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DC, Jim Lee assure that his new role won’t reduce his creative output

Jim Lee

Jim Lee

Although an article in The New York Times about DC Entertainment’s new executives implies Jim Lee’s promotion will mean less creative work from the popular artist, a company representative says that’s simply not the case.

The story states that new DC Comics co-publishers Lee and Dan DiDio “traded some of their creative duties for more managerial responsibility.” However, when contacted Friday evening by Robot 6, a DC spokesperson disagreed with the assertion and pointed to a post Lee made earlier in the day on the Wildstorm blog.

“For fans of my art –- fear not,” Lee wrote, “drawing comic books is actually a part of my new job description, and I actually plan on increasing the frequency of which you will be seeing my work. It’s important to me not only on a personal level that I continue with a hand in the actual creation of new comics but also for a broader mission.”

In 1992, Lee founded Wildstorm Productions, which he sold six years later to DC. Until his promotion this week he served as editorial director of the publishing imprint. Lee, 45, is also executive creative director of DC Universe Online, the upcoming massively multiplayer action game from Sony Online Entertainment.



It’s pretty hard for Jim Lee to do even less artwork than he’s doing now.

LOL……… when i saw the title, i was like “WHAT CREATIVE OUTPUT????”

He’ll keep doing a cover every three years. ‘sall good.

So that next issue of All Star Batman & Robin is right on schedule for 2016 then? Whew!

I agree with Shaun, even though, the delay is not ALL Jim Lee’s fault. Let’s also blame Frank Miller.

Yeah, Frank’s too busy trying to teach himself to direct while wasting millions of dollars to do any writing.

Why should we be blaming Miller? His scripts aren’t the ones that are late.

I’m delighted those Jim Lee comics will keep coming. I wouldn’t know what to do without them.

I know Tom, I know… I’m sure Miller’s too drunk, or at least too deluded to think he’s a filmmaker now (due to being drunk, no doubt) to get his comics finished too.

Anyhow, I loves me some Jim Lee art (his Batman is nothing short of iconic) but I couldn’t resist taking the swipe at ASB&R. I’ve actually enjoyed the title, in a goofy Elseworlds sort of way, but finish the damn book already!

Actually Jim admitted that delay on ASBR is completely his fault. He stated that Miller had written issues and Lee just didn’t have time to sit and draw pages.

Umm… how ’bout Wildcats?

I understand the title has moved on since the whole Worldstorm debacle (and I’ve been digging it) but I’d still like to see the rest of what Grant Morrison had planned. Written by Morrison, not some schlocky imitation written by someone else.

Maybe next year when Morrison is supposed to be done with Batman and the DCU Online (supposedly) will launch, Jim Lee will find some time to draw the characters he created 10 years ago.

What creative output man !! i have been a fan of Lee’s artwork since i saw comics and what do we get now, a cover in 6-7 months, thats it ? let alone a book. Whatever the problems are, DC is there because each of us have spend our hard earned money buying books like ASBR and what do we get is an incomplete series with absolutely no idea when the issue 11 is gonna hit the stores…..WOW!!


1992 was 18 years ago. Wow, that’s a long time.

It’s been over three years since the first and only issue by Morrison and Lee.

Obviously, Jim Lee doesn’t need to draw anything to make enough money to support his lifestyle. Doesn’t he have a villa in Italy?

I wish Jack Kirby had made enough to have a villa. :-(

*Yawn*..another biannual JLA series.

I love Lee’s artwork but, I’ll believe it when I see it. He doesn’t need the money so he has little motivation to do anything. (Except what he wants…) Do you think DC would ever snub him. Nope. He can do anything he wants. The only people that suffer is his fans, who surprisingly never give up on him.

I hope this means Jim will be working on All-Star Batman and Robin. Wonder if the series has been shortened to twelve issues or if it’ll go for longer.

As publisher, I feel Jim Lee has a responsibility to return to SUPERMAN. If he doesn’t sell and have the best art around, it doesn’t look good for DC. FOR TOMORROW II, ’nuff said!

I’d be fine if he never drew another issue of All-Star Batman and Robin. He’s my favorite artist and I quit buying that book. Why can’t he draw a Legion book? He apparently wants to do it, and I’d much rather read his collaboration with Levitz than Miller (Never thought I’d say that.).

This does NOT bode well for DC employees, in my opinion. I’ve seen Jim Lee treat DC staff like DOGS at conventions. Always smiling in his pictures…a cold !@#$ in person.


February 20, 2010 at 7:29 pm

Well I hope it’s true, I cant wait to get some more ASBAR goodness! :)

Jim Lee is my FAVORITE artist. PERIOD. Even if looking at my own personal work looks like I’m some sort of bastard child of Gaiijin Studios by way of Gainax. It’s disheartening to read the above comments…still for some, their perception is reality. As the current executive creative director of DC Universe Online, I’m sure we’re missing out on TONS of production drawings created by Mr. Lee and his core studio staff. Hopefully at some point these illustrations will be collected in a beautiful coffee table book I can treasure, which will sit right next to my Absolute Hush. Clearly that’s where his focus is. And this shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise. That’s where both the future AND the money is. Video games these days compare in terms of budgets right along big blockbuster films. And the potential payday from these games are equally lucrative. I’m cautious about these major editorial changes in DC but it does makes sense to have Mr. Lee spearhead digital platforms since his head has ALREADY been there for years. Do I wish he would return to his roots, the Wildstorm Imprint? Absolutely. But I’m not holding my breath. The Wildstorm Imprint on the surface looks like it’s bleeding money. The sales aren’t there. Why promote someone who’s line is lagging? But then I looked BEYOND the comics. None of the core studio is actually working on Wildstorm books. They’re all working on videogames and multi-media ventures, while farming out the books to other freelancers. Of course I could be completely off base, but to me this was the real reason Wildstorm was purchased a decade ago in the first place.

Johns and Lee with their new roles should come up with this great DC vs Marvel crossover event where Lee gets to draw everybody.

Every now and then Jim says he is “going back to do … this time… amazing artwork”, remember back then when he said he was going to do Fantastic Four and also Wildcats by Alan Moore… there was a lenghty article in Wizard about how he wasgoing to be able to do it… then… only one half issue of Wildcats, and 6 issues of FF, and then he quit, then he said DIvine Right was going to be his Masterpiece…. and also was horribly late, and the story cut short, then he said he was going to do ASB&R and Wildcats by Morrison, that this time… this time it was going to be it… no excuses…. no delays…. his life was on it…… and… well…. so what do you think is going to happen now?…

lobocomics, your complaining makes me laugh.
Jim Lee will continue to do whatever he wants and your itty bitty comic book fan boy heart will continue to stay broken, that’s what.

“Creatice Output”? In the words of Johnny Mac, “YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS!”

He is one of the examples of what is wrong with the modern comic book artist, got everything they want and now they don’t have to work. He just sets a bad example and is awarded for it. I know that when he took HOMAGE and sold it to DC/WB he was a hell of a lot of cash for, in my opinion, garbage. Pale copies of Marvel concepts(except for the ABC stuff and Astro City, they were along for the ride), with a slight twist that serve no purpose other than fluff.

I have no love for Jim’s artwork, it doesn’t really hit the spot for me, his more recent work just seems to be straight out of ’92, and what is the point to all the cross hatching? I guess it’s his gimick.

As for Jim dealing with that DCMMORPG, that is counterintuitive to comics, stuck behind a keyboard for hours playing as the Flash, eating junk food, will not result in comic book readers. Just a dwindeling of a dying breed.

Like a West Virginia bumpkin clan, all this comic imbreeding is killing the industry and Cousin Lee is one of the creators responsible for it all.

All in my opinion, which is granted to me by the First Amendment.

Have a wonderful day.

Great to hear about the promotion. What’s it going to take to see some animated Wildstorm direct to DVD films? Wildcats? The Authority? Give us something new for a change. You’ve sold millions of copies of Wildstorm product, and we haven’t seen any “good” animated stuff come out of it. The past cartoons don’t count, they were just awful.

Hey Saber Tooth Tiger Mike, I am not complaining, I am just remembering what he has said… I don´t think Jim is lazy or that he does whatever he wants…. otherwise his pupils would be as lazy… we have for example very commited and professional and always on time artists as…. Jeffrey Scott.. no wait… Travis Charest…. no bad example…. wait… Ryan Benjamin,… Breth Booth…. dammit!!! ….

I have been tweeting back and forth w/ @JimLee00 for months now about finishing the book. He told me that he’s been working on the pencils, stockpiling them, and then they’ll release a new schedule when they’re all finally finished.

That said. It’s been years – and it’s horse xxxx. Seriously…the guy needs to fulfill his commitment to the book. He’s lost a ton of credibility w/ me over the last few years. Sure – this new position may help put him back on the map in a positive way – but this is an outstanding commitment w/ an incredible writer. Get your xxxx together, Lee.

I’ve read ALL of the comments above, and I can’t help it but to agreed to ALL of them.
Really, on one side, we have the description of a man who’s worried about making money, because, to make a long story short, if he’s concentrating on DC Universe games, movies or whatever instead of fullfilling previous asingments it’s because of money. And being honest with ourselves, it’s partly our fault, a book with a variant Jim Lee cover will outsell ANYTHING AT ANY GIVEN MONTH, so it seems only natural that, according to that premise, Jim Lee puts any kind of artistic duty behind what’s feeding him and his family.

BUT, here comes the dicotomy, in english language we are used to call anybody who’s penciling a comicbook a “comicbook ARTIST”, that’s our fault (in my most humble opinion), Jim Lee’s not an artist, he’s a penciller, period. An artist gives preference to his art, like Craig Thompson, who’s devoting himself to years of not publishing a single book after “Blankets” (and obviously I’m not counting interfering works like “Carnet de Voyage”, as it was only an “on the road” sketchbook) because he’s producing his next book, “Habibi” (and I truly recommend you his blog, where you can see how he’s puting his soul into it). Ok, he’s doing some other things along the way, the man has to eat, you can’t hold that against him, but he has a viewn of his job quite opposed to Lee’s, who’s working on a different market. In my opinion, and here’s my point, pardon my digressing, Lee’s not an artist; he’s a bussinessman who’s also (and not very often) a PENCILLER, we can’t ask him for more art, because that’s not imperative to him, he hasn’t any artistic will, we fanboys want more art from him, but even if he delivered 24 pages a month we would ask for a 48 pages special, and that’s mainstream comics, or at least that’s how it works, they give us what they have and we praise/critisize according to our will. To cut this comment at some point (because I could argue forever), Lee’s not to blame, we are, you want more “All-Star Batman and Robin”? Don’t buy his next “Blackest Night” cover, and that’s it. We, with our craving for his work, put him in his current position, don’t complain now. And, above all things, don’t ask for ART to a PENCILLER.

It never fails, whinny fan boys who think they know everything.
Hasnt it occurred to anyone of you that ever since Jim left Marvel and formed Image and then Wildstorm that he also has other responsibilities? He isnt an artist for hire anymore, his responsibilities arent just drawing comic books. Anyone with an ounce of logic should figure this out. Does anyone here have a clue as to all the stuff he has to do? It’s as if you want this guy chained to a drawing desk for the rest of his life.

Anyone here that owns a business or know someone who does should realize it’s not a walk in the park. Add to that he also has a family to take care off. You all read the interviews, blog postings, etc, the guy isnt sitting on his sofa eating doritos and letting time pass by. Anyone who travels often knows how tiresome it can get, imaging being Jim Lee and the amount of traveling he has to make; the guy doesnt live in Italy anymore but going from La Jolla, CA to DC headquarters in NY every week or so gets him away from his drawing table and doing what he loves: drawing. He’s never said he’s lost his love for drawing and he always apologizes to his fans he doesnt produce as much as he would like.

I totally agree with you, Erik, that’s a point I didn’t get to touch in my comment, but I subscribe it word by word.

Whoa. Since when is a penciller NOT a artist? I have to respectfully disagree on that one…


If a penciler is not really an artist, and I’ve been an inker for the past 6 or 7 years… I’m even lower than a NON-artist.

Sorry, I have to go and cry in the fetal position for while…

@Matt Wieman & Captain Fur:

I think what Captain Fur means by calling Jim Lee a penciler and not an artist is the difference between art & artistic craftsmanship. In German Jim Lee’s work would be called Kunsthandwerk (artistic craftsmanship) and not Kunst (art/fine art). Art is not only doing your thing but also having a bigger vision. People like Roy Lichtenstein, Gustav Klimt or da Vinci are Kuenstler (artist).
It’s a little bit more tricky when it comes to Alfons Mucha. Most of the work he is known for are illustrations, graphics, and design works – what is closer to being artistic craftsmanship – but when it comes to “The Slav Epic” that is art, he himself considered it his fine art masterpiece.


That’s exactly what I was trying to explain. Clearly I should avoid posting comment that early in the morning.
The paralelism between the german and english voices explains very well the point I was trying to argue. thanks for lending me a hand.

@Matt Wieman:
It wasn’t my intention disrespect you or your work, I apologise if that has been the case.

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