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Rescue me: Pepper Potts’ armored alter ego gets a one-shot in May



I guess I missed the fact that Tony Stark’s former assistant Pepper Potts, who put on her own set of armor recently in the pages of Invincible Iron Man, actually has a codename now. She’s aptly called Rescue, and she’s getting a one-shot in May courtesy of writer Kelly Sue DeConnick.

The comic will tie into Marvel’s Siege event, as the character moves from being a superhero’s assistant to being a full-fledged superhero herself.

“But now she’s given the opportunity to don the mantle herself,” DeConnick told “She doesn’t have to be support staff anymore, not a plot device, not tied to the train tracks, not doing her part to make exposition less obvious. She’s stepping into position not only as a heroine, but as a protagonist. That’s really interesting to me because it’s completely foreign territory for Pepper; it’s way out of her comfort zone. Doubt and fear are not emotions with which Pepper’s accustomed. Having the opportunity to be with her and sort of metaphorically hold her hand as she makes her way through this particular minefield, creatively, it’s a great place to be.”



Maybe it’s just an excuse to give Gwenyth Paltrow more to due in a future Iron Man movie. :)

At least Rescue is a better name than Iron Woman or Iron Lass.

— Nick
from City of Kik

Interesting news, and cool that Kelly Sue DeConnick is writing the Rescue and Sif one-shots given that her husband is Iron Man/Thor writer Matt Fraction. I’d guess she won’t have any trouble making sure they fit with recent events or continuity.

All I know is that my 4 year old daughter would be STOKED to have a Rescue action figure. I hear at least half a dozen times a week that she wants to be Iron Man Girl when she grows up…

HA! “Iron Man Girl” That’s adorable.
Depending on who’s on the art chores, I’d be interested in picking this up.

Nerd-interrogative: didn’t Pepper have the repulsor tech required to be Rescue removed recently?

General-assertion: nice! Looking forward to more of the character and Kelly Sue’s work!

Which issue of Invincible Iron Man did Pepper acquire her own “iron” armor in? I got so ticked off about the way Tony Stark behaved in Civil War that I haven’t looked at any of the IM titles for at least two years.

The Invincible Iron Man #14 I think.

I take that back, Shes in the #14 after pulling it out and looking it over, but that is not the first appearance. I will have to pull some more out and check it out.

In this issue, she is looking for Tony Stark in Russia after being Grounded by H.A.M.M.E.R. She finds someone in Russia using the same repulsor tech that they use in the Ironman suits. So the comic starts with Tony on the run and then ends in Russia with Pepper finding some guy in another suit that resembles Ironman, but I do not believe it was him.

FYI on the information you request Marfisa:

#3, pepper gets hurt.
#10, pepper finds the suit, only shows the Rescue suit in two different pages.
#11, she puts the suit on, jarvis boots up for training her.
#12, she starts to use the suit to save people.
#13, capture by osburne, questioned, flies off to save tony.

I count 21 comics in this 2009 collection and she is in a few more all the way through the end of the series.

I won’t spoil the rest for you, but Rescue would make a good addition to the series.
Hope this helps and doesn’t spoil it for you.


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