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DC finally names its management team: DiDio, Lee and Johns

Holy smokes. Click over to CBR proper for DC’s press release on the long-awaited announcement.

Tom McLean, thou art avenged. Rich Johnston, maybe Publisher Barbara Marcus is hanging out with gay Superman and black Doctor Who in an alternate reality someplace.



Funny I thought the Didiot would be headhunted by NBC

So…. no EiC??? Mostly, this press release leaves me confused about who’s in charge of what.

Nick, the inmates are in charge. ;)

Nick, I don’t think DC has had an “Editor in Chief” position in a long time.

Collins comment about Johnstons guess makes no sense…or wasn’t really funny. So Johnston reported 2 weeks ago on a possibilty of who was being named a publicist. Doesn’t make it a horrible misleading story.

I have to ask the stupid question, but this has been bugging me. What does the role of “publisher” entail as far as DC Comics are concerned? What will Didio and Lee be doing exactly?

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