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Straight for the art | Stephen DeStefano’s Lucky in Love sketches

by Stephen DeStefano

by Stephen DeStefano

Stephen DeStefano of ‘Mazing Man and Venture Bros. fame is working with writer George Chieffet on a graphic novel for Fantagraphics called Lucky in Love.

“LUCKY is actually a book that’s been years in the making, though,” he says on his blog. “And LUCKY wasn’t always LUCKY. Originally he was named ‘Cholly Potatoes’. A year or two after that, he was named ‘Lefty’.
I thought it’d be fun to share some sketches and strips I’d done over the years developing the character—I’ve tons of this stuff, but here’s a little of it to start with.”

Click on over to his blog to check out more early sketches of the character who would eventually become Lucky.


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