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Ten years ago today, NeilAlien invented comics blogging


A very happy 10th blogiversary to the illustrious NeilAlien! As noted by Tom Spurgeon, today marks an astonishing decade of comics blogging from the Internet’s premier fan of Doctor Strange.

The pseudonymous NeilAlien is a ruthlessly efficient linkblogger, an unfailingly cogent and provocative thinkblogger in his all-too-rare longer posts, and a tireless advocate for not just the (former, alas) Sorcerer Supreme, but for all the comics he loves and all the comics bloggers, critics and journalists whose work he appreciates. He invented what we do long before the idea of blogging about comics — hell, long before the idea of blogging — was even a twinkle in most of our eyes. Hail the Alien!

PS: Definitely check out Spurge’s salute to NeilAlien, a list of 21 things he likes about Doctor Strange.



The pivotal role Dr. Strange has in the current INVINCIBLE IRON MAN arc is an example of a writer writing Strange as the Sorcerer Supreme, even though the character no longer has the title. There’s practically no difference between what he does in IIM and what he did in the EXCALIBUR House of M Prelude.

Reversing course and giving Strange his “Supreme” status back would be embarrassing for Marvel Editorial, but given how Strange is being used, the poor reception for the Doctor Voodoo series, and the difficulty of having Voodoo progress as a sorcerer when he only appears as a guest star, deciding to not use Voodoo and then have Strange be the S.S. again after some period of time, without a story about the change, might be the best thing to do.


шуму то было…., а получилось все наоборот

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