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First Avenger: Captain America characters, Secret Avenger creators announced

promo image for Secret Avengers

promo image for Secret Avengers

Sometimes covering comics-related news gets Harry Dean Stanton’s gut-wrenching cry from Red Dawn — “AVENGE MEEEEE!” — stuck in my head. Today’s one of those days.

First up: First Avenger: Captain America director Joe Johnston has been making the rounds in support of his new horror remake The Wolfman, and that means the nerd press has been wringing info out of him about his upcoming take on Marvel’s most patriotic hero. So far, we’ve learned that the film’s villain will be the Red Skull, that the previously promised World War II-era superteam the Invaders will in fact play a major role throughout the film’s entire second half (via), and that Cap will, uh, perform for the USO (via). Here’s hoping Bob Hope brings him out in a bathing suit and tells the troops “I just wanted you boys to see what we’re fighting for.”

Second, as you’ve seen on CBR, today Marvel announced the May launch of Secret Avengers, a new series written by Ed Brubaker and illustrated by Mike Deodato. Unlike the promo images unleashed by the company for Brian Michael Bendis & John Romita Jr.’s adjectiveless Avengers last week, this one is just a silhouette of a crouchy superhero — leading candidates around the Internerd appear to be Spider-Man, the Beast, Black Panther and Gorilla Man after a few months on Jenny Craig.



No head, so it must be Arnim Zola. A younger, more crouchy Arnim Zola.

Iron Fist!

I thought it was a beefy Spidey – it looked like he was crouched on the wall. Beast? The caption nor the Secret fit either of them though.

Well I guess the caption does fit them with regards to their scientific minds, but I have no idea. Looking forward to a Brubaker Avengers book, and Deodato ain’t half bad either.

Hulk or Skaar.

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