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‘Gravely ill’ Eduardo Barreto leaves Judge Parker strip [Updated]

Judge Parker

Judge Parker

Longtime comics artist Eduardo Barreto is “gravely ill,” forcing him to leave Judge Parker, the daily newspaper strip he’s drawn since 2006.

Michael Cavna reports that strips drawn by “a temporary replacement” will begin appearing next week as King Features Syndicate searches for a new artist.

Barreto, who’s in his mid-50s, has meningitis. “Two weeks ago — this came on suddenly — he had to go to the hospital,” longtime Judge Parker writer Woody Wilson told Cavna. “Eduardo sent us a note saying he wouldn’t be able to continue.”

Barreto, who lives in his native Montevideo, Uruguay, is widely known for his work on DC Comics’ The New Teen Titans and The Shadow Strikes, Dark Horse’s The Escapists and Marvel’s Marvel Knights.

Update: Alan Gardner talked to King Features comics editor Brendan Burford, who said that Barreto isn’t “officially” being replaced. Instead, Barreto’s son Diego and former Judge Parker ghost artist John Heebinks will pitch in as Barreto recovers.

“[Barreto’s] initial conversation with me indicated the he intends to come back,” Burford told Gardner. “So I’m taking this week by week. If I need to pad out the weeks to give him more time to recover I will. He’s been such a great guy to work with and the readers have really embraced his work.”



This is terrible news, and I hope the best for Eduardo. The first Titans title I purchased was issue 37 of the Baxter series, and I was immediately taken with his art. I had wondered what had happened to him in recent years, judging from the work above he hasn’t lost his touch. Meningitis is nasty stuff, hopefully he comes out on the right side and is able to continue to share his talents with the world.

I was thrilled to work with Eduardo the one time I got to, and I hope to have the chance to do so again someday.

I hope he recovers as swiftly and thoroughly as is possible.


I’m a big fan of Eduardo’s work, so this is very upsetting to me. I hope he gets better soon!

Best wishes for Mr. Barreto’s speedy recovery. And everyone here should go track down his MARTIAN MANHUNTER prestige format series from the 90s called AMERICAN SECRETS (if memory serves me here.) One of the forgotten gems of that period.

Yes, good comics came out in the 90s.

Hang in there, Ed!

More best wishes. Get well, Eduardo.

He’s also been working on a comics adaption of Otis Adelbert Kline’s SWORDS OF VENUS for some time.

I hope it sees the light of day. I’ve been eagerly awaiting it since I first heard of it:

More of Eduardo’s beautiful SWORDS OF VENUS pages in color at

man i hope he comes back.
No offense but his son and that other guy filling in have made the strip look very low quality and generic .
They need to get an artist who can draw more rich quality, this looks more like a Moose and Molly strip now

Re: Mike

I agree. We need Eduardo Barreto back on Judge Parker. Diego looked fine drawing it last week.

The new artist, this week (2/15-2/19), not so much.

I email Brendan Burford, the Comics Editor of King Features Syndicate, my two cents. Hope that helps.

Best comic strip ever!

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