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Project: Rooftop returns with Cory Walker’s Supergirl

Cory Walker redesigns Supergirl

Cory Walker redesigns Supergirl

Chris Arrant sent out word today that Project:Rooftop, the superhero fashion blog that features character redesigns by professional and amateur comic artists, is back, and they brought several Supergirl redesigns by Cory Walker with them.

Per the press release, the site is also encouraging artists to submit their own redesigns of their favorite characters. “Our concerted calls for redesigns of specific characters will return,” Arrant said, “but those will be on a limited basis. We’re open to submissions year-around from artists redesigning characters of their own choosing.”

They’ve also added several new contributors, including a couple who may be familiar to CBR readers: former CBR new editor Andy Khouri and “When Words Collide” writer Tim Callahan, as well as Jessi Reid.



Those guys definitely have some cool stuff planned, and I’m glad to be a part of it.

And by “part of it,” I mean, I will design and wear every single costume that’s depicted on the site. Ha, that would be a horrifying thing to see!

Besides being an excellent writer, Tim is a mighty seamstress! We figured since CBR wasn’t using those talents, we would!

I think we should hold you to that, Tim!

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