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Your Mileage May Vary: Birds of Prey

As announced earlier this week, Gail Simone’s much-missed Birds of Prey is returning, and it seems like everyone has something to say.

Alan of Reilly2040’s blog is excited:

Birds of Prey #1

Birds of Prey #1

Of course, things have moved on again since Black Canary was in JLA, and I think its fair to say that the move didn’t really do her character any favours, with her automatically playing second fiddle to Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, and then the eventual Green Arrow/Black Canary book that never really seemed to take off (for the record I was never opposed to the marriage itself, but the book has never seemed to really click).

So the announcement that Birds of Prey is coming back, with the core cast of Oracle, Black Canary, Huntress and Lady Blackhawk reunited is brilliant news. I really can’t wait to see how Gail approaches the happenings in the characters lives since the first series ended (and could we please have Helena reinstate the updated version of her current costume. It looked so much more practical).

While the blogger at 1979 Semi-Finalist has some trepidation:

Of note is that it sounds like BoP is part of DC’s Brightest Day run, which as I understand it, will run for a year (26 issues) – it’s unclear if the book is supposed to continue after that. CBR’s Robot 6 makes it sound like it is an ongoing, and Simone’s interview on Comic Alliance also makes it sound like an ongoing, so perhaps it is just a book that will participate in Brightest Day…and continue beyond that? I suppose if the series does well, that DC will find a way to continue it on regardless of the original plan (whatever that was). Though a specific release date has not been announced it looks like the new series will premiere in April or May.

And finally, livejournalist scottie2558 wonders if there’s another reason:

So it seems that Gail Simone is returning to one of her most well known series besides Secret Six. This was one of my favorite books from DC when I came back into comics back in 2003. On my pull list every month. I sort of petered off reading it when she left and the fill in’s up till it’s demise took over. Canceled during the post ‘Batman Reborn’ shake-up, she gets to start it again. While it could be they realized it was a mistake to cancel it or she had a pitch they couldn’t let go past… it also might put credence towards the rumors of Grant Morrison taking over Wonder Woman soon. This could be her sort of consolation prize for backing off that title.

So what do you think?



Its great News! I am soooo getting this series. Having Gail back on Birds is awesome. And I think it will generate alot of buzz.

Also, there has been alot of speculation about the blacked out characters, but if they end up being Hawk and Dove, that will make this series ever better! And I didn’t think that was possible! :)

Can’t wait to get this is my hands!!

P.S. – I thinks thats why it will have the Brightest Day ‘banner’ attached when it starts. Because of continuing threads from BN ie: Hawk and Dove.

Frankly, I don’t think that this could have come at a better time. Gotham City’s facing a sort of revival in their female heroes: Manhunter, Batwoman, Batgirl… it makes sense to have the Birds of Prey active there again. It is interesting, though, how Gotham City suddenly has more female heroes than it does men. I wonder how the Boys Club feels about that.

Grant Morrison and Wonder Woman ongoing–sold.

I’m down for a return of Birds of Prey. Love the Huntress, and Gail Simone doing it again seals the deal in my book.

On the subject of Huntress’ costume, personally I do like the current midriff/short-shorts…sue me…but if they really want to give her a less revealing costume, I’d rather they go back to the black & purple one she wore during No Man’s Land and that time period. Because the modified version of her current outfit is just hideous looking.

And if it’s true this has something to do with Grant Morrison writing Wonder Woman…frankly, as a Wonder Woman fan, that makes me very sad. I don’t want Morrison anywhere near Wonder Woman.

Omigod, Omigod! It’s Rachel Grey on the cover. :o

i thought something was up when oracle was shown in the batcave operating the way she did at the clock tower. that it was only a matter of time before the birds return and glad to see gail back on the book. for her run showed why the birds rock. as for the black out characters one no doubt is batgirl and the other could be maybe the riddler or harley quin. joining. me can not wait to find out what gail ment when she got certain surprising things approved. like if the big bat villain that huntress is considering to let die in one of gails stories to come is maybe the joker and also if one of the surprises is gail got the okay to have oracle regain her legs functioning. some for doubtfull Dan would okay Oracle walking fully . but some movement. gail is back with the birds. yey

I bought and read every Simone BoP issue, but can’t remember anything except Simone’s desperate attempt to make-over Black Canary – so yawn.

If anyone were to take on Wonder Woman after Gail, I would much prefer it be JMS if they were unable to bring Greg Rucka back onto the book. His runs on Spidey and Thor were pretty fun, and I think he’d have an interesting take on Diana. I really want Grant Morrison to stay far, far away from that particular character.

And frankly, I think that Gail’s written the best Black Canary at DC in years, with the exception of Chuck Dixon.

When I got back into comics in my mid-20’s, Simone’s run on “Birds of Prey” was one of the comics that I could not wait to drop – it also got me reading a lot of other DC in a way that Batman did not. I cannot to read her new run.

I think the blogger at 1979 Semi-Finalist needs to get his facts straight. Brightest Day, the series will be 26 issues, as will the new Justice League title. Birds of Prey, The Flash with Geoff Johns and other books a part of “Brightest Day,” the publishing initiative, have been announced as ongoings.

I’m very much looking forward to the return of BoP in general. I preferred Chuck Dixon’s original take on the characters, but Simone’s take redefined the characters and really allowed Black Canary to be considered one of the “big guns” and be “promoted” to JLA.

I just wish Benes weren’t coming along for the ride.

Yikes Wesley. I’m 1979 Semi-Finalist, and I’m a she (I’m also Kelly Thompson from CSBG for what it’s worth). I thought I made it pretty clear in my post that I was a little confused by the connection between Birds of Prey and its ties to Brightest Day, but that I was pretty sure the book was an ongoing. Sorry if I’ve offended you in some way by being a bit confused by the information I read.

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