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Preview: Irredeemable Special #1

Irredeemable Special #1

Irredeemable Special #1

In April the regular Irredeemable title takes a break as BOOM! releases Irredeemable Special #1, a collection of three different stories by Mark Waid and three different artists. Today BOOM! sent over three pages from the book by legendary artist Howard Chaykin, which you can take a look at right after the jump …





IRREDEEMABLE SPECIAL #1 is written by Mark Waid with interior art by Howard Chaykin, Paul Azaceta and Emma Rios. This special issue ships April 2010, with two covers by Paul Azaceta and Dan Panosian in a 50/50 split, a 1-in-10 incentive cover featuring art by Jeffrey Spokes and carries a Diamond Code of FEB100758.



Haven’t we seen all this before? Or maybe it’s just that Chaykin’s girly-art hasn’t grown beyond what he did decades ago in American Flagg.

The same layouts. The same postures. The same facial expressions.

I’ll pass…

You can pass if you want, but if you think Chaykin’s art is less than spectacular, then you have some serious bad taste.

Hell, I’m still cracking up at Madame Mercy’s Super-Brothel. Tell me Waid isn’t secretly floating a new miniseries idea here. If you’re doing a story with Max Damage and Jailbait (cannot believe I just typed that), Chaykin is your man. Is it me of Madame Mercy exuding a slight Granny Goodness vibe there? Chaykin’s women is a style that turns some people off (pun intended) and I can understand why. But the man can draw.

I’ve been reading Irredeemable on my ipod. Really great comic.

Seriously? That’s some of the worst art i’ve seen in a while.

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