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Straight for the art | Epic faux Venture Bros./Jonny Quest cover

by Matt Synowicz

by Matt Synowicz

Artist Matt Synowicz shares an X-Men #100-inspired faux cover, featuring a confrontation between the Venture Bros. and the cartoon family that helped spawn them, the Quests.

If the Quest family could somehow take out Brock, then this match would be over pretty quick … but I don’t think that would ever happen, no matter what Race and Dr. Quest came up with.



This is indeed EPIC! I was a big fan of Jonny Quest when I was a kid and love watching Venture Bros. with my kids, when the wife gets home late… heheh. Special treat I like to give them every so often. I’m sure this has met their expectations with the depiction of the Venture Bros; however, I may have to educate them on who Jonny Quest is. Awesome Faux!

-Maurizio Maranghi

It is amazing, the sheer quantity of people who watch Venture Bros. and still don’t “get” that Race Bannon showed up in Season 1 (and last season in a flashback cameo) and that “Action Johnny” who has shown up sporadically during the last few seasons is supposed to be a grown-up Johnny Quest. Heck, one of the episodes even started with Rusty Venture on the phone with Hadjii (though they gave him a slightly different name), who is explaining how he can’t loan Rusty any money because he’s too busy putting Johnny up at his house.

I know too much of this.

Hey, JK. Thanks for the blogpost man! Totally made my day.

My wife and I both love this art. I’d love to have it as an actual comic or at the very least a poster for my wall. Brock rules!

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