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DC Comics adds White Lantern ring to Brightest Day promotion

White Lantern ring

White Lantern ring

DC Comics today added a third ring to its Brightest Day promotion: the White Lantern ring. It joins The Flash and Green Lantern rings announced last month.

For every 25 copies of Brightest Day #1 ordered by April 15, retailers can purchase one bag of 50 White Lantern rings for $8.

The Brightest Day promotion follows the publisher’s highly successful Blackest Night initiative that gave a significant boost to the seven titles involved. (Of course, the program has its detractors.)

While we’re on the subject of those multicolored rings, the DC Universe blog also reveals that the White Lantern ring will be included at no extra charge in DC Direct’s previously announced Blackest Night Power Ring Spectrum Set. The nine pieces have “light-up capability,” apparently.

Brightest Day #1 arrives in stores on May 5. The Power Ring Spectrum Set goes on sale on July 7.



And no one is surprised.

Awesome! A full set of rings!

And Tom Brevoort can eat a dick.


So when is Marvel gonna bring out the Infinity Gems? Free gems and then sell the Gauntlet for $99.99.

Thanos is back, beioches!

Seriously, that’s a great idea for Marvel to counter with.

I can see how some might be “ringed-out” on this gimmick by now, but as an old school GL reader and fan, I like it. I ordered the light-up set, so getting this as a bonus is a plus in my book.

I DEMAND a LoSH ring come May.

also Marvel really should have gone with the Brown Deadpool ring idea

They didn’t need to another Green Lantern ring, while this and the Flash ring are cool. They need to do a Legion ring too

mine! mine mine mine!(grabs lex’s ring)

mine mine mine ! (grabs lex’s ring)

Still no Lobo cock ring? Sad.
let me guess, next is the transparent ring.

Obviously this surprised no one.

But DC still won’t beat Marvel in sales. Its a nice promotion though.

Comic book fans love little plastic promotional rings and will buy books specifically to get them. DC has a new Legion book coming out. Legion members wear rings.

This isn’t rocket science.

I don’t think anyone seriously believes that the presence of a white ring will suddenly catapault DC above Marvel in sales.

I call useless dig on Johnny Five.

So when is Marvel gonna bring out the Infinity Gems? Free gems and then sell the Gauntlet for $99.99.

Thanos is back, beioches!

Seriously, that’s a great idea for Marvel to counter with.

I agree 100%.

Hey, if you can’t sell your comics based on content…………

“Awesome! A full set of rings!

And Tom Brevoort can eat a dick.”

Hah! Hilarious, Dave. And so frikkin true….eat this Marvel.

Not surprised at all, though it’s not a bad thing. A complete ring set, yay!

HEll yeah. All Nine Rings… All i need is a Legion ring…which my girlfriend will not like, but who cares

*punches Glomulus*

know your place

“…which my girlfriend will not like…”

As if any of us geeks really care what our women think. ;)

Gotta catch’em MUAHHAHA!!

Pokemon lanterns here they come. And with movie in 2011, Green Lantern will explode.

It was a stupid premise from Day 1.

Honestly, I hate to say this but maybe 52 wasn’t all that bad in comparison? At least the first series before Countdown.

So I’m guessing there will be a White Lantern character.

I wonder if it will be a new person or a pre-exisiting character who adopts the identity.

Suck it long and suck it hard Brevoort and Marvel.

@ Dave


A legion ring would be awesome!!

Not to backtrack too much but last years ring books were really about selling cool looking rings for $4. With the bonus of a blackest night story. Obviously we expect Flash & Brightest Day to read better. But even if they dont we”ll still have these badass rings.
At the end of the day its not a gimmick if the fans enjoy it.

P.S. I’m far from a Tom Brevoort fan but does he really need to eat dick? Really?

P.P.S. I’d also be down to collect the Infinity Gems!

Marvel kicks ass in sales because they put out more garbage. Its quality over quantity. And DC has revealed themselves to be the kings of good story telling.

Pink Eye
February 24, 2010 at 7:35 pm

Suck it long and suck it hard Brevoort and Marvel.


Wow, how mature. They do a silly competitve marketing idea and they should suck it? And someone above said he should “eat a dick”.

Must annoy you that they kick DC’s ass on a daily basis.

I think that those stores that had a lot of extra copied left over are really bad at what they do. My friends have a shop and they did the give one ring to whomever bought the correct book. Then they started to offer sets of 7 books and the person would get the 7 rings. This was a way for them to move the titles that did not sell, Adventure and what not. They only have 5 copies at the most left. Apparently, there are many shops that got greedy, shocker, and sold the rings for $5 alone.
Plus, if Marvel is trading you the Deadpool variant for the equivalent of $75 wholesale, you would have to get $150 for normal markup. Plus, they are going to be printing extra copies in anticipation of this promotion. SO this variant lost a lot of its variable. Joe needs to spend more time in hiring quality writers and artists and less time of this kind of crap.

“And DC has revealed themselves to be the kings of good story telling.”




(continuing @Dave’s post)


DC’s a buncha scarf wearing silver medalist!

Does no one see what is going on!
They are giving out Rings of Power, totaling Nine. Ring-Wraiths here we come! Woo!


“Hey, if you can’t sell your comics based on content…………”

You can complain about the other company’s event outselling your’s revealing yourself to be a little crybaby bitch and yes like others have said Brevoort can eat it.

And then you say, “My what a lovely tea party”

I’m so sick of gimmicks.

You know what sucks? When DC says this, MArvel Zombies come out and say “They can’t sell books so they resort to gimmicks.” but when Marvel does something like this they say “A nice reward for the readers.”

I’m getting sick of the narrow minded pro-Marvel double standard.

That response to DC’s last Ring promo was a dickmove, plain and simple. I like both companies, read books from both choosing to buy comics based on quality and not brand. But I call a spade a spade. Marvel is being the jackass in most of these cases.

Marvel would be better off giving us cool premium items. Which I for one would like. I like the DC rings. I like the suggestion for the Infinity Gems above. And I like reading the books. (Most of the books DC offered rings for were GREAT, Rebels? Booster Gold? Doom Patrol? I love those titles! The current JLofA though, still sucks)

So if you don’t like it, don’t be a smug smart-ass and just let the rest of us enjoy them. No one is forcing you to buy the rings.

Sweet, I love the light ups. The new whites will go good with the sets I have now.

And if Marvel is so great, then why’d they have to suck it up and whore their asses to Disney? Eat it Marvel freaks….

I have been forever waiting for a pair of rings which The Phantom (one of the American oldest adventure comic strip created by Lee Falk) use.

A white ring?

My precious. My precious. Mine!!!

Comments #3 and 4, at the top of this thread, rock. You win … both of you! Now battle it out …

“And if Marvel is so great, then why’d they have to suck it up and whore their asses to Disney? Eat it Marvel freaks….”

You do realize, that by your own definition, DC has been “whoring their asses” to Time Warner for quite some time now, right?

This is a great marketing tool, specially for first issues of a series like this Brightest Day one and the Flash one, but they are eventually going to run out of ring-wielding characters to do this. What happens then?

Who cares?, this is a fun promo tool it costs DC nothing and it let’s people have a cool little ring they can show off. The fact that anyone complains about this just shows how confused people are these are comics they are supposed to be fun and that’s what these rings are fun. Maybe Marvel should take a cue from DC and try a fun little promo instead of having Brevoort acting like an ass when a DC comic outsells a Marvel book but I guess that’s too much to ask from Joe Q and company.

That kind of sucks that it doesn’t come with the comic itself. Great for my comic shop but bad for my pocket book if I want to complete my set. Ah well, I guess it’s a set up from foil covers or chromium number 1 issues.

You guys should have waited at least a day to post this. I mean, everyone knew a White Lantern was coming, but this really could have waited until at least Thurs. so everyone who gets Wednesday comics read the issue.

Cuz if you cannot sell it then you should have put a ring on it
It’s a great gimmick you shoulda put a ring on it
Retailers be happy once you see that fans want it
If Marvel won’t accept a return on a DC book then you shoulda put a ring on it

Wuh uh oh uh uh oh oh uh oh uh uh oh
Wuh uh oh uh uh oh oh uh oh uh uh oh
(repeat chorus)

One Ring to Rule Them All


“Awesome! A full set of rings!

And Tom Brevoort can eat a dick.”

We laughed and laughed… Seriously… That took me off guard and gave me a good chuckle.

I just hate how dismissive Marvel and Marvel Fans have been about the promotion and the quality of the Blackest Night books. The fans like the rings because they like the story… Not the other way around. The only Blackest Night stuff I didn’t enjoy are books that were completely unrelated to the Ring Promo.

I think Marvel really should have made the brown Deadpool ring though. That would have been hilarious and wouldn’t have seemed underhanded.

Have fun with Siege! I’ll check it out of the library in a couple years if I hear anything good about it. So far all I heard is that there was a big explosion that killed a bunch of people that set off a war… Hmmm. Sounds familiar.


My area has one bookstore that sells comics and Emerald City (which is a far drive) so I do a lot orders over the interweb. offered all the color rings, as a set, of Blackest Night in my previous order. So maybe they will include these new rings as an offer as well. Just to let others know in case they’re in my position. ;)

Wow, some of youg uys really need to chill out a little. All this “Marvel crybabies” and “Breevort can suck it”. Not cool. Just be happy that DC and Marvel are both doing well. Geez…

Really, what is the big deal who sells more comics, for god’s sake??? Can’t y’all just enjoy the books or promo items you buy and leave it at that?

I think one of the secret powers of the various Power Rings is transforming Robot 6 comment threads into Newsarama comment threads.



I also wanted to say, I got the blue ring after BL #6 by just asking my LCS. The guy just gave it to me. Very nice, and this was the case at some other stores. I’m not collecting them all because I just like green, blue, and black. Is there anything really bad to say about the ring promotion?

I also dug the Avengers card and calendar I got on the new year. This free stuff is great. Why the F would anyone bash DC for giving out rings?

On an aside, Siege isn’t the greatest. Issue 2 was pretty cool, but it’s not half as exciting as Blackest Night.

@Sean T. Collins: “I think one of the secret powers of the various Power Rings is transforming Robot 6 comment threads into Newsarama comment threads.” Ha! Well said.

Thank you , DC!

Thank you Andrew….well said!

I know I’m quite in the minority here, but as much as I love these rings, they just sit around because they are beyond too big to wear. They even fall off my thumb. I guess I will just have to use them to fabulously bedazzle a crown to wear on the convention circuit this year.

Ok I love this ring promotion and can’t wait to get this and the flash ring but here’s what no one has acknowledged why haven’t we gotten Alan Scott’s version of the power ring? Seriously it’s by far the coolest looking of the power rings also I am in complete aggreement about a legion ring

So DC is releasing WHITE POWER rings?


Several years ago while in Manila, I came across a part of town with very talented jade carvers. I paid for a veteran carver to make both Green Lantern rings – Golden Age Alan Scott and Hal Jordan’s Silver Age.

Next time I am in Mexico, I will commission an obsidian Black Lantern ring if I can locate a quality artisan. It will look superb in my collection. I know many ringsmiths in the Nations of which I can possibly get the rest of the Lantern rings.

The Flash’s ring was easily located on eBay. Now, a Legion of Super Heroes’ flight ring would be something to look into acquiring.

Why not think of having the Mandarin’s rings replicated?

The whole WHITE Lantern POWER ring is kind of wrong in a way. Especially if the icon is upside down. Besides, I’m still waiting for an adjustable Star Sapphire ring not everyone can wear a size 11.

bat lantern 110934

March 3, 2010 at 7:44 am

does the white lantern ring deal go the same for canada

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