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Your Mileage May Vary – Blake Lively as Carol Ferris

Some recent big news is that Blake Lively has been cast as Carol Ferris in the Green Lantern movie. Naturally this has been getting a lot of reaction among fans and bloggers.

Valerie D’Orazio points out the issue of Ms. Lively’s age:


I’ll be honest, I saw more a brunette like Anne Hathaway, or perhaps even Jennifer Connelly playing the role. And yeah, I think age is a factor here as well as overall “look” – Lively being 22 and my conception of Ferris being somewhere in her late 20s/early 30s. Ryan Reynolds, who is playing Green Lantern, is 33. According to Hollywood, guys in their 3os & 40s are still vital and sexy, while there’s a preference for their female counterparts to be in their 20s. I’m not complaining, I’m just saying that’s the way it is – and this is why so many actresses, as they approach 30, drive themselves crazy and get plastic surgery and develop eating disorders, etc; it’s a business decision.

Tonedog of Agree to Disagree has issues with her acting talent:

A beautiful face is great and all, but really? Really? Acting ability should come into play. I’ve seen her work in Accepted starring Justin Long and Jonah Hill, as well as her work on “Gossip Girl”. I have to say I’m not thrilled.

Plus, does this make sense alongside Ryan Reynolds? I don’t think they match well. But who am I? Just a lowly blogger who loves movies, and comic books. I think Reynolds is too old for it to be believable. I think studios need to look at Jon Favreau’s technique and start casting some Oscar caliber actors.

While Myron Rumsey of the Blog of OA is willing to withhold judgment:

Members of the fan community have responded somewhat negatively to the news of the Lively’s casting, with most fans indicating a preference for Eva Green or Diane Kruger. I myself will reserve judgment since, as I mentioned in my earlier post about the subject, I haven’t really seen her in anything. My hope is that Lively looks a little older with dark hair. I have no reason to doubt director Martin Campbell’s judgment at this point, but he has had the benefit of seeing footage from the upcoming film “The Town” and obviously sees something in her that make him think that Lively is the right choice.

So what do you think?



I like Blake Lively a lot, I do. I just…hmm. I don’t see her as Carol Ferris. Does she have the chops to do the role? I think so, yes. Is she the right age for the role? I don’t think so, no. She’d be a better Matrix-era Supergirl [not that that particular incarnation of Supergirl will ever make it to the big screen] or, heck, maybe even a good Black Cat. But Carol Ferris? I want to give her the benefit of the doubt here, but I gave both Katie Holmes and Kate Bosworth the benefit of the doubt for their roles in Batman Begins and Superman Returns, and they both disappointed pretty damn well. Carol needs to be played by someone a little older, someone who looks like a smart, intelligent, gutsy businesswoman. Blake Lively might suit that role in the future, but as of now, she’s still that ingenue type, I think.

My picks for the role? Keri Russell, Cobie Smulders, or Jordana Brewster.

you know who I would have liked as Carol Ferris?

Lauren Graham.

Russell and Graham are both inspired choices. Sprague Grayden, Sarah Wayne Callies, Claudia Black, Evangeline Lilly, Charisma Carpenter and Carla Gugino would also work.

I think Carla Gugino would have been perfect really

I had no idea who Blake Lively is until today. Thumbs up to Grayden, Lilly and possibly Carpenter. Thumbs down to Brewster, Russell, Graham and Gugino. If you want to go completely off the board, how about Angie Harmon or Melina Kanakaredes?

In a world where Denise Richards was cast as a nuclear physicist, anything is possible; so I would give an absolute no to Queen Latifah, Amy Poehler, Megan Fox or Miley Cyrus [all talented in their own way, not right for the project].

Tom Fitzpatrick

January 10, 2010 at 6:49 am

“It’s not the mileage, baby. It’s the make!” — John Lithgow in Raising Cain.

What about Zoe Saldana? She kicks @$$!!! ;-)

I have longed to see Charisma Carpenter in something. She was my top pick for Wonder Woman when WB was planning on the live action movie. But, she’s 39 and turning 40 this year, which would make her around 41 when the movie releases. While I’m sure a lot of her fans wouldn’t have problems with that, there would be some people complaining that she’s too old for the role, plus the fact that the studio itself would deem her too old to play the role of Carol Ferris. Which is tragic, honestly. Charisma’s a good actress.

I like the Angie Harmon idea – she’d make a great Carol Ferris too – but she’s 37, which I’m sure the studio will have issues with. (For that matter, Carla Gugino’s 38. She’d make a good Carol Ferris and a terrific Kate Spencer/Manhunter, I think.)

And yeah, while Zoe Saldana totally kicks ass, GL fans would probably rage at her skin color if she was chosen for the role.

I wish that studios weren’t so ageist when it came to choosing actresses for a movie role. I actually commend Marvel on hiring Gwyneth Paltrow. She’s thirty-seven and proof that a woman past thirty-two can do a superhero movie well.

Thinking about it even more, I think I would have liked Rachel McAdams in this role. She’s pretty, she’s a talented actress, and she’s 31, much closer to Ryan Reynolds in age than Blake Lively. I wouldn’t have minded Emily Blunt either. I really would have loved to see her Black Widow, but I think she’d make a good Carol Ferris too.

Mysterious Stranger

January 10, 2010 at 9:03 am

My thoughts on this are that the Carol Ferris role will be a small supporting one and not critical to the story. She’ll have a few scenes at the beginning of the film before Hal heads off to space and then it will be all about the boys fighting each other. Then she’ll get captured by Sinestro/Hector Hammond/bad guy and Hal will have to rescue her during the climax of the film. She’ll be nothing more than a plot device (think Katie Holmes in Batman Begins) there to deliver some expository dialogue, provide a little depth to Hal’s character and be a hostage. In this role I think Lively will do well. She’s a young actress and perhaps the suits at Warner are hoping she’ll lure in the kids. I’m sure we’ll hear more about this as the film gets underway.

I like Blake Livelty. I think she’s improved quite a bit over the last three seasons on Gossip Girl. She’s even done some nice work in other movies like Elvis and Annabelle or The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee.
But I do NOT see her as Carol Ferris. I barely even care about comics, but Blake is too young – especially when Reynolds is actually in his 30s. That and, while she has moments of being good, overall she still does very sloppy work.The fact that she beat out the likes of Eva Green blows my mind.
I really hope “Mysterious Stranger” is right, and she’s nothing more than a plot device in the movie.

You know who I always imagined as Carol? Brooke Shields. I mean, she turned in a great interpretation of the role in The New Frontier film, plus her hair could easily be changed to fit Ms. Ferris’ look.

Pretty lady from Acepted? Not so much.

I’m reminded of Superman Returns, where Kate Bosworth was horrifically miscast as Lois Lane. The concern here is that Lively could be too young too convince as Ferris in the same way that Bosworth was far too young to convince as Lane.

This may be a little different than Bosworth as Lois Lane. Bosworth was 23, playing a Pulitzer prize winning investigative reporter with a storied career and a five year old son. It stretched credulity that she could accomplish all that by her age. Plus, she looked short and skinny next to Routh, it made her look even younger.

Carrol Ferris inherits the company from her father, so they may use it to play up expectations of her inexperience and naivete and having a role that she didn’t really earn. The hard part is that in current comics continuity she and Hal knew each other as kids and were about the same age. Of course they could turn it around that she was a kid who had a crush on a teenage Hal Jordan. But they definitely want someone younger in case it turns into a franchise and they keep her around for 5-6 years.

Although, when you look at the casting of Paltrow in Iron Man, it made it believable that Potts & Stark had known each other a long time and made them more believable as “equals” in a relationship even though she worked for him.

I’m ambivalent about the casting of Blake Lively as Carol Ferris.

Though I think it would be very cool if they could cast Terence Howard as John Stewart and stick that character in the movie, and also as flipping the bird to Marvel.

I love how age is an issue when she’s young, but Carla Gugino, Lauren Graham and Brooke Shields are good ideas…

Rahel Leigh Cook, maybe.

Blake Lively is an ok choice, but I would like someone like Sarah Wayne Callies. She would be perfect!

Blake Lively is an extremely bad choice. I don’t know what the producers and director is thinking but I really hope for the best.

this is shaping up to be not less and less interesting with each development, esp vs. thor, iron man, spider-man; it looked like warner/dc were kind of rethinking their approach after Dark Knight and Superman — now it looks like they’ve learned the wrong lessons…

It could be like in Ghost Rider, where Nicholas Cage and Eva Mendez were playing characters that were the same age. Very believably, I might add.

Wait, is believably that word I’m looking for?

Does it really matter how good of an actor she is? She’s going to have lots of scenes where she looks hot and acts flirty, a couple where she is angry to the point of bitchy, and then three or four where she has to scream. My dog could pull that off.

I’m not sure how all super-hero movie miscasting discussion doesn’t start and end with Jessica Alba though. Did everyone just agree to pretend those movies don’t exist? If so, I’m on board, just let me know.

I liked Elizabeth Banks in “Spider-Man”… but I think the producers are looking for someone not too expensive, who could be convinced to sign a multi-picture contract.

Has anyone photoshopped her into the Star Sapphire costume? Because that would make an interesting sequel. “She’s my lover, she’s my boss! She’s my lover, she’s my nemesis!”

I think there’s a slew of actresses that would be good in this role. I just don’t think Lively is one of them. By casting her, WB has clearly chosen demographic numbers over acting abilities.

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