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Akira the Don’s Guide to Death’s Head

The story of Death's Head

The story of Death's Head

Akira the Don offers up a guide to Death’s Head, the Marvel U.K. character who recently appeared in the short-lived S.W.O.R.D. series. You can watch a video of him drawing it after the jump.




He also appeared in Marvel’s Transformers comic book a couple times, or something like that.

Not being European, or rather, exposed to Death’s Head, I never understood the appeal.

I just read his appearance in FF over the weekend and I, too, don’t get the appeal.

Now that I’ve learned that Rob Liefeld later got his hands on the character, I officially have no interest whatsoever.

Actually — Rob Liefeld had nothing to do with the character (but everything to do with the muscly US characters at the time like Cable).

The artist for Death’s Head 2 was Liam Sharp. Simon Coleby (before his current art style in The Authority) also drew him I think.

Death’s Head was just a fun British sci-fi character, going to absurd worlds and having a lark.

Granted, I’ve never read any of the original stories featuring him, so I guess I didn’t understand the post-appearance applause that roared from the overseas Transformers contingent when he appeared in the book.

I love(d) Death’s Head!!!

The first iteration. Not the subsequent ideas…

Panini recently collected all the original Death’s Head appearances (excluding the Transformers appearances) in two volumes, up to and including “The Body In Question”…

Death’s Head II ( and subsequently III) were nothing like the original and were in fact a rather sad attempt to make a humourous character more “90s, dark and gritty”…

See if you can find the first volume via…

Deaths Head 1 had more charisma charm and originality than every X Man that came and went over the last 30 years – why it was shelved in order of Deaths Head 2 (Which Marvel themselves admitting was a mistake by quickly re-printing the original and tying it into the then timeline of DH 2. And making a “What If” with the original creative team).
Anyone not “Getting the Appeal” needs to read his epic intro in Marvel Transformers Fallen Angel. Then get the 2 volumes of Deaths Head TPB.
I’m getting a Deaths Head Tattoo soon – thats how much he rocks – Bring him back!!!!!!!!!!!!

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