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The big question: Is DC moving to L.A.?


Jeff Robinov is based in Los Angeles. Diane Nelson is based in Los Angeles. Geoff Johns is based in Los Angeles. John Rood is based in Los Angeles. Jim Lee isn’t based in Los Angeles, but he is based down the road in San Diego. Dan DiDio was based in Los Angeles for years before he came to DC. Obviously Warner Bros. is based in Los Angeles. But DC Entertainment is still based in the historic capital of comics, New York City. For how long? I expect this will be a question that gets asked a lot as the first round of post-announcement interviews with the major players hits the Internet this afternoon.



Good question. If they intend to unleash the power of DC characters across all media, which would also include television and film, Hollywood would be the place to do it, rather than New York…Closer to Comic-Con…

Speaking as someone who has been involved in moving offices like this, it’s worth noting that regardless of the direction DC Entertainment wants to go in, there would be huge financial implications in moving from New York to California for DC.

First, there’s the relocation and/or severance packages that would have to be offered existing NYC-based staff if the office moved to LA. I think DC staffers number around 275, and I imagine over 80% are NYC based, so that would be a massive expense.

Second there’s the question of whether or not DC can break their lease on 1700 Broadway – the penalties for doing so are usually prohibitive.

Third, although it would on the surface make sense for DC to be closer to Hollywood, there’s little reason for the people involved in producing the comics to be there. The editors, finance, tech support, website maintenance,the Zuda guys…none of these people (or at least very, very few) have jobs that would be any different if they were in LA than if they were in NY so there’s very little sense in moving them.

I can see them moving out of 1700 Broadway (again depending on lease issues) into shared TW properties, but I’d be surprised if the whole kit and caboodle moved west.

I expect we’ll see Wildstorm becoming DC West, with Jim Lee and perhaps Geoff Johns running point from there – but then Johns did mention wearing tshirts in the NY blizzards, so who knows?

Mysterious Stranger

February 18, 2010 at 11:09 am

“…but then Johns did mention wearing tshirts in the NY blizzards, so who knows?”

I believe he’s been in New York the last couple of weeks for meetings (during the blizzards). So I wouldn’t read anything into that comment.

I believe the most likely scenario is that the publishing arm of DC Entertainment (DC Comics) would stay in NY, under the leadership of its co-publishers, but DC Entertainment itself would be based in LA.

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