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Wizard announces Austin Comic Con [Updated]

CC_AUSTIN-300x191Gareb Shamus’s rapidly expanding convention slate just got one show bigger. According to a press release posted on Wizard’s recently launched Magic Words blog, “Gareb Shamus, CEO of New York based Wizard Entertainment, today announced the launch of Austin Comic Con 2010 Wizard World Convention, to be held at the Austin Convention Center from November 12-14, 2010.”

Wizard is no stranger to the Lone Star State: The Dallas/Arlington-based Wizard World Texas was a staple of the late convention season for several years, including one in which it merged with the horror show Fear Fest in 2008, until its cancellation last year. The press release for the Austin con specifically positions the new show as a response to popular demand for Wizard’s convention wing to return to Texas.

The Austin Comic Con is the seventh such show Shamus and Wizard are now behind, along with conventions in Toronto, Philadelphia, and Chicago; an as-yet-unscheduled New England Comic Con in Boston (site of another past Wizard World attempt); and the controversially scheduled Anaheim and Big Apple Comic Cons, set to take place the same weekends as Reed Exhibition’s Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo and New York Comic Con respectively.

Update: In other convention news, organizers of the newly launched Long Beach Comic Con have announced a one-day show for Feb. 20 at the Long Beach Convention Center. Creators from Aspen Entertainment and Top Cow Entertainment are scheduled to appear.

Long Beach Comic Con, which debuted in October, is run by Martha Donato, former senior vice president and convention organizer for Wizard Entertainment.



I guess Wizard WOrld Dallas just wasn’t trendy enough and now we have to move it to Austin, despite the plethora of professional talent in the DFW metroplex.

Makes no sense to me, there’s not another show there to try and edge out. Unless they’re trying to compete with Staple!.

Keep failing Wizard, it’s what you do best.

Texas already has the Dallas Comic Con. It was here before Wizard World Texas, and it’s still here. More importantly, it’s a great show and very accessible for fans, and they get phenomenal guests. Does Wizard honestly think by going to a different city that everything will fix itself? Their show failed here for a reason. All they are doing is bringing back their failure, just slightly more South though. If you haven’t heard about it, you should check out the next Dallas Comic Con info here – they have Tim Sale, Adam Hughes, and more.

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