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Anaheim Convention Center

Anaheim Convention Center

Conventions | As San Diego tries to sweeten the deal to keep Comic-Con International, Eric Carpenter considers the odds of the pop-culture phenomenon moving to the 815,000-square-foot Anaheim Convention Center in 2013.

“It’s one of those things where it’s hard to unseat an annual convention from any area, and Comic-Con has a long history in San Diego,” says Charles Ahlers, president of the Anaheim/Orange County Visitor & Convention Bureau. “But we think we have a lot to offer.” Chief among Anaheim’s offerings: more convention space and hotel rooms. [The Orange County Register]

Comic strips | Mike Manley has been named as the new permanent artist of Judge Parker, replacing Eduardo Barreto, who is “gravely ill” with meningitis. This will be the first newspaper strip for Manley, a comic-book artist who created and edits Draw! magazine. “I’ve got big shoes to step into,” Manley writes on his blog. “I’ve been a fan of Barreto for a long time, from his stint on Atari Force at DC onward through his varied career. He could do it all, super-jocks, pretty chicks, noir, pedestrian, detective stuff. His work had charm class and power. He made JP his own, something I hope to do in time as well.” Manley’s first strip will appear in mid-March. [Comic Riffs]

Pearls Before Swine

Pearls Before Swine

Awards | Cartoonists Stephen Pastis (Pearls Before Swine), Dan Piraro (Bizarro) and Richard Thompson (Cul de Sac) have been nominated for the National Cartoonists Society’s Reuben Award for Cartoonist of the Year. The winner will be announced in March. [National Cartoonists Society]

Publishing | In a multi-part Q&A with, IDW Publishing CEO Ted Adams discusses the state of the comics and bookstore markets, his company’s success with licensed properties, and digital comics. []

Creators | Paul Hornschemeier reveals he’ll teach a course called “Writing the Graphic Novel” in the Creative Writing Department of the University of Chicago. [News and/or Head Lice, via FLOG!]



Creators | Dylan Horrocks chats briefly about Hicksville returning to print after 10 years. [Publishers Weekly]

Creators | Artist Rufus Dayglo discusses his influences and drawing Tank Girl in the shadow of Jamie Hewlett: “I feel comfortable with Tank Girl. I draw like that, so it feels natural. It doesn’t look quite like Jamie because I’m not him — as many people have pointed out! On the whole, people seem pretty happy that Tankie’s back, and have been very positive and welcoming. I felt like CJ Ramone taking over from Dee Dee Ramone. I’d joined my favourite band–but I’m not Dee Dee, and I want Alan, Jamie, and the readers to be happy with it. I spend pretty much every waking hour drawing it.” [Crikey!, via Forbidden Planet International]

Creators | David Harper talks with Axe Cop co-creator Ethan Nicolle. [Multiversity Comics]

Comics | Terry Gant examines the love lives of Batman, Superman and Spider-Man. [Loyola Phoenix]

Comics | readers recommend must-read comics, from Wanted and Hellboy to The Walking Dead and The Eternals. [Underwire]



Gotta say, as much as there are problems with the SDCC site as it stands, I can’t see that going to Anaheim will be much of an improvement. More people will wish they had cars since the range of stuff you can walk to over by the convention center is pretty slim compared to the Gaslamp and everything else. Wonder how the square footage measures up, and if the Anaheim convention center is actually bigger, will CCI actually give more square footage to actual comics?

I’ll take my answer off-air.

They should move the San diego comicon to Virginia Beach, Va. We have a brand new HUGE convention center. It is 5 blocks from the oceanfront where there are over 60 hotels. Numerous Bars and resturants and there is usually an event happening on the beach with National recording artists performing.
Va Beach is in the center of the East Coast making travel from all points very easy.

It could become the East Coast comicon.
We need one.

anaheim is closer to LA / hollywood (not to mention in Disneyland’s backyard) – nuff said

@ Mike W.
The east coast already has New York Comic Con….

Anaheim is closer to home, but i like the trip to San Diego. My only complaint is that it does get really crowded. I don’t know how much more the San Diego Convention Center can expand.

First of all East Coast has a Comic Con it is called the NY Comic Con and will soon eclipse the San Diego Show. Regarding the site as a vendor it is very difficult to get in and out of the current location. If they were to move it i would hope that it would be easier for me to set up my booth or to get my things in and out if I choose to set up there. Also would a new location mean higher prices for vendors and possibly shoppers? And last…I would think it would be appropriate for the show to stop calling it self comic con since long ago the show in my mind stop catering to the comic book people and was more interested in the Hollywood scene.

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