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DC rolls out final two Return of Bruce Wayne covers

Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #5

Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #5

DC Comics unleashed today the final two covers for its Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne miniseries. Featuring art by Andy Kubert, the covers for issue five and six feature the most familiar renditions of Batman yet — Detective Batman and Superhero Batman.

See the first issue here, issue two here, and issues three and four here. Issue six is available after the jump.

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne



Good to see DC bringing Bruce Wayne back where he belongs.

— Nick
from City of Kik

Zur Enn Arr Batman aside, we’re missing fun-loving Freedom Hippie 60’s-70’s Batman.

Too bad we’re missing WW2 Batman at War, Batman Teen Romance, and 90’s Cyborg Trench Coat Giant Gun Toting Bi-Sexual Batman.

Somehow I don’t see Bruce Wanye actually returning to being Batman. They’ve built up way to much with Bruce’s “death” , the Battle for the Cowl, and the establishment of Grayson as Batman. I think Wanye will return though.

“90’s Cyborg Trench Coat Giant Gun Toting Bi-Sexual Batman.”

We had that one already, he was called Azrael…

David, Salt Lake City, UT

February 10, 2010 at 3:40 pm

Two things of note:

#1 the title is Batman: The Return of BRUCE WAYNE — which I hope actually means they are bringing back Bruce Wayne as an integral part of the character.

#2 That 5th cover is pretty great but THAT LAST COVER IS AWESOME!!!!!!

I’ve been to the DC Comic Universe page recently, where people have *already* started moaning about how they want to see Dick as Batman longer.
If you’re one of them, please read Grant Morrison’s interview; you’ll find out he’s gonna keep it as it is (Dick as Batman) for atleast one more year. Its just that Bruce’s return had to start at some point– specially if they’re gonna cover him through so many eras.
I’ve enjoyed Dick as Batman… but Bruce Wayne is always going to be The Batman to me. Glad to see him returning.
And, the covers are AWESOME.

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