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Handley sentenced to six months in manga obscenity case



Christopher Handley, the Iowa manga collector who in May pleaded guilty to obscenity charges, was sentenced today to six months in prison.

Following his prison term, Handley will serve three years of supervised release and five years of probation. He faced up to 15 years in prison, a maximum fine of $250,000.

Handley pleaded guilty last year to possessing “obscene visual representations of the sexual abuse of children and mailing obscene material.” His case began in May 2006, when customs agents reportedly intercepted a mail package from Japan addressed to Handley containing what they deemed to be obscene material, “including books containing visual representations of the sexual abuse of children, specifically Japanese manga drawings of minor females being sexually abused by adult males and animals.” Agents from the U.S. Postal Inspection Service obtained a warrant to search Handley’s Glenwood, Iowa, home, where they seized “additional obscene drawings of the sexual abuse of children.”

Handley was indicted in May 2007 under a federal law that prohibits the possession any visual depiction — including cartoons — of “a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct that is obscene.”

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund became a special consultant for the defense in October 2008.

According to Anime Vice, Handley won’t be required to register as a sex offender. However, he must forfeit all seized materials, including his computer. He’ll also have to “participate in a treatment program, to include psychological testing and a polygraph examination” during his supervised release and probation.

Anime News Network provides a thorough overview of the case.



At some point someone will say “I’m in favour of free speech, but not this…”

In that case you’re not in favour of free speech.

Just thought I’d get in there first.

Yep! Exactly Rich.

Free speech is not to protect the speech you like hearing, it’s to stop you from banning the speech you don’t like.

I may not enjoy the material at hand in this case, but let the man read what he wants to read.
If he starts taking actions portrayed in the material, which is a fallacy to begin with, then they have a case against him.

This is bullshit. From what I understood, this man bought pretty much every manga in japan that he could, and this included the “obscene” material. He was a collector, not a pedophile. America just made itself a whole hell of a lot more stupid.

USA is a shit place full of bigots and reatards, worst than Aus. Jail collectors of comics, what a big bs.

Thank God he made a plea deal before it was too late. If he had taken this to trial like the CBLDF and Neil Gaiman wanted him to, the poor guy would have had the book thrown at him. We’re talking up to 15 years in Federal prison here, folks!

But, not like the CBLDF would have cared. They’d WANT to have this guy put through Hell just for all the money could rake in from donations at Comic-Con. The group is a scam that has NEVER helped ANYONE in a substantial way to fight off censorship.

Tell that to Gordon Lee.

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