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Jim Lee reveals his ICONS cover [Updated]

ICONS by Jim Lee

ICONS by Jim Lee

Scooping his own company’s blog, DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee posted the final pencils for the cover of ICONS: The DC Comics and WildStorm Art of Jim Lee to his Twitter account last night. Trinity-tastic! Anyone else having a hard time getting used to Batman being in the forefront of the Batman-Superman-Wonder Woman pose-offs these days, though?

ICONS comes out this August from Titan Books. You can check out a less dark’n’dramatic rejected cover composition for the book at The Source.

UPDATE: The Source also has the final inks, if you like your Dark Knight extra dark.



yeah bats shouldnt be in front

Yeah, Superman should always be at the center of these three, he’s no man’s backup and Batman isn’t an out front character. I know he’s more popular and all, but he’s a shadowy background guy.

And honestly, I don’t really see how Batman can hang with Wonder Woman and Superman, it not only goes against his basic nature as a character, but he’s so out of his league it’s not even funny. Hey, there’s Superman and Wonder Woman flying in. And Bats in his batplane or batcopter with his bat shark repellent, ooh, ain’t he scary? One good punch from Solomon Grundy and he’s a puddle of pink goo.

Batman should stick to beating up thugs and psychotics and let the real super types handle the big stuff.

Totally agree with what DrunkJack said. Batman and Superman are both great characters, they don’t work in a shared universe, IMO.

Nice pencils from Lee as ever. Would be nice to see them inside a monthly…

I agree that Batman should be in the front. Does anyone else ever get the impression that Jim Lee doesn’t like to draw feet? I know its a sketch but think about his past work…

I completely agree. Superman should be out front. It just doesn’t look right.

Inked version is my new background. Looks great, I don’t care who’s in front, they’re all 3 awesome and essential characters. Batman has saved the planet a few times himself in the Justice League.

hmmm..well i agree that batman is in front..why?..coz brains matter and he is always the brain of the operation..hahaha..those who disagreed prefers brawns over brains..hehe..peace..

Why is Batman in front? — Superman is cliche, just too powerful to even be illustrated and is way too overrated – Jim takes this into account and appeases the fans. Superman should stay in back of an illustration, where his boring-ass almighty powers belong. Batman over superman 100%.

batman is the best and that all there is to it.

as what Seinfeld would tell to people that say too much nonsense “yada, yada, yada”

as what Seinfeld would tell people that say a lot of nonsense, “yada, yada, yada!!”

btw, i prefer also brains over brawn. yummy taste. hahaha.

Superman should be in front! Fuark batman.

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