of gross death (is ripping out hearts necessary?) Not to mention I suspect the reason so many DC characters were killed in recent years was precisely to set this up. Will it be worth it? Unless there’s a mass resurrection at the end, I doubt it.

Anyway, I don’t have a Lantern List of my own yet, but I’d like to point out the similarity between the basic concept here and Marvel’s 90’s era series THE INFINITY WATCH. Alternate versions of a classic power object? Check. Each of a different color and powers? Check. Each given to specially-chosen wielder whose personality fit (or contrasted with) its symbolism? Check! ;)


Green Lantern – Jack Shepard
Yellow Lantern – Sayid Jarrah
Orange Lantern – Benjamin Linus
Blue Lantern – John Locke
Indigo Lantern – Hugo “Hurley” Reyes
Violet Lantern – Penelope Widmore
Red Lantern – James “Sawyer” Ford
Black Lantern – The Smoke Monster

Mario Series:

Red – Bowser
Orange – Wario
Yellow – Luigi
Green – Mario
Blue – Peach
Indigo – Rosalina
Violet – Birdo ((S)He loves everyone!)
Black Avatar – Waluigi
Black Guardian – Bowser Jr.

The rest of Nintendo (With a conscious effort not to duplicate series)

Red – Donkey Kong (Cranky Kong in the Donkey Kong Country games)
Orange – Pokemon Trainer (Why do you gotta catch ‘em all!?!? Don’t you only need so many to win?)
Yellow – Andross
Green – Samus
Blue – Little Mac
Indigo – Captain Olimar (He feels the plight of the Pikmins)
Violet – The Ice Climbers
Black Avatar – Ganondorf
Black Guardian – Sonic the Hedgehog


January 30, 2010 at 6:50 pm

Marvel Lanterns

Red: Hulk
Orange: Doctor Doom
Yellow: Wolverine
Green: Iron Man
Blue: Captain America
Indigo: Spider-Man
Violet: Wasp
Black Avatar: Jean Grey
Black Guardian: Thanos

Alternate DC Lanterns

Red: Red Hood (Jason Todd)
Orange: Captain Cold
Yellow: Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Green: Lois Lane
Blue: Stargirl
Indigo: Animal Man
Violet: Starfire

American News Lanterns

Red: Keith Olbermann
Orange: Larry Kudlow
Yellow: Nancy Grace
Green: Brit Hume
Blue: Anderson Cooper
Indigo: Diane Sawyer
Violet: Katie Couric
Black Avatar: Tim Russert (Too Soon?)
Black Guardian: The Newspaper Industry

Two from me… Cap first

Green = Captain America
Blue = Bucky
Yellow = Baron Zemo
Red = Red Skull (Of course)
Orange = Zola
Indigo = Nick Fury
Violet = Sharon Carter
Black = Crossbones

Saved by the Bell

Green = Zack Morris
Violet = Kellly Kapowski
Blue = Screech
Indigo = AC Slater
Red = Jesse Spano
Orange = Lisa Turtle
Yellow = Mr. Belding
Black = Those kids we never see from Valley High!

Twin Peaks Lanterns

Green = Special Agent Dale Cooper
Blue = Major Briggs
Indigo = Norma Jennings
Violet = Audrey Horne
Orange = Ben Horne
Yellow = Windom Earle
Red = Leo Johnson
Black Lantern = Laura Palmer
Black Lantern Avatar = Leland Palmer
Black Lantern Guardian = Bob

Green=Indiana Jones
Red=Jason Vorhees(Friday The 13th)
Blue=John Conner(Terminator)
Orange=peter Venkman(Ghostbusters)
Indigo=Marty McFly
Black= Robocop

Green= Daredevil (overcome fear)

Red= Juggernaut(BITCH!)

Indigo=Alicia Masters(That one is hard)

Star Saphire= Wasp,or Ant-Man (Lost love, man or woman)

Yellow=Man-Thing (those who feel fear burn at the touch)

Orange= Dr.Doom (wants to rule all)

Blue= Thor (gods inspire hope, he revived the asgardians)

Black= Carnage (he’s dead, and that’d be cool)

Stargate Lantern Corp (SGLC):
Green: Daniel Jackson
Blue: Thor
Indigo: Eli Wallace
Violet: Teyla Emmagan
Orange: Ba’al
Yellow: Michael
Black: Dr. Janet Frasier

Star Trek – The Lantern Generation:
Green: Kira Nerys
Blue: Leonard McCoy
Indigo: Jean-Luc Picard
Violet: Kasidy Yates Sisko
Orange: Winn Adami
Yellow: Dukat
Black: Khan Noonien Singh

Farscape Lanterns
Green: Ka D’Argo
Blue: John Crichton
Indigo: Zotoh Zhaan
Violet: Aeryn Sun
Orange: Mele-on Grayza
Yellow: Scorpius
Black: Bialar Crais

The Lantern Millennium Group:
Green: Peter Watts
Blue: Frank Black
Indigo: Lara Means
Violet: Jordan Black
Orange: Mabius
Yellow: Lucy Butler
Black: Catherine Black

The Jericho Ranger Corps:
Green: Robert Hawkins
Blue: Jake Green
Indigo: Stanley Richmond
Violet: Heather Liszinski
Orange: Thomas Valente
Yellow: John Goetz
Black: Johnston Green

Wahhh, did I hurt your feelings Uncle Jason?

No, I agree with you. It’s fine. But it’s stuff that belongs on message boards and in the back of sad little fanzines. Looks amateurish to have it on the front page. That’s all.

the only MARVEL Black Lantern is honestly want to see is…

Black Lantern Spider-Man-2149

A Black Lantern with Zombie-Regret…of eating people with this Great Power, great Responsibility thing. I find it intriguing.

80’s Cartoon Character Lanterns. I’m digging deep on some of these and not deep enough on others I suppose. For obvious reasons I’m leaving out the Care Bears as they pretty much are emotions and some of the “on the nose” smurfs like Greedy. On some of the more obscure characters I’ve included what show they’re from:

Star Sapphire: She-Ra – leader, Aleta 1 (TF), Arcee (TF), Cheetara (TCats), Princess Alura (Voltron), Jem, Teela, Smurfette, Rainbow Brite (yeah yeah, she could be a multi-ring bearer) , Galadria (Visionaries), Casey Kelp (Snorks)

Inigo Tribe: Papa Smurf – leader, Beach Comber (TF), Sorceress, Marsala (Exo Squad), Grammi Gummi, Jagara (TCats), Odie, Penny (Inspector Gadget), Denver the last dinosaur, Scooter (Gobots)

Blue: Optimus Prime – leader, Duke, Lion-O, Master Splinter, Hulk Hogan (hey, he had a cartoon “All will be well, brother!), Allo (Dinosaucers), Leoric (Visionaries)

Green: Panthro (TCats), Flint (GIJoe), Iron Hide, Kup, Turbo (GoBots), Seargent Slaughter, He-Man, Matt Tracker (M.A.S.K.), Keith (Voltron), Gruffi Gummi (Gummi Bears), Leonardo (TMNT), Racer X, Baloo (Tailspin), Monterey Jack (Rescue Rangers), Captain N, JT Marsh (Exo Squad), Quick Silver (Silver Hawks), Brain (Inspector Gadget), Marshall Bravestarr, Alf (he had a cartoon too), All Star (Snorks), Brawny Smurf, Ace McCloud (Centurions)

Yellow: Megatron – leader, Crasher (Go-Bots), Baroness, Zartan, Hagar (Voltron), Saw Boss (Wheele Warriors), Skeletor, Tendril (Inhumanoids), Shredder, Doc Terror (Centurions), Dr. Claw, Serpentor, Azrael (Gargamel’s cat), The Great Snork Nork, the Sog master Cap’n Crunch commercials)

Orange: Star Scream – leader, Miles Mayhem (M.A.S.K.), Cy-Kill (Gobots), King Zarkon, Gargamel, Destro, Sslither (Inhumanoids), Phaeton (Exo Squad), Krang, Duke Igthorn (Gummi Bears), Speed Racer (always gotta win that race), Uncle Scrooge, Glomgold, Garfield, Quintessons

Red: Monstarr (Silverhawks) – leader, Cobra Commaner, Devestator, Nemesis Enforcer (GIJoe), Krulos (Dino Riders), Monstarr (Silver Hawks), Ghengis Rex (Dinosaucers), Pincher (Gobots), Moltar (Inhumanoids), Nemesis (Robotix)

Leader of the Black Lanterns: Unicron with Mum-Ra and Golobulus as his heralds

I’m sure I left a ton out, but that’s pretty comprehensive. Can’t help but notice that Transformers characters lead 3 out of 7 corps in this roster. Guess I’m partial. Left the GL’s without a leader cause that seems appropriate for some reason.

Blackest Night Animal House

Green- Eric Stratton
Blue- John Blutarsky
Yellow- Doug Neidermeyer
Indigo- D-Day
Violet- Babs Jansen
Orange- Kent Dorfman
Red- Greg Marmalard
Black- Dean Vernon Wormer


Green- Danny Noonan
Blue- Ty Webb
Violet- Lacey Underall
Indigo- Carl Spackler
Orange- Al Czervik
Yellow- Tony D’Annunzio
Red- Dr. Beeper
Black- Judge Elihu Smails

>Black Avatar: Tim Russert (Too Soon?)<

Wow, to each their own and all that, but "ouch!"

Earth Prime Lanterns:

Red – Bill O’Reilly
Orange – Rupert Murdoch
Yellow – Rush Limbaugh
Green – Michael Jordan
Blue – Barack Obama
Indigo – Oprah Winfrey
Violet – Tiger Woods
Black – Dick Cheney

early 90s World Wrestling Federation lanterns:

red- Ultimate Warrior
orange- Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase
yellow- Big Bossman
green- Hulk Hogan
blue- Tatanka (?!?)
indigo- Superfly Snuka
star sapphire- Miss Elizabeth
black- Undertaker

To continue with my Infinity Gems/Color Lanterns allegory, here are the gem colors and their wielders (note, I’m not saying these characters would be my choice for Marvel Lanterns, just pointing out the similarity of the ideas: )

Red- Drax the Destroyer
Orange- Gamora
Yellow- Thanos
Green- Adam Warlock
Blue- Moondragon
Purple- Pyp the Troll
Note: There Was a 7th gem, but it was Gold, not Indigo. Used by Sersi.

As a bonus, let’s throw in The Darkforce (avatar: Cloak) as the Black Lantern and The Living Light (avatar: Dagger) as whatever turns out to be the White Lantern.

I was trying to do one for Real World/Road Rules Challenge, but I got stuck. Maybe y’all could help me.

Red: CT
Orange: Eric (“Big Easy,” not the jump rope guy)
Yellow: Unknown
Green: Unknown
Blue: Sarah (the one from The Gauntlet, not the tattooed one)
Indigo: Coral (she might be a bitch, but she does care)
Violet: Veronica
Black: BMP co-founder Mary-Ellis Bunim

I’m open to other reality show Lanterns. And in lieu of a complete list, I offer the post that got me thinking about it: And I don’t even like wrestling.

Loved the Bloom County Corps, but no way is the Giant Purple Snorklewacker terrifying enough to be a BL. No, for sheer cosmic horror, you must admit, you have to go with…Bill the Cat.

Surprised I haven’t seen this one yet:

Red: Anya
Orange: Cordelia
Yellow: Angel
Green: wait a minute, her name was something Summers
Blue: Giles
Indigo: Xander
Violet: Willow (Stars aren’t supposed to be always sane)

Black Avatar: Caleb
Black Guardian: can you imagine how much havoc Jenny Calendar would cause?

One more…

Green – Charlie Brown
Blue – LInus
Violet – Sally
Indigo – Snoopy
Yello – Lucy
Red – Pepperment Patty
Orange – Schroder (Clearly his piano is his power battery)
Black – Snoopy

Big Damn Lanterns:
Green: Malcolm Reynolds
Blue: Kaylee Frye
Violet: Zoe Washburne
Indigo: Inara Serra
Yellow: The Operative
Red: Simon Tam
Orange: Adelai Niska
Black: Hoban Washburne

Deadwood: Blackest Night
Green: Al Swearengen
Blue: Sol Star
Violet: Jane Canary
Indigo: Doc Cochran
Yellow: George Hearst
Red: Cy Tolliver
Orange: Shaugnessy
Black: Francis Wolcott

Prison Breakest Night:
Green: Michael Scofield
Blue: Sara Tancredi
Violet: LJ Burrows
Indigo: Lincoln Burrows
Yellow: Theodore Bagwell
Red: Paul Kellerman
Orange: Jonathan Krantz
Black: Brad Bellick

I forgot this earlier :

Lanterns of Oz

Orange–Warden Quarms (not Ernie Hudson, the guy who replaced him for a while)
Yellow –Adebisi
Blue–the Mole
Violet–Ryan O’Reilly (talk about obsessive love)

Black? Oh yeah, even a place as scary as Oswald Correctional had a lower level of scary — meet Keller and die…

Hollywood Starlet Corps

Yellow- Lindsey Lohan
Orange- Paris Hilton
Green- Reese Witherspoon
Indigo- Drew Barrymore
Red- Shannon Doherty
Violet- Jessica Alba

Black- Marylin Monroe

Red = Hordak
orange = Skeletor
Yellow = King Hiss
Green = He-Man
Blue = Man-at-Arms
Indigo = She-Ra
Violet = Teela
Black = King Grayskull

This thread rocks.

Red: Mr Woodman
Orange: Juan Epstein
Yellow: Carvelli
Green: Vinnie Barbarino
Blue: Mr. Kotter
Indigo: Arnold Horshack
Violet: Julie Kotter

Blackest Night: The “Tonight Show” Wars

Green – Conan O’Brien
Orange – Jay Leno
Yellow – Jeff Zucker
Blue – David Letterman
Violet – Andy Richter
Indigo – Jimmy Kimmel
Red – Carson Daly
Black – Doug Morris

White – Johnny Carson

I did this same thing with the cast of my web comic a few months ago. It’s fun!

Red: Sayid Jarrah
Orange: Hugo “Hurley” Reyes
Yellow: Ben Linus
Green: Jack Shephard
Blue: Desmond Hume
Indigo: Rose Henderson and Bernard Nadler
Violet: Kate Austen
Black: Jacob’s nemesis

He-Man – Green Ring
Man at Arms – Green Ring
Teela – Violet Ring
Orko – Blue Ring
Sorceress – Indigo Ring

Skeletor – Orange Ring
Evil Lynn – Yellow Ring
Merman – Yellow Ring
Beastman – Red ring
Trap Jaw – Red Ring

Fisto – Brown Ring

Law and Order

Blue – Logan
Red – Van Buren
Green – Brisco
Orange – McCoy
Violet – Curtis
Indigo – Ben Stone
Yellow – Green

Black – Greevy

Law and Order SVU
Red- Benson
Yellow – Stabler
Green – Finn
Blue – Cragen
Indigo – Warner
Orange – Hwang
Violet – Cabot

Black – That lab tech who died in the last season finale

SG-1 Corps.

Green – Jack O’Neill
Blue – Daniel Jackson (sub. Jonas Quinn)
Red – Sam Carter
Yellow – Teal’c
Orange – Ba’al (that was good)
Indigo – Maybourn
Violet – Gen. Hammond

Black – Annubis

Stargate Atlantis Corps

Orange – Rodney McKay
Red – Ronnan
Yellow – Todd (all the Wraith would be members of the Sinestro Corps.)
Green – John Sheppard
Blue – Dr. Elizabeth Weir (pre-replicator)
Violet – Teyla
Indigo – Dr. Carson Becket (cloned)
Black – Dr. Carson Becket

Alana Shepard

July 5, 2010 at 9:40 pm

Blackest Mass

Red – Jack (I can imagine no argument here)

Orange – Warden Kuril (Instead of accepting a bunch of cash to release a prisoner from his stockpile of prisoners – all of whom are for sale – he tries to capture you so as to get even more cash)

Yellow – Sovereign (Frightened the former “best Spectre in the galaxy” into helping him to bring about the galaxy’s destruction)

Green – Commander Shepard (The will to save the galaxy…twice.)

Blue – Garrus Vakarian (He was running a sort of A-Team in the most dangerous section of the galaxy. )

Indigo – Tali’ Zora vas Normandy (Chose possible exile from her home world over sullying her dads legacy. Fugedaboudit)

Violet – Liara T’soni (A gentle soul with a loving nature. Hugs you when she see’s you again, stifles herself mid-argument because she doesn’t want to sully your reunion.)

Black Avatar – Harbinger (“We are the harbingers of your destruction, we are your salvation” Nuff said.)

Black Guardian – The Illusive Man (Besides my little suspicions who better to herald the coming of a few thousand years of darkness than the most well connected, informed and illusive people in the galaxy)

White – Rachni Queen (As the patriarch of a long thought extinct race and the key to it’s salvation the Rachni Queen is rebirth incarnate)

Lanterns from various media

Red – Iori Yagami (KOF series)

Orange – Calculator

Yellow – Morino Ibiki (Naruto)

Green – Scott Summers (X-Men)

Blue – Hiro Nakamura (Heroes

Indigo – Lisa Simpson (The Simpsons)

Violet – Isabella Garcia-Shapiro (Phineas and Ferb)

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