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Jason Aaron in Virginia this weekend

jasonaaronflyer.jpegScalped, Wolverine, etc. writer Jason Aaron will be at Local Heroes in Norfolk, Va. tomorrow signing comics and talking to fans; if you’re in the area drop on by, not only to see Aaron, but also to check out the shop. Based on the pictures on its website, it looks like a very inviting, fun comic shop (that red couch and New Frontiers artwork gave me an Isotope Comics vibe, the very friendly San Francisco comic shop owned by James Sime).

No doubt Aaron will not only be signing comics, but I’m sure, if asked, will also offer advice on becoming a comics writer. Like he did recently on his blog, when he shared a lengthy post about his craft, talking about everything from how he outlines a comic to where he gets character names.

“I suck at coming up with character names,” he wrote. “I’ve reused lots of the same names, usually of people I know. When I was in college I would always flip through CD liner notes to find good names, but these days all my CDs are packed up in boxes in the basement. I try to keep a list where I jot down interesting names I encounter. The sheriff in SCALPED takes his name from a road sign I passed years ago in Ohio for the town of Wooster. I used to also keep a notebook for jotting down interesting bathroom graffiti, though I’m not sure anything useful ever came of that.”



That is one nice looking shop!

I am incredibly jealous of those fine folks at Local Heroes for getting to do a Jason Aaron event before I get to. If I was anywhere near Virginia I would *definitely* be celebrating with them!

I can’t believe I hadn’t heard about this. That’s my LCS. It’s in walking distance. Oh, and not to rub it in too bad, but the pics don’t do it justice. It’s awesome!

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