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Work begins on long-awaited third volume of Casanova

Casanova #14

Casanova #14

I was a bit skeptical last month when writer Matt Fraction teased, “Just wait till we make the Casanova announcements.” After all, we’ve been fooled before.

But if you followed Twitter over the holidays — the accounts of Fraction and artists Gabriel Bá and Fabio Moon, specifically — you saw clear indications that work has indeed begun on the long-rumored and much-anticipated third volume of the critically acclaimed spy-fi series.

“Hey, guess who remembered how to write Casanova today?” Fraction tweeted on Dec. 19. “Pages 1-6 of Casanova v3 completed and sent to @Gabriel_Ba e @fabiomoon. ho ho ho.” Bá replied two days later with: “Pages 1-6 of Casanova v3 – [In] @mattfraction ‘s own words: ‘Okay. That might actually sound like the most impossible thing of all time –‘”

And just this week Fraction posted: “Writing more Casanova tonight. Rereading the whole series since the last time I proofread the issues.” That was followed last night by, “It’s as though I’ve set out to make Moon and Bá hate me and salt the earth beneath my feet” and the encouraging tag “casanovasback.”

Debuting in June 2006 in Image Comics’ 16-page “slimline” format, Casanova follows the timeline-jumping exploits of free-lance thief and espionage artist Casanova Quinn. The second volume, Gula, concluded in May 2008.



Was there ever a second collection of CASANOVA? Did I totally miss that?

I don’t believe there was.

Which’d by why I haven’t read it yet. Bother.

Fraction has said in the past that the second collection of Cassanova will precede the release of Vol 3 to get the biggest launch possible. IIRC, there was even discussion during his Q&A at Whitechapel a few weeks back that they’ll be recoloring the first two volumes as well.

This news has made me very happy.

casanova was composed of 2 arcs, luxuria and gula, so thats probably why u r confused.


Are both Moon and Ba working on the book? That would be great!

About time.

I had a chance to meet Fraction at Heroes Con in ’09 and from what he told me is that retailers hated CASANOVA and that they were going to re-release it in color, hoping it would sell better, and that is why no CASANOVA vol 2 collection has been released.

Yeah, I think the specific details were that not only would they be full color, but they would mash together two issues for a total of 32 story pages in an issue and then sell it as 2.99 instead of 1.99. That would be with the exception of issue 1 and 14, in which there would instead be a back-up to show an alternate view of the events in the respective issue, with Moon on 1’s back-up (since Ba did 1’s story arc) and Ba on 14’s back-up. So total there would be eight full color 32 page issues at 2.99 each. Perfect for people who want to start the series from the beginning!

Sorry if I’m spilling info that Fraction, Moon and Ba want to keep hush hush, anyone who can please feel free to delete my post. It’s just that I’m really excited for the relaunch and new album, so I want to spread the word about it.

I just hope that a hardcover of the 2nd series is released soon. I don’t care if they recolor it or not (and in all actuality, I hope they keep the original colors, because I thought it was cool).

Fraction revealed a whole lot of details about the publishing plans for the new series in his interrogation thread on Whitechapel a month or two ago.

gula should be coming out in full color (not monochrome) allegedly…i only read luxuria and want to collect this in trade becuase i don’t really like the slimline format so waiting on the tpb is bumming me ou!t

the real bummer is that the backmatter will be no more…that was some great reading.

dave: Yeah, I agree that that is a huge downer, as it was really interesting to get Matt’s perspective and thought process on the writing, and where the inspiration stemmed from. You can probably blame obnoxious fans for that, like the one who alledgedly emailed him about Kelly Sue’s miscarriage and said: “Just because it happened to you doesn’t make it interesting.”

Christian Otholm

January 7, 2010 at 8:24 am

I’m in agreement with everyone. Cassanova is a fantastic series and I hope Fraction, Bá and Moon sell shitloads of new issues and the new recolored reprints and collections. At least enough to sustain them to do the full seven arcs.


January 10, 2010 at 5:30 pm

I can’t believe this book needs to be coloured to get people to read it… anyone who wasn’t reading it because it was toned not coloured doesn’t deserve to read it!

I kind of wish Gula will stay mono-blue in the TPB…

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