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Sequential tats

You know, I knew that Bone was a hugely popular series, but I guess I didn’t realize it had reached that stratospheric level of popularity where people are inspired to get tattoos of the various characters embedded on their skin


I shouldn’t be surprised though. Apparently getting tattoos of comic book characters is all the rage these days.

I say that based on this photo at the D&Q blog with a Marc Bell-inspired tattoo


Then there’s this awesome little bit of skin art, which I found via Tim O’Neil.

All of which makes me wonder: what sort of intricate comic-related tattoos are out there anyway? I’m not talking about your average Superman logo or leering Joker face, but the more inspired and obscure tats. My own fear of hepatitis has always prevented me from decorating my skin, but if you’ve got a really cool comic book-inspired tattoo that you’d like to share, or you know someone who has, or you’ve seen something like it on the Interwebs, drop me a line (cmautneratcomcastdotnet) and I’ll post it on the blog.



I’m not surprised to see a Bone tattoo (with or without a fad of cartoon tattoos). That book really is that insanely popular.

I maintain a tattoo and tattoo-inspired blog called FlashINK ( A friend of mine recently did a guest column where she talked about her love of “Doctor Who” — accompanied by my pictures of her getting the TARDIS inked on her back (

I’ve also got Spider Jerusalem tattooed on my right arm and Nika from “NYC Mech” inked on my lower back (no pictures at the moment though). Actually, you guys have given me an idea for a themed post. Hope you don’t mind me riding your coattails on this (please delete this post, if you do).

Any Robot6 readers with comic-inspired tats? Send ‘em to me at (at) and I’ll post them up on the blog.

I wanted a big Batman tattoo on my arm when I was a kid. I was certain that I would have on; luckily I don’t. I’m 33, I have a tattoo, and I think that most everyone my age has one too. Plenty of my fanboy friends have comic inspired tattoos.
I’ve got one friend with a crappy Wolverine in front of a castle and dragon. (He already had the castle and dragon, and all of his tattoos are crappy)
Like the White Spy from Spy vs Spy on his leg. He and another friend got Spy vs Spy tattoos, unfortunately they both got the same damn spy. It was especially gay when they rode together on a motorcycle with their tattoos on full display.
And then there’s the other friend with his whole body devoted to Evan Dorkin. He’s got all of them, from Milk and Cheese to Myron. I took a bunch of pictures of his tattoos and took them with me to SPX to give to Mr. Dorkin. He responded with a nice postcard stating that he’s always afraid to see fan tattoos for fear of the fans no longer liking the characters.
Really? Fickle fanboys?

A friend has Spy Vs. Spy.

I know 2 different people with hugely inspired comic book tattoos. One of my friends has a full Superman themed sleeve and another has a Batman themed sleeve. I’m not brave enough yet for a comic book tattoo, but I do have a Mike Mignola inspired Skull with a Crown in Flames tattoo on the back of my leg.

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