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Pirate, Cowboy Batman on ‘Return of Bruce Wayne’ covers

Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #3

Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #3

DC Comics revealed the final next two covers for its Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne miniseries today; above you’ll see the cover to issue #3, and after the jump you can find the cover to issue #4. (Update: It’s actually a six-issue mini, so we still have two more to go).

You can also check out the covers to issue #1 and issue #2 if you missed them; all of them feature Andy Kubert drawing various historically themed Batmen, from a caveman to a cowboy.

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #4

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #4



Still not crazy about the idea or images behind his return, but I love Batman on a horse. I learned how to draw a horse by copying the splash page in Dark Knight Returns where Bats is riding into action after the EMP.

Actually, we’ve still got “Sam Spade Batman” and “Glorious Return of Batman” covers left to go.

Edgar Kinishnish

February 8, 2010 at 6:04 pm

Note the interconnecting bat symbol in the background of the covers (the wave and rock formation).

I’m believing more and more that Return of Bruce Wayne is DC’s attempt to capitalize on the success of Quantum Leap: a show that existed 20 years ago.

Holy cow, I did not notice that at all. Nice catch, Edgar.

Anyone who fails to see the appeal of Caveman/ Witchfinder/ Pirate/ Cowboy Batman, doesn’t understand comics.

We had Gorilla Batman during JLApe event, and Zombie Batman during Blackest Night.

I guess we’re just missing Cyborg Batman to complete the hat trick.

I feel like this is shaping up to be everything comics are supposed to be and more. It’s profoundly silly, but great too.

I think Batman works as both a street-level, teeth-kicking vigilante and a larger-than-life, fights-evil-gods super hero. The fact that he puts on a rather loud expression of his intent is testament to him being kind of ridiculous in the first place.

And I really want a Barbarian Batman poster.

We had a taste of Cyborg Batman when he merged with Tharok of the Fatal Five in The Brave & The Bold #5. Hat trick accomplished!

To follow up on what Edgar noticed, if you look at the horizon lines on issues 1 & 2, those form the top of the wings that crest on issue 3’s cover before becoming the head (with eyes) which crosses into #4 and starts another wing. Expect the same curving horizon’s on covers 5 & 6 so that all six issues will have the top of a giant bat symbol in the background.

I hope the coloring on covers is consistent enough that when all the issues are lined up the images will look good together. Since each image abruptly stops at the cover borders the combined image will be heavily reliant on the colors to hold together.

Ah, I totally forgot about that Brave & the Bold issue, mostly because I dropped the run after a while, when it started becoming “Diet Superman & Batman” with writer du jour.

Good catch, though.

Now find me a non-Elseworlds Clown Batman. Should be easy.

(You’ll note I don’t ask for Ninja Batman, as that’s just plain ol’ Batman).

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