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Incarnate #1

Incarnate #1

Publishing | Following widespread accusations that Incarnate creator Nick Simmons plagiarized Bleach and other manga titles, bloggers Deb Aoki (on Twitter), Rob Bricken, Christopher Butcher, Johanna Draper Carlson and Simon Jones weigh in with commentary on plagiarism, scanlations/piracy and fan art. Butcher has some particularly pointed words for “the legions of artist-alley dwellers selling mass-produced copies of their fanart,” while in the comments of Comics Worth Reading, Jones neatly ties together the discussion by pointing out that some of the Bleach art that Simmons is alleged to have copied comes from volumes not yet released in North America. [Robot 6]

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The Great General Mighty Wing

The Great General Mighty Wing

Comics | Geoffrey Cain looks at North Korean comic books, such as The Great General Mighty Wing, about a honeybee who “confronts a horde of imperialist wasps — cunningly dressed like Japanese soldiers from World War II — trying to invade his land. After the wasps lay dead, he quickly rallies his enthusiastic colony into a workers’ collective.” [GlobalPost]

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“Jones neatly ties together the discussion by pointing out that some of the Bleach art that Simmons is alleged to have copied comes from volumes not yet released in North America”

(Ever heard of RAW manga? That means the actual Japanese version, not the translated version.) the above quote proves nothing… You can find the latest copy of BLEACH in raw form, as well as fan subbed versions ALL OVER THE INTERNET. I could go online right now… Google: Bleach Chapter: (and whichever chapter is the newest) and find it, as well as spoilers for the next chapter.

Which is more than likely what he, himself could have done… because there are also accusations (With strong evidence) that he took art work from Deviant Art, which is an online site where artists can post original and fan art stuff… So he seems to be a big fan of going online.

We are not talking about someone who was inspired by other art, someone who is parodying another peice of work, nor giving credit for inspiration.

We’re talking pure Plaigerism here. It would be one thing if they were just similar… but there are MANY cases where you take what is believed to be the original work of art… (Say the bleach Character Orihime) and overlay it with Nick’s drawing (Say his blonde chick from Incarnation)

and they are an almost 100% identical match down to the flow of the hair, and the tilt of the head. Its almost as if he traced the original drawing, then added details of his own to hide the fact it’s a copy, then called it his own original work.

We are also not just talking about similarities in characters and scenarios… we’re talking about similarities in even the script.

Orihime “Just please… don’t hurt yourself anymore than this.”

Simmons’ blonde chick who looks like orihime down to the head tilt in this particular scene – “Please don’t hurt yourself anymore.”

Also… in Bleach – Ichigo grabs his chest with a shocked look on his face… “Didn’t I… just have a hole in my chest??” (Eerily, the wound is gone.)

Simmons’ character with the identical facial expression as Ichigo, and the identical pose… “My wounds… how?” (Eerily, HIS wounds are gone too!!)

the two scenes…

the two scenes overlayed ontop of each other…

here’s the deal… check out the above site… it has side by sides, someone even took the time to overlay some of the art being compared to show you how almost identical they are.

The one thing it doesn’t show, is how there are many eerie similarities to another Manga (which is out in it’s entirety AND can be found online…) “hellsing”.

I find what Nick Simmons did to be picture perfect douchery.
But I need to make a comment about Christopher Butcher.

You call all of the people who populate Artist alley at cons plagerists also.
Well You are very wrong simply by not showing a clear line of differance between Artists in artist alley doing sketches or selling prints of their artwork -vs- people who copy an existing published image and claim the piece as their own.

I work Artist Alleys at verious conventions, I do request sketches and I sell prints of Existing characters. The thing is though is that I do original Drawings of these characters. I do not lay a Jim Lee page or anything in front of me while doing it. There have been a few occasions where I had to do some obscure character and the customer provided a comic with said character in it. I would use it as a visual key.

Also, If I do an Original drawing or painting of any character that exists within popular fiction, It doesn’t count as palagerism. I can sell these prints also because…
A) I did the original art
B) I give credit to the copyright holder on the print. so If I do a print of say Captain America, I put Captain America is TM & (c) MARVEL ENTERTAINMENT
But the original Artwork is (c) Mike W. because it is my artwork.

The point I am making chris is that you just lumped in a whole bunch of people into a negative category all in your attempt to smack Nick Simmons.
Who does deserve it.

so next time you are at a con. HEROES, Philly, Baltimore, come get a sketch from me. And pay me for my time and talent.


Ehhh… just to be clear, I don’t mean what I think you think I meant by that observation. In fact, I don’t mean anything at all by it, it was merely more amusement for an already amusing story.

Not to be pompous, but have you actually read the posts I’ve made on the subject?

I’m not sure that guy with the super-hero game list has even played a videogame in the last 10 years. He only gives Batman: Arkham Asylum an honorable mention for crying out loud (and the NES Batman gets a slot on the list).

This is not how a newspaper’s entertainment section wins cred in the gaming community…or comics either for those that cross over.

Hi! Since Twitter is an emphemeral medium, I collected my original comments on the Nick Simmons / Bleach plagarism kerfuffle, as well as a selection of the comments and quotes I got from other comics fans & creators on the matter here:


Nick Simmons vs. regular people

The reason why Nick Simmons or any other affluent personality gets called out and picked to pieces more so than a nameless weekend wannabe is simply: Money.

The rich, the connected, the heirs all have the resources laid at their feet to make something of themselves. Regular people have to earn it. It’s why “douche bag x”, the son of “achieved something Y” gets a news story on the air about them when they’re reduced to robbing a gas station for crack and why nobody cares or feels the least bit surprised when a regular, working class person does it.

Nick’s father has money, therefore Nick has the opportunity to spend his time dedicated to learning to draw. Hell, Nick’s father could probably afford to pay the people Nick ripped off to teach him how to draw. Instead, like most affluent socialites who did nothing to earn their money or social status, Nick wanted to go the short route by cheating. Wannabe’s have to have jobs. Their spare time is spent learning to draw if they’re able. They don’t have the luxury of being able to have a huge studio space, full of brand new equipment and and instantly stocked library of material to reference that their father paid for. Nick does.

Nick,because of his father, has access to media attention. Wannabe’s do not. Nick can go to Poco Loco for lunch and make it on an MTV news break. Where he, totally serendipitously, is wearing a “Generic Vampire Manga” t-shirt with his website on it getting millions in free attention for his sham comic. Wannabe’s most likely is working at that Poco Loco.

Nick has access to publishers. Wannabe’s are lucky to be able to stand in the company lobby for 5 minutes. They can’t casually decide to have a meeting with ________ Inc. and discuss having their book published. And by “discuss” I mean negotiate how much you have to pay _______ Inc. to publish your book and act like you’ve been chosen because of your talent and dedication to the art.

Nick wants to be a comic star (without putting in the hours) so crowds of people will stroke his ego.
Wannabe’s are most likely hoping to sell just enough fan art to buy that ‘convention-only’ variant edition of whatever being sold by the actual artist.

In place of hard work, Nick chose to use his father’s money to weasel his way into being a comic star.

Instead of capitalizing on the rare access he’s given, to to be his own man and make a career in a field that his father is not a part of (No, his silly short-lived merchandising attempts don’t count. Nobody buys those.) Nick chose to exemplify the very people he’s constantly mocked in his statements.

Nick Simmons, YOU ARE one of those L.A. socialites. YOU ARE a Paris Hilton, a Lindsey Lohan or any Celebrity heir who has pissed away opportunities that wannabe’s never have.

Now be quiet and float through life on your daddy’s achievements and realize that you’re no better than any other wannabe.

You’re right Dirkstar. We should give this 21 year old ‘kid’ with a millionaire father a pass.
We should coddle him and tell him it’s okay that he’s a lazy cheat who has never and appears to never will work hard for something.

And we should do the same for the guys selling ‘from the seat’ dvds of current film releases.
We should hug and forgive the people selling knockoff handbags and clothing.
We should send a greeting card to indentity thieves and carjackers too.

Kumbya my lord kumbya. Kumbaya my lord kumbayah….

Incarnate has been one of the better selling, if not the best selling, books for Radical. Bary Levine has a long history with Nick’s father and would probably have printed this if it was drawn with his feet. This guy got the chance to do a comic because of who he was not what his talent was. Looking at the other credits on the book it looks like Nick had some “help” to make it look as good as it was. I agree with Mike that if I want a Bleach character drawn by Simmons at a con and I pay him to do so, that is cool. I know he didn’t create it, but by passing it off as his, he crossed a line that many others have crossed before him, just not as blatant. Love to see this covered in Family Jewels. That will be an episode to watch.

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