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BOOM! Town to put the ‘Ugli’ in Repuglicans



What coincidental timing … just as the mainstream media and right-wing blogosphere are taking a closer look at the contents of Captain America #602 comes a press release from BOOM! Studios on a new BOOM! Town project that could very well turn their heads as well.

Called Repuglicans, the book will feature “completely unfair and not balanced” commentary and creepy caricatures of “Republican Party leaders and apparatchiks.” If you’ve ever imagined Ann Coulter as an alien or Glenn Beck as a zombie, here’s the book for you. Pete Von Sholly provides the art, while comedian Steve Tatham provides commentary.

You can read the entire press release after the jump.


BOOM! Town announces REPUGLICANS with art by Pete Von Sholly and wry commentary by Steve Tatham!

February 15th, 2010 – BOOM! Town, a new imprint of BOOM! Studios, announced today a book of monstrous hilarity, REPUGLICANS!

If you’re a card-carrying Republican, stop reading now. If not, you must get this book. Pete Von Sholly and Steve Tatham bring you a completely unfair and not balanced take on Republican Party leaders and apparatchiks. Sarah Palin, John McCain, Glenn Beck and others all unveiled as vampires, freaks, and zombies. These guys put the UGLI in REPUGLICANS.

“This book shows the true face of the right, and it’s not pretty.” says Pete Von Sholly.

“You’ll cringe when you see these creatures of the right!” says Steve Tatham

REPUGLICANS comes in a 6” x 9” softcover format, with 128 Pages, priced at $14.99. The Diamond Code for this item is FEB100764.




Love it. The true face of Palin is revealed!

The Ugly American

February 15, 2010 at 10:34 am

Can’t wait for the “Democats” followup with tons of liberal politicians done up as pussies.

This is sooo going to bite BOOM! in the butt.

I was confused about why conservatives were getting all offended by Cap 602. Now this is something that wouldn’t surprise me for conservatives to be offended over.

This is clearly a spoof book. Some people can’t take a joke. If conservatives get offended by this it will just give the industry more incentive to keep doing it. Think about it. If there is no reaction stuff like this will fade away into the background.

There will be no reason for us Conservatives to be ‘offended’ when the Liberal book comes out. So my question to BOOM! is simple: When is the Liberal version coming out?

Otherwise this is honestly nothing more than hate from the left that they will claim is ‘done in fun’
I certainly won’t buy it.

Mocking =/= hate.

Boom! has a sense of humor. I doubt a Liberal version will be coming out.

As a liberal/progressive minded person, especially on social issues, this makes me very happy. About time our side fought back against the way Fox Noise and other conservative outlets try to outshout each other over who has the ugliest, most ill informed opinions about us and our views. Looking forward to it.

It’s quite simple: If one don’t like it, one can just not buy it. Controversy avoided. Let the free market decide.

This is great! I plan on adding it to my pull list on Wednesday!!!

It nice to see an indie publisher take on the Corporate Media Establishment and all their twisted pundits!

You couldn’t keep me away from this.


February 15, 2010 at 11:26 pm


” When is the Liberal version coming out? ”

You can watch it 24/7 on Fox News. Read it on,, any site related to Beck, Hannity, O’Reilly, Limbaugh, listen to it on AM radio.

It’s all over the place from the Right, it’s what they do, disparage and denigrate. The Right in this country has fought under a looser set of rules for decades.

It’s time for the Left to stop playing nice with people who refuse to play nice back.

I usually pick up several Boom books a month, Dingo is my current fave, but not after seeing this. Wow, you guys are so cutting edge and innovative making fun of Sarah Palin, no one else has ever done that ever before. Boom just lost a customer.

Junior High.

As a right-leaning blogger, I’d like to applaud Boom’s courage. It takes guts to write off about 40% (give or take) of the potential customer base from the get-go. As long as their goal is something besides “make money” (like the late, unlamented Air America and MSNBC), then they should feel free to alienate as many potential customers as they like.

Taking a political stand is one thing. Choosing to express that in terms of “this is what we don’t like” and doing it in such an over-the-top fashion is just juvenile.

The Cap thing was stupid on several fronts. In addition to the reasons above, it also tied the comic to a very specific current event and thus ties it in to specific times and events. Kind of like Bill Clinton speaking at Superman’s funeral, or Reagan showing up in Super Powers, or Superman meeting JFK.

Peter David does it right. He’s an unapologetic flaming liberal, but he doesn’t use his books for advocacy. When he does bring up political issues, he presents both sides and checks the polemics at the door. That’s why I can’t stand his politics, but read almost anything he writes.


Oh, and for the record, if Boom were to come out with “Democraps” or whatever, I wouldn’t buy that, either.


Or “Demoncrats.” Or “Democreeps.” Or any other variations on that theme.


Why is Glenn Beck featured in Repuglicans when he is Libertarian. Talk about misinformed. I appreciate how instead of offering an argument to the ‘misinformation’ coming from the right liberals instead go to insulting. Ask most liberals who shout Glenn Beck is a bigot “why is he a bigot?” They can’t answer you with a specific case that make him a bigot because they are just regurgitating what they heard on the Daily Show because they are hip sheeple. Have fun selling this to progressive socialists on welfare.

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