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Wizard announces New Jersey Comic Con

wizardworld_2091_30612964It’s the biggest thing to hit the Garden State since Jersey Shore: Wizard Entertainment’s Gareb Shamus has announced the launch of yet another convention, the New Jersey Comic Con Wizard World Convention. (Yes, that’s the full name.) The ninth show in Shamus’s ever-increasing roster — many of which are based on pre-existing cons, rebranded with the Wizard name — it will take place in Edison’s New Jersey Convention & Exposition Center on Oct. 15-17.

That, of course, places it just one week after both Reed Exhibition’s New York Comic Con and Shamus’s own Big Apple Comic Con, controversially scheduled in the same city and on the same weekend as Reed’s effort in a move widely seen as launching a Con War between the two companies. Since then, the two outfits have rolled out distinct battle strategies, with Reed focusing on top-tier comics guests and Shamus/Wizard concentrating on adding more and more shows to the Wizard World Tour.



Will Snookie be in attendance?

Sean T. Collins

January 25, 2010 at 8:31 am

Fingers crossed!

I bet they’ve already booked that one guy, from that movie I saw a few years ago. You know what movie I’m talking about, right? Yeah, that one! He didn’t have a big role, but that’s the guy!

r — Brilliant!

Pretty remote location.

Figure it might cannibalize Philly and NY?

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