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Detective Comics #27 sells for more than $1 million, sets new record

Detective Comics #27

Detective Comics #27

A copy of Detective Comics #27, which marks the debut of Batman, sold at auction today for more than $1 million, barely breaking a record set just three days ago by Action Comics #1.

The Associated Press reports the Certified Guaranty Company-graded 8.0 issue, sold by Heritage Auction Galleries on behalf of an anonymous party, was purchased for $1,075,500. Earlier estimates had the May 1939 issue selling for $100,000. However, as CBGExtra notes, bids had already reached $400,000 by the time the auction opened.

Before this week, the record for the most expensive comic book was $317,000, set in 2009 by a copy of Action Comics #1.



That’s pretty impressive.

That’s fantastic, I hope the buyer takes care of it like the last owner did…..

I wonder how long it’ll take for THAT record to get broken.

Damm!! That’s a lot of money, is someone speculating with comics? This is gonna be the next crash of the economy. :D


Thus providing quantitative and definitive evidence that Batman is better than Superman… or something like that.

Ha ha. Superman can suck it.

“Thus providing quantitative and definitive evidence that Batman is better than Superman… or something like that.”

Probably not — if both auctions were simultaneous, maybe. But chances are that people saw the report about Superman going for a million and then thought about buying Batman. Of course, if nothing else, it may show that Bat-fans have slightly deeper pockets.


This is getting silly…

I wonder how much my foil-holographic-enhanced Detective Comics #27 will go for.

I was following the Heritage Auction before it went live (I am a member) and was excited to see Detective 27 look like it would make a run at a half million, and it was already beating the previous record when Action 1 broke a million. Detective 27 has been trending higher than Action over the past decade in various auctions because of the popularity. These really were just going to do what they were going to do at auction, independent of each other (and an auction is different from a private sale)

This is a good sign for the economy as art markets heat up, you can also look that up historically.

Not flaming people, I enjoy this board. I’m just stating some facts.

Hahaha…once again, SUPERMAN has rained down on Batman’s parade by smashing his erstwhile record!

With the new $1.5 million record set by Action Comics #1, suck it up Buttman! =P

I have in my possession a copy of Detective Comics #27. It is apparently an EXACT REPRINT of DETECTIVE COMICS #27. It has a “Jacket” over the actual comic and as far as I can tell was reprinted by DC Super Stars.
Can anyone tell me if this has any value??

i use to have this comic when i was 14 years old and it was stolen from me wish i could find it again

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