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The Fifth Color | An Open Letter to Warner Todd Huston

the fifth colorHi!

I’m Carla and I’d like to welcome you to the world of comics!  I hear you’ve just started reading comics and blogged about what you thought of an issue fresh off the stands.  You’ve had a very strong opinion of a character you have personally interpreted to mean something to you and your beliefs.  On the Internet, this isn’t that uncommon, but — and this is the best part — you have actually had the editor-in-chief himself comment and apologize for offending you.

I know it’s been a few decades since you’ve read comics, but trust me: this is a high honor.  A lot of fans of comics and the various characters depicted in them have done just as you have: looked into the issues of today, found things that weren’t like what they remembered or took an offense to what was depicted inside, and told someone how they felt about it.  But rarely do we get the personal attention you have, from both those inside and outside the medium.  Message boards are full of personal viewpoints, opinions, general ideas both positive and negative, and while Marvel has done their best to answer questions, we fans mostly get a general sympathy.  Without even intending to, according to your blog amendment, Joe Quesada has apologized thanks in part to your critique of the Captain America #602.

I really hope you stay with comics.  It’s an amazing medium that has changed with every generation, from the days you remember fondly (and descriptively, I might add) when the mightiest soldier took on Nazi forces single-handedly to the modern era.  Back then, comics were used as part of the war effort to boost morale in one of our country’s finest hours.  As you mentioned in your blog post, Captain America wore “little red booties” and “little blue panties” (we prefer to call them “trunks” but panties works, too) as part of his star-spangled uniform to inspire American troops.  Recently, the man who you recognize as Captain America, the super man who fought in World War II, has stopped being Captain America.  There’s a new, different man in that auspicious title, a younger man who sees the world differently than his older counterpart and wears a different uniform.  The person you describe as being fearful of the Tea Party Movement isn’t actually in the book, so he can’t be afraid of what you’re talking about.

You’re right, though, that there have been more than one Captain America before; writers have told many stories about Captain America and what that character means to them.  People see in those stories all sorts of metaphors and inspirations from their viewpoint or those of a different one.  Like I said, you’re not the first person to be disappointed in a comic book storyline before, but I think that’s part of what makes the medium so wonderful.  Despite words and pictures clearly printed on a page, people put their emotions and feelings into the stories that make them cultural icons.  What you can only describe as a Tea Party protest, I can see as a pro-Bush rally.  And while the Tea Party Movement is against big business and is anti-socialist, there are other groups in our country who feel the same way without identifying specifically with the Tea Party protesters.  Comics provide the reader with materials that they interpret for themselves; this is why hard-working, down-on-his-luck Peter Parker (that’s Spider-Man’s real name) can feel and sound a lot like we do some days.

In your report, you note the racist intent of the group this new, younger Captain America and his partner are infiltrating.  Joe Quesada explained that the protesters from one scene and the bar patrons aren’t the same people.  I’m going to go one further and say the people at the bar were not racist, nor does the theme of racism come up in Captain America #602.

Part One Part TwoPart ThreeYes, they were angry at a black man, but please note he was pretending to be an IRS agent.  No one likes to be audited, especially out of nowhere.  Any hard-working American would complain about a man of any color coming to their business and demanding an audit, especially one they probably didn’t deserve.  The new Captain America, in order to get close to the people at the bar, tosses the “government flunkie” out, making a very clear statement against the president and taxation.  Nowhere in the dialogue or in the pictures is there a racist statement.  If you replaced Sam Wilson (that’s the Falcon, the black character you mention in your report’s real name) with a white man, then the story would be the same: an IRS agent coming to audit a business.  The owner of the business is angry that he wants to audit them, not because he’s black.  Sam Wilson saying he won’t fit in with a group of “angry white people” doesn’t mean the angry white people in question are racist, it just means they are angry and white.  According to the panels in the book, they are very clearly angry about political issues, not racial ones. 

I’m sorry your introduction into comics wasn’t a good one.  There are so many stories out there, funny, silly, sad, smart, frighting and more, that it would be a shame if you labeled the entire medium on one bad experience. Please don’t shut your mind to such a rare opportunity to receive an apology and retraction for your perceived slight; while I know you didn’t expect it, it’s a very nice gesture from well-meaning people, who, like me, don’t want you to think ill of a character as rich in history and symbolism as Captain America. Captain America didn’t turn his back or quake in fear of your protests, he answered them directly and made amends.

I hope you read the next issue.




Why apologize? Some people are way to over sensitive and read way to much into things and twist them to their own view points. I am disgusted that Quesada would apologize for this issue of Captain America. I consider this a spineless way of cowing down to a few outspoken individuals for the sake of good P.R.

Dear Carla,

I was amused at your ignorance of me, but, as you so prosaically said, “strong opinions” are very common on the Internet. I know this for a fact as I’ve been writing on those ol’ Internet tubuals since before the Towers fell in 2001. My small efforts have had me on radio from coast to coast (such as Limbaugh, Hannity, etc.) on CNN and in nearly every major news paper you can imagine. I was even mentioned in Germany’s Der Spiegel Magazine for my political writing in 2009, amusingly enough. So I know quite a lot about “strong opinion” on the Internet. It’s how I make a part of my living after all.

But your ignorance of my little writing career wasn’t what amused me. No, it was your rather foolish assumption that I’d never known anything about comics until this miraculous awakening thanks to Captain America #602. Anyone that has long known me will only shake their head and laugh at your ridiculous, uninformed assumption, one that could have easily been cleared up with but a short email to me.

But, I suppose your own “strong opinion” of me wouldn’t be deterred by just a tiny bit of actual journalistic effort, eh?

In reality, I had a long history with comics. I started buying them perhaps before you were even born, starting in the mid 1960s. Some of my first products were Marvel titles (Spidey, Fantastic 4, Hulk, the Avengers). For a long time I refused to even look at a DC book for the Super dog” and “Super horse” style of kiddie writing did not meet with my approval. But in the late 70s I began to drift toward Batman and later the return of the Teen Titans struck a chord. I remember buying five copies of the 1980s debut of the Titans on speculation. Glad I did too, because a few years later I sold them for pretty good money.

Speaking of that collection, at one time I had nearly 5,000 titles in my possession. I even had every issue of the Warren Magazine’s Vampirella all the way to issue #113. In fact, as a goofy kid I had two, count ‘em, TWO letters to the editor published in the Vampy letters pages. I also had the first 60 or so issues of the original Heavy Metal as well as the first 10 issues of the French precursor, Metal Hurlant.

And with that history related I address your idiotic first line:

I’m Carla and I’d like to welcome you to the world of comics!

Gosh, little lady. Thanks for the welcome. Now whut is this comix thingie all about again?

Now, let’s take on your assumptions that issue #602 was entirely benign. Certainly I understand that your bread is buttered by the comics industry and you don’t want to rock the boat. Surely we can all realize that you even want to be seen as a hero by your publisher overlords at Marvel central. That’s all granted. But, I think both you and Quesada doth protest too much.

First of all, I am hearing from one of the folks that actually worked on #602 that only some of the signs that later carried Tea Party styled slogans were left black in the inking, coloring, and flating stages. So, for Quesada to claim that it was some great accident that they were filled in by an errant letterer at the last second seems a bit hard to believe. Seems like they were trying to hide something early on to me.

Still, even if we are to take for granted that the signs themselves were accidentally filled in with Tea Party allusions, it is painfully obvious that The Falcon and Cappy are referring to the tea party protestors as racists when looking down upon a tea party protest Falcon said he could not mix in with such “angry white folks.” The pair are looking down on a tea party protest and saying that blacks aren’t welcome there. What ELSE could that mean but that tea party folks are racists?

Still, I never asked for apologies, never talked of anyone removing things from the comic, nor did I say that Marvel couldn’t print whatever they wanted to print. It’s a free country and they most certainly have the right to print what they want and I wouldn’t say to the contrary. All I did was report what I saw. Marvel’s apology and announcement that they would remove the offensive parts of the book was their decision — likely one intelligently made at that.

In any case, young lady, I thank you for your “welcome” to the world of comics. I guess my reply to that would be “where have you been since 1967″? Oh, that’s right. Likely not yet born. (By the way, I see you are a Star Trek fan. Me too. I met Gene Roddenberry in 1976 or so when he did a national tour about Star Trek. What an interesting guy)

So, thanks for your open letter. But I have a little hint for you on writing. Next time you want to write about a real person as opposed to the fictional types you usually write about, pick up a phone or try to drop an email to your subject. It might make you look a tad less foolish.

Thanks and good luck
Warner Todd Huston

Wow. What a sweet, totally not sexist and completely unbiased response from Mr. Huston.

LOL. Well, apparently I’m not a politically correct sort of groveller like you there Justie. Don’t care to be “sweet” either. And why in hell would I be “unbiased”??? We ARE talking about my own opinion here, after all. How could I BE “unbiased.” Get a clue, will ya pal?

Anyone who goes around passing himself off with three names is probably more than a little pretentious to begin with, but even if we give him the benefit of the doubt his asshole-ish response to Carla is proof that Warner Todd Huston and excessive douchebaggery are old friends.

Of course, bragging about having been on Limbaugh’s and Hannity’s shows is also proof of that.

One of my favorite things about Ed Brubaker, aside from his writing great comics (including Captain America), was an interview a few years ago around the time Steve Rogers was killed off. Bru’s dad called him up to say he’d just heard about Cap’s death on the Hannity show. Bru responded “Dad? Why do you listen to that asshat?”


I don’t grovel, as I refuse to do anything I feel is beneath me. You do too, apparently, as you have quite a bit to learn about grammar, punctuation, and, yes, an inability to respond to accusations of sexism leveled at Ms. Hoffman both here and on your blog. Showing respect towards those who you disagree with (anyone from “Little Miss Hoffman” and “Olbertwerp”, both phrases borrowed from your blog) gains you more points and lends more credence to your arguments. As it stands, you have completely lost any chance you may have of winning my respect on any topic in the near future. Moreover, you make the same kind of rampant accusations about my character and lifestyle, as well as Ms. Hoffman’s, that you claim she made about you. It’s people like you, Mr. Huston, that help divide this country, not unify it.

Alright, this guy needs to be told something directly: You OBVIOUSLY don’t know a thing about comics. You’re a political talking head and you need to stay in your arena.

Marvel apologized for what? a SIGN? Big deal.
Look, I’m one who leans to the right on most issues, I don’t hid that and I’m one of those that was more than annoyed with Marvel and other publishers kissing Obama’s butt after the American Idol Elections in 2008 but you know what? I understand how the industry works.

Now, because of this twit I’m seeing all kinds of non-comics reading folk screaming about how leftist and liberal Marvel Comics is and how everyone should boycott them and their products.
I’ll bet you all of my 5,000+ comics that these people would also be crying that freedom of speech was being attacked if something they agree with gets attacked and censored.
Personally, I would have seen the sign and probably said ‘whatever’ and moved on to the next panle because ONE SIGN DOES NOT MAKE A STORY. There is more in this comic that a sign that some no-name loser with a blog seems to think.

Marvel, you shouldn’t have apologized for this. I support the tea party movement because I don’t agree with the spending of our government. that’s all it’s about, it’s nothing anti-government but the fact remains I saw NOTHING wrong with it and what I would give to tell this joker to shut his trap.

I also noticed he’s going after the Watchmen now saying it “is just the type of stuff being peddled to our kids (as it originally was sold in comic book stores and on newsstands) to which we should pay special attention.”
If I have to oppose the very people who I normally side with on this issue I will. This is starting to sound a lot like Seduction Of The Innocent, Part 2 and i for one will NOT stand for it.
He wants to attack comics? Fine, bring it on, you Mr. Potato-Head looking fool. We comics fans are a strong bunch and won’t sit by while you take us back to the 1950’s.

And Warner…you sold off your supposed collection of “nearly 5,000 titles” which I have to ask…nearly 5,000 TITLES? You only bought 1 issue of a title and then moved on to a different one? But you sold them. Far as I’m concerned that means you are not part of this community. I have OVER 5,000 COMICS in my collection, I have been collecting non-stop for 20 years and I think that, while I don’t know everything I know a heck of a lot more about this industry and it’s wonderful history that you ever could. And the best part is there are people around that have collected longer, have MORE comics in their collections and know far more than I do so I know I have backup.

He’s got a bunch of stuff about this attack on Captain America and now his attack on The Watchmen on his little Facebook page:!/Warner.Todd.Huston?ref=nf
I’m a ‘friend’ here, you’ll see my Comics Code Approved profile picture on it, and I invite others to take him on. But the best way to do it is with no vulgar, threatening or obscene language. We’re better than that and we sill show him that to attack one comic is to attack countless fans who will stand up to defend out medium.

As a fan of Rush, Hannity and Dr. Levin I have to this this guy is a joke and he’s embarrassing me with this stuff. But this is where people learn MY political leanings end when comics are attacked.

Dear Mr. Huston,

It’s pretty awesome that you’re a condescending douchebag. SOMEBODY has to be the Gene Simmons of political commentary. That said, I noticed that you never actually said that you read the issue, just that you heard “someone involved” with it talk about it.

Maybe-and this is just a thought-you should read the things you claim to take offense at before you behave like a grandiose rimjob towards people who mean no harm to you.

Have A Wicked Sweet Day,
Christopher Jones

Brother Justin Crowe

February 12, 2010 at 7:20 pm

Some choice quotes from Mr. Huston:

“Islam has become the KKK of the 21st century. The sooner we awake to this truth and take steps to ban the religion, or somehow curtail its pernicious influence the better. The west is going to have to put severe restrictions on Islamic Mosques and public display of Islam. Further, devout Muslims should not be allowed to hold public office (though it certainly should not become a racial issue — sins of the father should not be visited upon the sons).”

“Conservatives generally do not believe that Islam can coexist with liberal, modern civilizations. It is anti-modernity at its worst and cannot be fixed. So they feel it will have to be laid waste to bring freedom and liberty to succeeding generations. Islam is an enemy to civilization and it needs to be defeated so badly that it never again raises a fist.

Just like Shintoism.

Just like Nazism.

Frustration comes in the form of the fetid UN trying to pretend that they are creating “peace” by rallying support for the murdering Muslims who return the favor by skulking away under the cover of the International Community’s brokered “peace” to re-fit, re-build, but otherwise NEVER intending to stop their murdering of Jews.

In the mean time, Israel goes back home and takes bombing after bombing, murder of their own after murder of their own, attack after attack all by these “peaceful” Muslims. All the while Israel tries to be a good citizen of the world and continues to try diplomacy to appease the vaunted “World community.”

So, we feel the only true solution is that millions of Muslims must be killed and the sooner the better it will be for the whole world. Not because Jews are somehow perfect or that Muslims just plain “need killing,” but because Islam is so patently evil and needs to be defeated!.”

So this guy, who clearly has his bigoted views, has got his panties in a wad because he imagines Marvel has associated his movement with bigotry.

That’s completely screwed up beyond reproach. I suggest Mr. Huston take a long, hard look in the mirror, find a nice, caring therapist (Lord knows he’ll need one with the tolerance he lacks) and put his life in order before spreading his “message” to the people like so much HPV.

“Islam is an enemy to civilization and it needs to be defeated so badly that it never again raises a fist.”

What a fucking clown. I’m kind of sorry that I wasted my time responding to him at all-it’s like picking a street fight against a kid with Down syndrome.

Wow, Carla is both younger than this guy and in possession of a vagina. Argument over! Advantage: HUSTON!

You know what? I take it back. My previous statement is offensive to people with Down Syndrome. It would be more like…trying to have a reasonable discussion with a loudmouthed, dumbshit bigot.

…Wait, fuck, it’s not LIKE that, it IS that. Can someone help me with an analogy? This is pretty specific stuff.

Chris, I find the “brick wall” approach always works in this regard.

Huston, we are amused at your ignorance.

What is the “brick wall approach?” Is that just shutting up and letting him show the world what an ignorant hemorrhoid he is all by himself?

Well, that, and it works as an analogy: “like talking to a”…

I hope he’s blogging about this on his pathetic, poorly-formatted website right now.

@ Brother Justin Crowe

Actually, of all religions, Islam is viewed most negatively by Americans as reported by Gallup:

So, Mr. Huston is hardly alone here.

Perhaps Islam’s reputation would improve if Muslims actually lead massive protests against Muslim terrorist attacks like the Ft. Hood massacre and the nearly successful Christmas Day bombing.

Respect and tolerance go both ways, after all.

You noticed that too? What’s your favorite part: the impossible to find comments section, the advertisements that jut off of the page or the links and blogroll that splashes onto the copyright section?

Fred, how much of America’s knowledge of Islam comes from people like Huston, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck and others as opposed to actual unbiased research and, whaddaycallit, human interaction? I know and am friends with plenty of Muslims, and refuse to let others tell me what to think about them or any other topic.

Incidentally, Mr. Huston is calling for what can easily be labeled genocide. Any argument he may have had is automatically invalidated by that statement. In that regard, he is truly alone.

Chris, it’s definitely the comments section that I’m fairly certain doesn’t actually exist and that he has “created” replies to to make himself look so much greater.

Also, how he tags all of his blog posts with his own name as one of the topics. Who does that? Really?

Wow Mr. Huston, that wasn’t very nice to say!

Oh, I’m sorry, was that line “idiotic” too?

Seriously, who do you think you are? Here, somebody who represents the comics industry is reaching out to you with cordial words and you attack her writing? Oh, and then you try to point out how you have something in common with Star Trek? What kind of a response is that?

Seriously, fools like you are the reason the GOP’s reputation is irrevocably damaged.

Oh, and to Carla, please allow me to apologize. I too, like Mr. Huston, am a resident of the Chicago area. Please don’t let a jerk like him ruin your opinion of the WIndy City.

@ Brother Justin Crowe: Narcissicists and idiots, man. Definately.

Publius Forum: Making America a Better Place for White Males, Just Christians Though, Also Please Look At Me.

The tagline practically writes itself.

It says “Publius”? Teaches me to read while underslept; I thought it said “Pubic.” My mistake.

This is pretty much why one shouldn’t try to “reach out” to the teabaggers — they see it as a sign of weakness and will put you on their “We Can Make Those Guys Beg Us for Mercy” list. It’s why Marvel should’ve ignored them, and why Robot 6 and CBR should’ve ignored them.

Trying to open a dialogue with powerless psycho ragemonkeys is silly, and that’s all there is to it.

So he tried to take a shot at me on his facebook page by saying “Boo hoo, did I ruin your little kiddie fantasy land, Skottie? (Seriously, a “k” in that name??) I feel horrible, ya know?”

So, not only is he the know all in what OUR comics say but he knows the correct ways to spell names! I guess my father was wrong for spelling it with a K when I was born. Damn, all this time I thought I was spelling MY name right.
And this whole adding a “y” or and “ie” at the ends of our names is crap. He’s treating us like kids. This pompus potato head thinks he’s better than US because he has a blog?! OOOOOOOOOoooo, look out, everyone: Fat white dick head with a blog is gonna take out Marvel Comics and make us look stupid.
Sorry, Warnie (thats awful close to Weenie…I’m calling him WEENIE from now on!) Sorry, Weenie, but you just don’t have what it takes to put this medium down. We got your number here and you need to know that as a conservative myself, I’m rather pissed off that you even started this THAN DIDN’T EVEN HAVE THE SPINE TO BACK IT UP. You deleted me off your ‘friends’ list before I could respond. YOU, sir, are a COWARD. And a stupid one at that.

Stick to your blog and stick to your political opinions. Those of us who know and understand what comics area bout will handle comics.

But if you insist…I’m sure I can speak for everyone here when I say if you want to actually do this crap, this lame crusade of yours…then We are CALLING YOU OUT. Stop acting like a high schooler and debate us. Stop trying to make yourself feel better by putting those of us who know down. Go to your wife and ask her for your balls because you really need to man up.
Otherwise, you’re just a jerk trying to play with the cool kids.

Paranoia… check.
Sexism… check.
Racism disguised as victimization… check.
Enormous self-importance… check.
Name dropping of pious assholes… check.
Condescending tone dripping from every word… check.

Yeah, so, I’m making a new t-shirt on today stating



I’m reading over Mr. Huston’s reply…and while I will grant that it may have been unfair to assume that Huston was a newcomer to the comic book world, I’m completely in awe of his first argument. It basically boils down to “Do you know who I am?!” and name-dropping.

I think I’m going to go to a McDonald’s and try that one out. “I was amused at your ignorance of me…” I will say, when they refuse to give me a free Big Mac. “I’ve been eating Big Macs for years, I can’t believe that you didn’t know that…Even Limbaugh — you do know who Limbaugh is, don’t you? — has heard about my affinity for the burgers…”

And, correct me if I’m wrong, please, but is this angry White person upset about being characterized as an angry White person?

Since Mr. Huston is such a comics fan, I think I’ll get him a copy of “Footnotes in Gaza” for his birthday.

I had several encounters with mr. huston when i was a moderator over at a few years back. I see nothing has really changed.

Even in those days he was quite a crackpot.

“support the tea party movement because I don’t agree with the spending of our government. that’s all it’s about, it’s nothing anti-government ”

Uh… you yourself, Skott, may be only concerned with government spending (as well you should) but there’s a LOT of anti-government rhetoric coming from the Tea Party movement.

“So, for Quesada to claim that it was some great accident that they were filled in by an errant letterer at the last second seems a bit hard to believe. Seems like they were trying to hide something early on to me.”

Warner, I’ve met and talked with Joe many times. I’ve asked him difficult questions at comic book conventions about royalty payments to the Kirby estate, which is a touchy subject for Marvel, and about institutional sexism in comics. I’ve never known Joe to duck a question or to lie. He’s got a great track record with most people in comics for telling the truth. On this issue, he has more credibility with me than you do.

These sorts of trolls are all over the internet. Mr. Huston is a typical right winger who can only survive thinking the world is a plot out to get him and his cherished beliefs. He misread a comic book story and got picked up by FOX News on a slow news day. He’ll be dining out on this story for decades.

And to be proud of having a complete collection of Vampirella in the 70’s simply means he wasn’t old enough to buy Playboy.

If those quotes about Islam are accurately from Mr Huston, then he really is the type of so called conservative that gives conservatives and even these Tea Party people a bad name. Hell, I’m more for fiscal conservatism which I hoped these Tea Parties were more about, but the more I see them the more I feel they’re just filled with oppressive social conservative Christian extremists who oppose the freedoms for which America stands. Some of these Christian conservatives need to look in a mirror. They sound scarily similar to wanting a theocracy like the Muslims of the Taliban did. Islam should be just as welcome in America as Christianity. Fundamentalism that calls for restricting the freedom of others by either religion is not. I had hopes for these tea parties when I first heard of them, but I’ve found they’ve pretty much become a mouth piece for the worst and most extreme parts of the Republican party and the extremists of Fox News.

IMO, I think creators should stop trying to be relevant (regardless of their political beliefs) when it comes to writing superhero comics for the Big 2. I also think that creators should TRY to leave their own personal political leanings and bias out of the comics they write, by having characters that they DID NOT create spouse their (the writers) own personal political views.

And no matter how people try to slice it, CA #602 was a clear example of creators trying to put forth their own personal political views in a comic. Everyone involved in CA #602 knew exactly what was being put into that comic, which is why Quesada apologized for the “tea bag” sign and the line about “a black man not fitting in with a bunch of angry white protesters”.

As the token German, I’d like to point out that Hitler is also frequently mentioned in DER SPIEGEL.

Just saying, no offense.

I’m surprised it took someone this long to outright mention Hitler, but yeah, the comparison is, at least this time, largely accurate.

If those quotes about Islam are accurately from Mr Huston, then he really is the type of so called conservative that gives conservatives and even these Tea Party people a bad name. Hell, I’m more for fiscal conservatism which I hoped these Tea Parties were more about, but the more I see them the more I feel they’re just filled with oppressive social conservative Christian extremists who oppose the freedoms for which America stands. Some of these Christian conservatives need to look in a mirror. They sound scarily similar to wanting a theocracy like the Muslims of the Taliban did. Islam should be just as welcome in America as Christianity. Fundamentalism that calls for restricting the freedom of others by either religion is not. I had hopes for these tea parties when I first heard of them, but I’ve found they’ve pretty much become a mouth piece for the worst and most extreme parts of the Republican party and the extremists of Fox News.


Well said Xenos, I agree with everything you said.

Frankly, I’m sick and tired of both far left extremist liberals and far right extremist conservatives. I think that most of the people who comprised both of these groups are self righteous hypocrites. Most Americans (regardless of their political leanings and party) fall some where in the middle.

Actually read where he was mentioned in “Der Spiegel” and believe me it’s nothing to be proud of.
Basically he was making fun of a faked interview a young female “Bild” “reporter” in his blog and “Der Spiegel” quoted one or two words of his blog.
Pretty ridiculous affair, but if you check this guys background it pretty much says all, why doesn’t he wokr for Fox News?

So I emailed this tool on facebook after he took my off his ‘friends’ list because he’s afraid of debate:
I see you took me off your friends list. Why is that I wonder? Are you one of those guys who likes to dish it out but can’t take it, “Warnie”?
Seriously, I know this is the kind of guy you are because you made it so I can’t respond to you on your facebook page.
See, this demeaning stature you give yourself only serves to make the rest of us Conservatives look bad. Personally, I have no interest in being lumped in with a pompus Mr. Potato-Head like you. Yeah, I’m pretty good with the verbal jabs myself, I dare say a lot better than you.
And, really…poking fun at how I spell my name? That’s just childish and stupid. My name is spelled with a K, why is that a bid deal? I think it’s because you are beginning to realize you are out of your element and are a bit worried about us Comic Book fans putting you in your place. That also explains the rather degrading way you have been speaking to us. But don’t worry, I’ll be taking this to MY blog and I’ll keep poking fun at you on my facebook page as well.

Thanks for giving the right a bad name.

Then he responded:

Why should I want an enemy on a “friends” list? Skunt? As to “comics fans putting me in my place” you have a pretty high opinion of a bunch of emotionally stunted folks who will never grow up. There’s more to life than your little comic books, pally. Grow up and look outside your comic book shop. See ya, loser.

My response:
Skunt? Is that really the best you got? I would be willing to be Rush and Hannity wouldn’t want to really be associated with someone like you, some closed minded little jerk like you who uses that kind of language. You really think that impresses me?
As for being emotionally stunted…um, YOU were the one who had a problem with a comic book. And again you show your total IGNORANCE of those who have been a part of the industry.
I’ll be you didn’t even know the same man who created Wonder Woman also invented the Lie Detector but I suppose something like that would be beneath you.
But, seriously, Warner, if this is how you want to play this I’m more than willing to play it this way. You want to do the name calling and sling insults I can promise you that it won’t be me on the losing end here.
As for enemy, the sad and, for me, embarrassing fact of the matter is we would probably agree on a lot of things had you not decided to launch an unwarranted and completely stupid attack on Marvel Comics, Captain America and the fans of said publisher and character.

I love the grow up remark, kiddo…especially after reading your first ‘blog’ posting about this and your totally childish response to the Comic Book Resources open letter. YOU are the one who needs to grow up. If you’re going to participate in the Arena of Ideas you have a LOT to learn. My suggestion is to talk about stuff you actually know about, comics is something you have no clue about and you only show people what a close minded, ignorant, hateful jerk you are. But if that’s how you want to be seen: a spiteful potato head, then so be it.

Name calling and insults is the best you got…and I’m laughing at that. I thought you were a someone but it turns out you are just a never was and wanted to be someone.

Sorry sad potato head.

the guy’s a tool. I’m going to love trashing this potato head.

Reading the comments in response to Huston’s e-mail makes me weep for the future of the country…then, of course, I remember that we have weapons. We will be able to put you comic book-loving dweebs into irons, drive you before us, and enjoy hearing the lamentations of your women (or, perhaps the cries of joy, as your mothers finally have you out of the basement of the family home).

Several years at hard labor would likely go a long way towards driving out the left-wing notions from your collective heads, as well as the laziness from your collective asses.

It basically boils down to “Do you know who I am?!” and name-dropping.

Warner Todd Huston puts the “jerk” in circle jerk- he thinks he’s a big fish, but he’s in a really small pond. His “perhaps you’ve heard of me” routine is hilarious, his bigotry… not so funny.

Silence Dogood…or is that Do-no-good…seriously shows his lack of knowledge of comic book fans with his lame “…and enjoy hearing the lamentations of your women…”. Everybody who is somebody knows the proper attack on comic book fans is that they have never had a woman.

Get that weak %^&* out of here.

…This guy clearly puts the “dip” in “dipshit”. The type of troll you wish you could bash upside the head with a baseball bat repeatedly.

Shorter Silence Dogood: “Fear my utterly impotent threats, nerds!”

“Jerk” in “circle jerk”, “dip” in “dipshit”…let’s keep this going!

Warner Todd Huston puts the “fun” in “trust fund”.

More proof that this guy is a never-was moron:

By the way, I found this with the simple Google search for “Warner Todd Huston is an asshole”. Google is fun, everyone!

I’m increasingly getting the mental image of that issue of Mark Waid’s BRAVE AND THE BOLD miniseries of the late nineties with the Flash and Green Arrow in the foreground facing each other and shouting “Hippie freak!” and “Fascist tool!” while Green Lantern stands in the background between them doing a facepalm. Compared to the rhetoric coming out of some of the teabag sympathizers, Barry and Ollie represent the zenith of rational discourse.

Here’s a letter I just e-mailed to Huston…Sorry for the length, but hopefully someone here appreciates it. PEACE!!!

Dear Mr. Huston,

I’ve been following your battle with the folks on the Comic Book Resources comments section of your open letter, and I would like to share with you my own personal experience with the comic book medium in the hopes it might bring a better understanding.

Also, I’d like to mention my Political beliefs really have nothing to do with my story, or even for my reason for e-mailing you. I am certainly more Liberal than Conservative, but in the words of the great Chris Rock, “I’m conservative on crime, but I’m liberal on prostitution”. I’m not judged by a category or group, I am who I am. My concern is your view on comic books, and those of us that read them, and with pride.

You see, as is common with those in the 30-year+ age group with a “proper” upbringing and the standards & practices it accompanies hammered into their heads, you imply that comic books are just for kids and anyone older than pre-teen that reads them MUST be emotionally stunted, or otherwise challenged. The fact that you have such a dated and gross misconception of the true artform and brilliance that comic books bring to people, shows me you really had no business commenting on them in the year 2010 to begin with. However, you did, and you were naturally Ground Zero for a massive nerd-rage shit-storm. For the record, I’m one of those nerds (obviously), and it would have been far easier to shout witty one-liners, or call you out on your obviously-bigoted views of Muslims, but those points have been covered in the CBR comments. My goal is to present you with my own personal journey, and at its conclusion, if your viewpoint on the comic book medium hasn’t at the very least been nudged slightly in the “Positive” column, I really don’t know if you can be helped. Please, continue…

When I was a kid, about the age of seven, comics hadn’t yet come into my life. My parents divorced, which brought along all the horrible feelings of guilt and abandonment that are typical with the event. I was “the fat kid” in school, a few friends, but far more bullies and others willing and able to take advantage of me. Long story short, I found an outlet far easier to access with my shy, introverted attitude, thanks to the combined greatness of The Silver Surfer and Batman, on a routine trip to the grocery store with my Mom. Suddenly, as fate would have it, I turned my head in a different direction that day, and my young eyes were caught off-guard by these vibrant colors depecting mighty heroes punching-out (or cosmic-blasting) the sinister super-villains. The writing within was far more mature than the He-Man kiddie books I was used to, and soon my reading and writing ability was improving, as well as my vocabulary. Not only was I finding solace and comfort in these comics, they were subliminally improving my scholastics.

My father instilled in me at an early age the basics more being a morally good person; right and wrong quickly became an easy concept to understand, and I was the recipiant of just one spanking as a child, thanks to telling a lie to my dad. I’m not saying I’m a perfectly good person, either; far from it. But those early lessons were only enforced after becoming so enamoured with comic book Superheroes, noting Spider-Man’s “With great power must come great responsibility” line often in the back of my head, not because I was ever in the possession of any Great Power, but because at its core, the lesson is about being a good person, no matter what kind of power you have. If you live and breathe clean air and are a free human being with money in your pocket, you hold more power in yourself than many fellow human beings can claim, and I grew to understand that fact more from Spidey, Captain America, and Charles Xavier than any “real” person.

Thanks to The X-Men, I learned and understand the reality of racism, and how hurtful it is to look-down on your fellow person for being different, in any definition of the word. Sure, I learned about MLK, the Civil Rights Movement, etc. in school, but thanks to comic books, I had a solid foundation, and a desire to see Equal Rights for all, despite race, creed, or color, become not a need but a FACT. Freedom of Speech is one thing, but messages of hate of any sort should be untolerable, as they in turn seek to rob certain peoples of THEIR freedoms. Hate is a contradiciton to freedom, and I only truly hope on some level you can understand that. And that, sir, is a wonderful lesson I can greatfully exclaim comic books gave me, and one I will proudly take with me the remainder of my days.

My point to this story, is that comic books made me who I am, and I believe I am a pretty decent example of a good person. I graduated high school, and I’ve held-down a regular job ever since. I’ve paid rent and my taxes on time my entire adult life, I support the economy as much as I can, and I recycle. I have a loving family and a wide-spread group of friends all-over the country. I’ve never been in trouble with the law. I was a shy kid, but also thanks to comic books (Wolverine this time), I began to grow confidence in myself, and became more outgoing and adventurous, and travelled the country over the last ten years, gaining incredible memories and experiences along the way. All of these things, in part, I have the stories of Norrin Radd, Peter Parker, Bruce Wayne, Vance Astro, Steve Rogers, Wade Wilson, and James “Logan” Howlett to thank for. My sense of humor, my moral values, my sense of right and wrong…perhaps introduced by my parents and family, but most definitely built upon and cemented by comic book characters. Not to mention the life-long friendships I’ve formed thanks to the mutual interest, and the skills I’ve developed in illustration and creative writing, also – you guessed it – thanks to comics.

I submit to you, Mr. Huston, that comic books made me a good, passionate, caring human being. Forget my nationality, my political views, or my citizenship. Who we are as people, how we treat each other and ourselves, is what truly matters. Nothing has helped me more in life than having the connections I have thanks to being related to and friends with fellow decent human beings, and treating everyone I meet as an equal. I’ve found a comfortable, rewarding life comes to those that are just good to other people, and smart enough to not be taken advantage of.

Now, if you can possibly find something wrong with my being a 29-year-old, white American male that reads comic books (yes, even in public places!) after reading the previous story, I suppose that’s just the impossibly-large wall you’ll never be able to climb. But the facts remain that Marvel Comics, Joe Quesada in particular, made a sincere public apology based on your critique of Captain America #602, and you proceeded to accuse him of “hiding something”. You got what you wanted, a “W” in your side’s column, and you go and drag whatever good will the apology might have brought to the table and drag it through the mud like so much a schoolyard bully that threw a hissy-fit only to be rewarded with a video game to shut him up. You know the kind; kid screams and cries in a public place where everyone can hear him, the parents are so embarrassed they throw a game at him to keep him quiet, but as soon as they all get hom the kid throws a fit again because he doesn’t like the game. You became that kid, Mr. Huston, and if ANYONE should be accused and berated for childish behavior, I would say it would be the grown man crowing “Nanny-nanny boo-boo!” at the comic book fans, rather than the comic book fans themselves for just trying to stick-up for something they love.

Considering the kind of person you’ve thus far presented yourself to be, I really doubt that some day you’ll remember all of this nonsense and feel a stab of guilt or regret that you cried foul at a comic book publisher, A COMIC BOOK PUBLISHER FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, during a time of truly-serious, honest-to-god problems and issues in this country. Wars, drugs, poverty, health care, all of this, and you choose to direct your political fingers at Captain America, once again showing such a sad and unprofessional contempt for your own country of residency, a country you claim to love. You could be using YOUR powers responsibly, Mr. Huston, the voice you have that others follow, could be used to inform those people of concerns they should actually be concerned with, not an off-hand remark in a comic book. In the year 2010. In America.

In closing, I’d like to say that due to all of the time and energy not just of your own but of others who have wasted it in an attempt to reason with you in the past week or so, it should be YOU that makes the public apologies going forward. I hope that some small part of my story at the very least brought to your attention that some good people, people that help form the backbone of not just American but the World, are not just comic book fans but were quite literally raised by them. I’m not the only one, far, far from it, and I’m certain some part of you realized that, despite your attempts to hide these revelations with childish name-calling and spite. I would also like to say for shame, Mr. Huston, for your attempts (no matter how futile and weak they were) to make people feel bad about their hobbies, their labors, and their loves. I realize that there are people in this world, people that choose to use their freedoms and powers to stomp their proverbial feet on those that find joy in things they don’t understand, or dislike. I have encountered those people that hide behind computer screens, taunt their enemies with boisterous remarks, and take full advantage of the rights inherited from Forefathers far, far more worthy of the voice they now command, by spreading their messages of resentment and hate, thinly-veiled behind a false gospel of “Being American”.

These people are called “Super-Villains”, Mr. Huston, and thanks to the kinds of messages and attitude you yourself present, those people aren’t fictional; you’ve helped make them very, very real.

There is hope for everyone, Mr. Huston. As Steve Rogers himself says, “Everyone deserves a second chance”. Why don’t you follow the examples of a TRUE American Hero for once, and try treating your fellow man, despite their possible differences to your obviously high-standard, as equals. You mind find yourself able to enjoy life so very much more.

Thanks for reading,

Ben Gebhart
Palmer, Alaska

Ben: I would love to know the response you get. He referred to me as a part of a woman anatomy when I called him on his mistakes.

Well, my last post on this can be seen here (And yer gonna LOVE it):

Thanks for playing fellas. I hope you all get better soon.

Aw, he’s precious. Again, Mr. Huston proves himself guilty of all the flaws he feels we possess, including pretending that I’m two different people and claiming I made points that were half-serious to begin with — and still continues with his sexism, his misunderstanding of one of the few truly American art forms, calls all of us “extreme leftists”, makes baseless accusations about Carla’s mental state, leaves out important portions of my quote to make himself look better, heavily implies our viewpoints somehow make us sick, calls out Skott for spelling his name the way it’s written on his damn birth certificate while somehow claiming it’s a character fault, blames our love of comics on our “failed educations” which result in us not being able to grasp “deeper” material, once again attempts people to read his entirely ludicrous and bigoted “review” of Watchmen, and suggests none of us read “real books”.

People like Warner Todd Huston and Pamela Pilger are living testaments to why I would rather light my body on fire in the middle of the Sahara than vote Republican.

He doesn’t care that what he said was fallacious or hyperbolic, or even that most of it wasn’t grammatically correct. All he cares about is the fact that people are looking at him.

He’s like a second grader running around in circles and screaming. If you ignore him he’ll either tire himself out or he’ll run over and bite you. Either way, it’s not something to put a lot of stock into.

There’s always the alternative: if we ignore him, he becomes Wertham 2.0, and that is something the industry cannot afford right now. Watch the link in my name for an upcoming blog entry on the whole Cap #602 fiasco in roughly a week’s time.

That was hilarious. I have to say that was the first time I have ever been accused of being a lefty extremist. And him berating comicbook readers for calling him names and then saying that comics “attract so many pussies.” That was the funniest thingi have read in along time. Makes me miss ol’ Jack Thompson the anti-videogame lawyer. Good times.

If this knuckle-dragger is so into Free Speech, why do you have to be logged in to post a comment at his website?

I don’t know, Knox, but I left him some fun messages!

On why some of your comments won’t show up on my page…

A final word on the comments section of Publius Forum.

This is not a “democracy,” folks. It’s benevolent dictatorship. If I don’t like you or your comments, they will be deleted. To those left-wing hatemongers out there, people don’t come to this webpage to read your misspelled, grammatically challenged drivel. They come here to read the main works, not your fine efforts to reveal your own stupidity. If in your comment you curse, you’re gone. If you act like a jerk, you’re gone. If you start calling people Hitler (as you loony leftists are wont to do at every turn), you’re gone. Chances are if you are relatively sane, your reply will stay. But if you act like a normal liberal — i.e. a distempered, half educated, jerkoff — you’ll be canceled, deleted, blocked, and with malice.

Whine all you want. I just don’t care. You want to spew your braindead, garbage go back to the DailysCuz or the Dummicratic Underground or re-join the profane morons at Wankette. You’ll fit in better there. Here we want elevated discussion not your normal liberal blather. If you can’t be civil and intelligent, lefties, you aren’t welcome here.

So, don’t be all shocked when I delete you and your left-wing blah, blah, OK? My board, my rules. Don’t like it, lefties? Here’s an idea… DON’T come back.

How many “last” posts is this @$$clown going to make?

Huh, so you can dish it out but you can’t take it?

Why am I not surprised, coming fro a guy who more or less gives intellectual handjobs to the racist and the uninformed for money? Jesus, I’d rather be a spittoon cleaner. At least at the end of the day you’d have a lot of nice, shiny spittoons to look at. When you’ve done your job correctly you get a hillbilly in a truck waving a sign that says “Get the Mexicans Out of Are Country”.

So this is basically Warner Todd Huston’s lone shot at relevance, isn’t it? It’s why he’s riding it so hard. In 20 years, he’ll be introducing himself as “The Guy Who Once Made Marvel Comics Cower in Terror.”

This pompous toerag makes the Ultimate Warrior look halfway reasonable.

I’m increasingly getting the mental image of that issue of Mark Waid’s BRAVE AND THE BOLD miniseries of the late nineties with the Flash and Green Arrow in the foreground facing each other and shouting “Hippie freak!” and “Fascist tool!” while Green Lantern stands in the background between them doing a facepalm. Compared to the rhetoric coming out of some of the teabag sympathizers, Barry and Ollie represent the zenith of rational discourse.

Heh heh. Nice one, Donald! Now you got me thinking of one issue in Kevin Smith’s Green Arrow: Quiver when Black Canary freaks out at Courtney after being told Arrow was left talking with Hawkman: “You left the world’s biggest conservative and biggest liberal alone in the same room TOGETHER?!!”

If I learned anything from watching these events unfold, it’s that comics are, as always, the responsive art=a media that responds to things in the world as they happen. Heck, I wouldn’t be suprised if Huston gets ripped on in the next issue of Captain America!

Heck, I wouldn’t be suprised if Huston gets ripped on in the next issue of Captain America!

Not “Captain America.” How ’bout “Deadpool” instead. >;)

OK Scott, you’re right, that would be SICK!

I mean, I can just see Wade now, watching Huston on TV: Hmm…loudmouth who’s fat, biased, and ignores what everybody else thinks? Reminds me of that Greek chef down on 35th Street…I want some gyros now.!!!

I’ve read all the comments here and it seems like the only sane people in any of this are Skott and Blade X. I’m as far to the right as they come (save your strawmen stereotypes for someone who gives a damn) but Huston’s bitcing about this non-issue is as pompous as it pointless. It’s easy to figure out what his deal is. He’s just an old fogey who doesn’t like the darker era of comics that began in the 80’s. My dad’s the same way. But why is still hammering tis issue? Marvel apologized, strangely enough, so why beat a dead horse that never had much life to begin with? Furthermore, his assessment of Watchmen is way of base (though, in all fairness, the underlying themes of Watchmen can be looked from many different angles, which is what makes it such a good story). And that anti-sports diatribe? One word: Pathetic

Then, of course, there’s the responses to him posted here that make him seem like a genius. Damn near every comment here boils down to “OMG. He iz teh mean rightwingr. He iz [racist or whatever hollow charge the left uses when it can’t make a reasoned argument].” If you’re not going to actually debate the guy’s arguments and resort to mindless copouts (case in point: linking to a source of total misinformation like MediaMatters), then the guy pretty much wins by default (Lord knows his impressions about liberals sure aren’t be challeneged here).

Randy, I see no reason to take him seriously. His immediate response to Carla Hoffman’s extremely friendly column above was to crank up the arrogance and condescension and rudeness. He comes in here and starts waving his magic twanger around at everyone, it’s kinda hard to fault anyone for treating him with the same contempt he’s shown everyone here since his first appearance.

Everything I’ve seen of him here, and everything I’ve seen at his site, and everything I’ve seen of him at other sites, it all makes it clear that he’s a pencil-neck bully with no actual interest in or respect for calm, reasoned debate. Sorry to disappoint your sense of fair play here, but when a dude like that comes around, I’d just as soon everyone went straight to the snark.

…I’m as speechless at Randy’s post as I am at anything Huston has said. My God, this is the end of reason.

Oh, and for the record, many of us did try debating him reasonably only to be attacked unreasonably and in the same way he accused us of attacking him. Additionally, I can assure you beyond any shadow of a doubt that not a single person here is actually insane. To imply that there are only two sane people among all who have posted here is a ludicrous assumption and the sort of statistic Fox News (while we’re talking about alleged misinformation) makes up on the spot.

Scott, can you please print up t-shirts that read “Hi, I’m Warner Todd Huston, and this is my magic twanger” with an arrow pointing to the appropriate position? I would buy dozens for my loved ones.

Finally, I make two comments on the blog of Mr. “I Swear, This Is My Last Post For Serious”, and suddenly I’m banned. One on his initial comics-related post, where someone claimed they stopped reading Spider-Man because it was too left wing (presumably in relation to the Obama issue). I challenged the person who made that claim by saying “So making Faustian bargains is okay, but hanging out with the elected leader of the US isn’t? That’s where you draw the line? Wow.” I also, and rightly so, labeled his follow-up post, describing his “interactions” with us here, as “great fiction from America’s greatest satirist.” Apparently that’s enough to get you banned in a “benevolent dictatorship”.

Justin, evey last word you have said tells me you are nothingt but a tool. I really wish you and Warner would have a good ole-fashioned fight to the death. At least there will be one less inflated ego around.

And again we have conservapubs who are so impatiently eager to be martyrs suffering for the great god of the Right, spitting venom at the opposite side of the spectrum, then crying wolf for all the world to hear. O’Reilly and Limbaugh are masters of the art, and I’m really not shocked to see certain individuals employing the same method on this comments section.

Randy, you’re a sweetheart. I’d like to invite you to dinner and meet my family…except they’d all hate you for wishing death upon me and implying I’m insane.

And to be fair, I have a rule against fighting people to the death. Something about manslaughter doesn’t appeal to me.

Brother Justin Crowe
February 12, 2010 at 7:55 pm

[Fred, how much of America’s knowledge of Islam comes from people like Huston, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck and others as opposed to actual unbiased research and, whaddaycallit, human interaction? I know and am friends with plenty of Muslims, and refuse to let others tell me what to think about them or any other topic.]

I’ve personally interacted with Muslims as well.

However, my relationships with Muslims through work, college, etc. shouldn’t make me remain silent over attacks like Ft. Hood conducted by Muslim terrorists. If we are TRULY friends, then I should be able to respectfully ask the question “Which Sura in the Koran condemns terrorism?”

The mass media constantly says “Islam is a religion of peace.” If so, then is it unreasonable to expect more Muslims to be publicly outraged over the religion being twisted beyond recognition?

February 14, 2010 at 5:24 pm

[Randy, I see no reason to take him seriously. His immediate response to Carla Hoffman’s extremely friendly column above was to crank up the arrogance and condescension and rudeness. ]

Actually, Hoffman was pretty condescending by assuming conservatives over 30 like Huston don’t read regularly read comics.

The sad thing about not only the original reason for this thread, but also the ensuing comments, as they devolve into idealogically divided idiocy, is that “An open letter to Warner Todd Huston” really is a dumb idea that makes “Carla” look stupid.
Despite what Individuals such as Fred2 think, “An open letter to Warner Todd Huston” is a snarky, rambling, ill-informed hit piece railing against a valid opinion people have about a medium such as comic’s descending into the chaos that is the political spectrum today.
I am 37 and have been collecting comics for about 26 years or so, I own approximately 97% of all the comics I have ever purchased, and despite the fact that my wife decries the fact of how much room my handmade wooden cases take up, I am very happy with my collection.
One thing I feel very confident in saying is that it has been a relatively recent phenomenon of mainstream comic titles delving into real world political issues, at least in any meaningful way.
I for one am not happy with any of these recent developments, comic book heroes have had what one might consider quite a long run without the need to insert themselves into the everyday realities of reality.
Marvel wants to do a storyline about racism, fine do so within the context of the comic book universe, not our’s.
Marvel wants to examine other prevalent social issues of the day, it’s not like it hasn’t been done before, why not update them and do new ones, just not the exact same ones we have, frame them properly.
In a few years, as the current political winds blow, it is possible, however much some on those on the more liberal side of the spectrum would like to admit, that we will have a new president with a very different set of idea’s as to the way America should be governed.
It is also possible that normal everyday people, like myself, who agree with some of the basic principles America was founded on, will be an important aspect of that change.
Whoever is in charge of Marvel at that time will, in public or in private, think back to this minor little controversy, and they will think to themselves, how much of an impact is it that we had. Out of all the multitude of changes, large and small, that have taken place since the election of ’08, will we be remembered as having even the most minor of impacts on the changing mindset of the American voting populace.
the answer is yes…

I will no longer be spending any money on Marvel comics…

Of 7 Marvel titles that I currently collect, Captain America being one of them, I will never buy another issue…

My daughter is 6, and my son 3, and I will never encourage either to participate in the medium that has brought me so much joy and entertainment. Ever since the first comic I bought in the spring of 1984, a comic I still own, and is in remarkably good shape considering how many times I have read it, Secret Wars #1….

Comics have always been an escape, however brief, into another reality, and for all of the millions of children and adults that have enjoyed those little escapes into another world, that’s the way it should stay!

So this website that hosts Mrs. Huston’s little blog has rules? And I see it covers everything EXCEPT knowing what you’re talking about. This is probably why this moron is there.
Wait, I’m sorry, did I say MRS. Huston? I’m sorry, I wouldn’t want to demean this guy in any way seeing as he’s been such a stand up kind of guy. Except…he HASN’T been. no, he’s been a total jerk.

Mr. Weenie Todd Huston YOU are a self-centered, self righteous, self-important nimrod. You’re ego is eclipsed only by that of Barack Obama himself. You come to OUR table and start bad mouthing us then have the nerve to post some silly blog about how you are soo much better and smarter than we are, spewing your ignorance about us to your parents, who are probably the only ones who read your poorly executed diatribes. You have no idea what kind of people we are, do you? But then, you don’t really care. You have this need to make yourself feel like a man by acting like a child. Hell, the best ‘shot’ you could take at me is how my name is spelled. Skott. Yeah, it’s with a K, deal with it. At least it’s a real first name, Warner.

And to be clear, I’m a Conservative. I’ve listened to Rush Limbaugh for almost 20 years, I have BOTH of his books, I listen to Sean Hannity and the Great One, Mark Levin, who wrote the very awesome Liberty And Tyranny, which I also own and have read 3 times, I have a subscription to Imprimis from Hillsdale College here in Michigan So I can say, and with the exception of being lumped in with a fat, potato headed punk like you, I can say I’m a proud Conservative.
But I’m also a Comic Book collector and you come after that I don’t care what your political stance is. You attck mine then I defend myself. I’ll not stand by and let a Wertham wanna be try and make comics or the fans look bad. (Don’t know who Wertham is? Look it up, you got a blog you should know how to use google)
And when you try to insult how we express ourselves you overlook one thing: We are being honest here, UNLIKE you. We are speaking from the heart and we are speaking about that which we have knowledge of. YOU are just a jerk who’s come in and is trying to make a name for himself.

You are an embarrassment and a joke and it’s really damn difficult to not use the type of words I normally use for turds like you. But I’m very tempted to just let it go seeing as how you like to call names and launch personal attacks like far left and far right nutjobs like to.

Not encouraging your kids to see different points of view? That’s respectable parenting, right there. At the very least tell them that there’s a whole world of comics outside of superheroes.

Hey guys are we all in agreement that this Houston character is in the wrong? Anyone want to defend him?

And I hope we can we all agree that whatever you think of Islam it shoundnt be BANNED? I’m pretty astonished that he could advocate such an un-American view and not have it taint his career. Even in these times.

If he were the next Wertham (and he sure as hell is not), his above stated advocacy of government mandated discimination based on religious affiliation should be a black mark that hounds him the rest of his days,

Dave, he claims he has more readers that comics have sales. Right there you know he’s a nut job. Warner Todd Huston can only sling mud but would not be willing to go toe to toe with someone who knows comics. He thinks they are all childish.
He says “I should start this discussion by saying that there isn’t anything wrong with enjoying comic books, even as an adult. They can be fun, for sure. But to imagine that comic books offer anything other than lowgrade entertainment is laughable. Comics are not high art (in fact, most of them are horrible even as graphic art) and they most certainly do not equal anything of the sort of deep, consequential literature. Comics are a childish, formulaic, lowest common denominator form of entertainment. It doesn’t make them evil or useless or bad necessarily. It just makes them low-end, fun. They are nothing to be taken seriously. If you are someone that lives for your next comic, or you want to claim that comic books are “art” worthy of serious consideration… you need to get out of your parent’s basement a little more often. Still, they can be fun if treated as the mindless entertainment that they are. Call it a guilty pleasure, something that for a few hours or so might help you take your mind off the harsh glare of reality.”

I LOVE the part about this being a discussion. He refuses to discuss ANYTHING about this, he would rather sit on his high horse and trash us on his blog read by discussing anything, no, he would rather sit on his blog telling his few dozen readers that we are “grammatically challenged” and “half-literate” It’s much easier for him to insult people who he knows cannot speak for themselves on his forum while he comes here and continues to provoke and insult us.
He calls himself a Conservative. In reality he’s a far right wing nut. I’m a Conservative and this is NOT how a real Conservative acts.
There is a reason I’m being more open about my conservative views than normal. He thinks only leftist read comics. Another bit that proves him to be completely ignorant of the industry. Warner Todd Huston, I’m Calling you on this. PROVE that only left leaning people read comics. You can’t because, like EVERYTHING else you’ve written on this topic, you are WRONG. You can’t back ANYTHING you’ve said about this with facts.

And, seriously, to honestly say you have more readers than comics have fans is one of the lamest things you’ve said and that’s really saying something because this whole thing has made you look like a total fool.

Found this interesting on one of his posts:

When Carla mentioned the Falcon (otherwise known as Sam Wilson):

Huston: “Uh, no. Sam Wilson is not his “real name.” Sam Wilson is a character’s name. It isn’t a real person we’re talking about here. This poor young lady cannot tell reality from fiction, apparently”

It’s like he can’t even remember how this all started.

Also found this interesting:
Huston on comics:
“They can be fun, for sure. But to imagine that comic books offer anything other than lowgrade entertainment is laughable. Comics are not high art (in fact, most of them are horrible even as graphic art) and they most certainly do not equal anything of the sort of deep, consequential literature. Comics are a childish, formulaic, lowest common denominator form of entertainment. It doesn’t make them evil or useless or bad necessarily. It just makes them low-end, fun. They are nothing to be taken seriously. If you are someone that lives for your next comic, or you want to claim that comic books are “art” worthy of serious consideration… you need to get out of your parent’s basement a little more often.”

Ohhh, so political guru AND high-art critic?

Netser, I think that quote right there tells us all we need to know about Huston; his perspective on comics is so completely without merit that I can’t bring myself to take his critique of one seriously.

Actually, he probably isn’t too far off base here. As one who spent a decade in comics, sales TODAY are far, far less than ever. “Best-selling” titles today would have been cut just 10 years ago. The industry has a larger variety, but none of them sell real well today.
Granted, I have no idea how many readers he has, but it wouldn’t take many…not in today’s market.

“Dave, he claims he has more readers that comics have sales.”

You know, I checked out this guy’s MySpace. I have to wonder, in regards to this whole “real name”/”reality disconnect thing”, how his Lost fandom would play into this argument if I were to ask him what “Sawyer”, “Henry Gale” and “Hurley’s” real names are. Not the actors, the characters. One wonders if, like in Star Trek (which he professes to be a fan of), that question would cause the logic centers of his brain to implode.

Warner Todd Huston….Put up or shut up. You claim you have more readers than a comic book does. Prove it. It’s time you were put on the spot, I know you read this because you continue to assault us with your uninformed rantings for your few hundred readers. But if you have more than that PROVE IT.

Last month FABLES #92 ( book that would probably be way beyond your ability to understand) sold over 20,000 copies. Since no one really buys more than one copy of comics anymore that means that book alone, ranked #100, has over 20,000 readers.
The #50 ranked book was PHANTOM STRANGER #42 sold nearly 36,000 copies. Do you have more readers than that? How big IS your family?
Okay, moving on because I don’t want you to get distracted by something shiny on your desk, #25 was BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER #31. She (gasp! I’m referring to a fictional character like I would a real person! It’s alright, I refer to you as a real conservative when you obviously aren’t) SHE sold 47,000 copies.
Ok, let’s see here…we won’t put you up against the #1 or #2 ranked titles because they are part of Special Events, you know like the Olympics you were a part of as a kid.

Wait…that was over the line. I would like to apologize to all the mentally handicapped men, women and children for making such a comparison. You OBVIOUSLY are smarter and better people that Warnie is.

Back to the fun:
#3 was BATMAN AND ROBIN #7 selling 87,700 copies. You have more than that?

Ok, how about Facebook, you were to afraid to let an “enemy” like me be your ‘friend’ which is fine I don’t like to be ‘friends’ with hate mongering racists anyway but let’s look at your page…
You have, as of right now, 3,971 people listed as friends.
Marvel Comics, who you have unjustly attacked has…oh, let’s see…5,774 fans. Wow, I have to admit I thought it would be even higher than that…well, let’s look at DC Comics, home of Batman and Wonder Woman…
WOW! They have 55,700+ fans!

So, warnie, let’s see some ACTUAL numbers on your readers you have. This would be actual subscribers to your rather flimsily written blog filled with attacks on an industry you know nothing about. (sorry but having such a small collection years ago that you ended up selling doesn’t make you a credible source for information on this topic) What I would suggest is for you to write another of your ‘cutting edge’ blogs and admit you were wrong about this, admit you know nothing of which you speak and you have done nothing but insult a fine group of people and an industry that has a longer history of supporting this Great nation than you do.
You won’t, of course, I know you won’t. People like you never do. It’s people like you that caused so much damage to the Conservative movement years ago. Your hate and your vile views on the rights and freedoms of other people in America is why I’m always having to defend myself as a Conservative American.
Did I spew some insults in this post? Sure. Did I have to? No, not really. But it seems to be the only thing that gets through to you. So, I figure if I have to get on my knees and crawl in the mud to communicate with you, I will.

I’ve been on the side of “Marvel is aggrivating me with left leaning stories and attacks on conservative ideas and bias” and I’m not really a fan of Islamic facism and wish I heard more of an outcry from American Muslims on the dangers of Islamic crackpots.

We can all ignore Huston. You simply make his day with your lunitic responses.
To be honest, he has been just as insulting to many of you as many were insulting to me and others who took a conservative viewpoint.
He insults comic book readers in general the same way that many of you insulted conservatives for days across the comment boards. Unfairly.

Aww, just ignore the silly bloody wanker.
He probably hasn’t got laid for years and needs a hug or something.

Carla Hoffman, I’m truly sorry. I’m sorry you took the time to write a polite, considerate, friendly open letter to Warner Todd Huston, one that attempted to mend fences and ease tensions, and the response you got was a diatribe of misrepresentative, arrogant, and dare I say sexist bile. Frankly, someone like that doesn’t deserve the time of day it took you to right such a reasonable piece.

No matter what you say, he’s going to craft his own version of events. He’ll continue to rant and demonise, and delete any opinions that dare challenge his bigoted preconceptions. I find it baffling that, in his “benevolent dictatorship”, he will delete “lefty” posts that disagree with his views, but will allow sexist, racist, and homophobic posts to remain untouched. And as a big sign of the differences between his community and ours is that, we allow him to express his views, odious and uncouth as they may be, while he suprresses and misrepresents opposing views on his blog.

“He insults comic book readers in general the same way that many of you insulted conservatives for days across the comment boards. Unfairly.”

Well, that’s interesting and all, but what if the tables were turned? What if the group of protestors were protesting the war? What if it were Rhodey instead of Sam Wilson making the angry white people remark? Do you think that Al Franken would have lost his mind over it? Would Olberman been such a pompous ass in response if he questioned the portrayal of war protest members, then was invited to check out comics in general? Would he spend day after day maliciously attacking the conservatives who came to Marvel’s defense?

NO. No that would not happen. You know why? Two reasons. No one would have batted an eyelash at a portrayal of extreme leftism, and well-known representatives of liberal views in the media don’t act like complete raving assholes when challenged.

I’m reminded of the debate between Franken and O’Reilly at a book convention. When O’Reilly ran out of counterpoints to Franken’s points, his debating tactics devolved into screaming “SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!”

If you don’t care for writers letting their personal politics bleed slightly into what they write, perhaps you should check out Marvel’s childrens line or the Johnny DC titles… or maybe get into some other hobby with no possibility of contradiction of your personal viewpoints such as baseball cards or stamp collecting.

I’ve become convinced that this entire debate on Captain America #602 has morphed into “Blind men and an elephant.”
At the very least Emperor Warner Todd Huston wears no cloths.

If you don’t care for writers letting their personal politics bleed slightly into what they write, perhaps you should check out Marvel’s childrens line or the Johnny DC titles… or maybe get into some other hobby with no possibility of contradiction of your personal viewpoints such as baseball cards or stamp collecting.

Condescending much? Please post like an adult.
Well I’ve posted many times on my views on this subject. You may have missed them and I don’t feel like repeating myself.

And maybe you didn’t understand my last post or took from it what you thought.


You begin your letter by welcoming Todd with, “I’m Carla and I’d like to welcome you to the world of comics! I hear you’ve just started reading comics” and then in the next paragraph you admit, “I know it’s been a few decades since you’ve read comics.” Why would you welcome him “to the world of comics” when by your own admission you knew he had already been an exposed to this world many years ago? Doesn’t this admission pretty much negate most of the “welcome to our world” feel-good sentiment in your letter?

Perhaps your welcome was nothing more than an attempt to depict Mr Houston as some sort of ignorant tea-bagger. If this was the case then I would have to say you failed miserably as Mr Houston has succeeded in making your look like the typical moonbat liberal. I would welcome you to the real world but it seems as would you prefer to stay in your fictional world of superheroes and villains.

Jim Smith

Or maybe your need to paint Carla’s reply as an us vs. them/liberals vs. conservatives thing is making you look for things that just aren’t there. Not every criticism of Huston’s argument has to be part of some sort of vast liberal conspiracy.

Jim Smith, I believe Carla was welcoming Warner Todd Huston back to the world of contemporary comics, since by his own admission he hadn’t read any comics in over 20 years. As for Mr. Huston successfully making Carla Hoffman look like a “moonbat liberal”, you’re right. In his extremist right-wing blog (filled with such delights as “Should Islam Be Made Illegal in the USA?”), he successfully managed to portray Carla Hoffman as a crazed liberal with an anti-conversative agenda. And when you look at Carla’s actual open letter itself, and see how little it has to do with the imaginative narrative Mr. Huston made out of it, I’d say that’s quite an achievement.

What’s the deal, though, with all this “typical liberal” nonsense? Don’t you see the irony in Warner Todd Huston opening his blog with “All Liberals try and force Conservatives into a narrow box that fits their preconcieved notions of them” – do you not SEE the irony in that? I look at Warner Todd Huston’s reprehensible behaviour, and I don’t use that as an excuse to condemn ALL Conservatives – just him, as an individual. Unfortunately, because blowhards like him are a VERY vocal minority, him and those like him become the face of Republicans. He’s the very kind of tub-thumping ghoul that the worst of the Liberal commentators try and stereotype all right-wingers as being like, and he rises to the challenge of perpetuating every one of those negative stereotype. It’s people like him who have, and will continue to, hurt the credibility of Conservatives everywhere.

Jim Smith…you are another one who thinks this is liberal Vs Conservative…Where do you see that?
What this is is an ignorant far right wing Conservative who sees everyone who disagrees with him as being a liberal. Even me, and I’m conservative.

In your attempt to prove the errors of Warner Todd Huston correct you prove yourself to be in error. You take the same stance that all this is an attack on conservatism and it’s all from liberals when it’s not. I stand opposed to this because I’ve seen calls of boycotts of Marvel based on the factually deficient rantings of Warner Todd Huston.

It’s time for people like you and Warner Todd Huston to man up and admit you are wrong here.


How do you interpret, ” I’m Carla and I’d like to welcome you to the world of comics! I hear you’ve just started reading comics…” as welcoming someone back to the world of comics? I don’t see the words ‘back” or “again’ so I am not sure how you came to this conclusion. The reason this distinction is significant is because Carla needs to portray Mr Houston as some sort of neophyte, a noob if you will, in order that she can lecture him about the errors in his thinking. I mean golly, Mr Houston obviously didn’t know that, “There are so many stories out there, funny, silly, sad, smart, frighting and more” since he has never been exposed to the world of comics. Luckily, Carla is here to show him the error of his ways.

I will admit I chuckled when you stated that Mr Houston is a tub thumping ghoul. I suppose to you someone who champions smaller government and personal responsibility is someone who should be vilified and scorned. It’s no wonder liberals see nothing wrong with Captain America needing to infiltrate a group of decent honest hard working tea baggers; these people don’t even work for the union; round them up and toss ‘em in jail.

I realize that sitting in your arbiter’s chair, as liberals are apt to do, you feel the need to judge and condemn but sadly, Mr Houston has done no wrong here. The Tea Partiers were unfairly targeted and he correctly pointed this fact out to the editors. I can only dream of the outrage that would have ensued from the left if Captain America was tasked with infiltrating a gaggle of macho frappuccino drinking tree huggers diabolically plotting the destruction of George Bush’s ranch. Now that would have been comedy gold.

Jim Smith

Has anyone pointed out that the sign in the comic was lifted directly from a photo taken AT A TEA PARTY RALLY?????

How can the Tea Party be insulted by a sign they created and used?


How did I come to this conclusion, Jim? Look at your own post. You yourself state it – in the second paragraph Carla Hoffman acknowledges that Warner Todd Huston read comics a couple of decades ago. So I interpret that as Carla being aware Mr. Huston used to read comics, because that’s what she says. I know that, if his crazed reaction to Captain America #602 shows us anything, that it is hard for Mr. Huston to just read plain words as they are written on the page without concocting some loopy Conservative-hating Liberal conspiracy theory out of it, but in this case Carla’s words are plain there on the page to see. In the context of the second paragraph, the first paragraph becomes clearer. Unless, of course, you’re determined not to see it that way, determined to see Carla Hoffman as an EVIL LIBERAL~! And seeing that you somehow view “There are so many stories out there, funny, silly, sad, smart, frighening and more” as an insult, this would sadly seem to be the case.

No, someone who champions smaller government and personal responsibility should not be villified and scorned. Someone who deliberately, maliciously lies and misrepsresents those who oppose him in any way, in order to unfairly villify and scorn them, that is who should be villified and scorned. And that’s the issue I have with Warner Todd Huston. I could care less if he were a Republican, a Democrat, or a Venutian. Because as much as Mr. Huston would like to make it so – even if he has to insult and calculatingly attempt to damage the reputation of a fellow blogger by taking their quotes out of context just to do it – this is not a political issue. Shoddy, irresponsible journalism is shoddy, irresponsible journalism no matter what side of the political fence you stand.

And again, to make it CRYSTAL CLEAR: Captain America DOES NOT, DOES NOT, DOES NOT infiltrate the group of Tea Party protestors. These civilian protestors, and the white supremacist revolutionary militia The Watchdogs, are two quite distinct groups. And as strenuously as Mr. Huston will try to conceal this fact from his readership, the “angry white folks” panel is in fact preceded by a whole page of Captain America and Falcon talking about how these regular, law-abiding citizens who are on an anti-tax protest are a totally seperate group from the Watchdogs that they have to infiltrate. Also, a fun fact about those “Conservative-hating” comics. Back when the Watchdogs first surfaced in 1987, do you know what superhero stopped them? John Walker, AKA U.S. Agent, a character who is, was, and always has been portrayed as a staunch, hardline Conservative, yet no less a hero for those beliefs.

Don’t you find it suspicious that, every time someone has simply tried to post a transcript of this whole scene – just the dialogue, with no commentary, to give a plain, objective picture of the intended meaning behind the scene – Warner Todd Huston deletes it from the comments section? What does he have to hide, why are the plain facts of the matter so intimidating to him? If Mr. Huston genuinely believed he had the moral high-ground here, he’d post the transcript himself, unedited, let Ed Brubaker’s own words damn him. His reluctance to do so, his desire to point fingers and play games to distract people from the original facts of the case, say a lot about his agenda.

As for the “you liberals” comment, I find that funny. I’m not a liberal. I’m not even American. What is it with Mr. Huston and his acolytes, that everyone who disagrees with them must be a Machiavellian lefty saboteur? As for the “outrage” you imagine if the shoe was on the other foot, let me take you back a couple of years ago, during the “Death of Captain America” storyline. During one sequence, the Red Skull’s men infiltrate a LEFT-WING protest rally, instigating a riot from within that causes chaos on the streets. Captain America is forced to fight these people and take a few of them down. Do you know how many complaints there were about this? None whatsoever.

There are two clear sides of this argument. On one side – populated by both Democrats and Republicans – you have the voice of common sense, whose primary arguments are “Look at the page”, “Read the actual comic” and “The simple facts show this has all been blown out of proportion.” And on the other side you have the voice of screaming hysteria, whose main argument seems to be, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHH! THE LIBERALS ARE OUT TO GET ME! LIBERALS EVERYWHERE! LIBERALS IN MY BUSHES! LIBERALS IN MY SOUP! LIBERALS IN MY UNDEROOS! THE LIBERALS HATE US WITH THEIR LIBERAL COMICS LIBERALLIBERALLIBERAL AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGHH JIZZJIZZJIZZ!” This isn’t a Liberal VS Democrat issue. It’s the issue of one man utterly lacking in professionalism or journalistic integrity, making a mountain out of a molehill and spewing bile all around in the process.

For anyone still following this, or interested…here’s Huston’s oh-so-lovely response to my letter sent a few days back…


Thanks for your long letter.

Suffice to say, I think you are misinformed and wholly wrong in just about everything you said.

Further you know nothing about me and despite your self-delusional assumption that you are smarter, more “American” and more tolerant than I, your entire letter proves just the opposite. You set yourself up in the beginning of your screed as some morally superior man-god and then in the end revert to name calling and hatred against me, anyway. It really is typical of the extreme leftist political viewpoint you possess. In strict terms its called hypocrisy.

Have a great life.


Warner Todd Huston”

*Shrugs* Maybe I did resort to name-calling towards the end, but I think maybe the rage I was feeling towards WTH’s irrational distain for something I love so much took control of the logic centers of my brain. Either way, each time he types anything, he just grows more and more pleasant, doesn’t he?


The editors saw fit to issue an apology so it appears there may have been some truth to Mr Houston’s “loopy Conservative-hating Liberal conspiracy theory” unless of course the editors are in a habit of apologizing for offenses that have not occurred. I also did not realize that someone had to be an American in order to be a liberal as you implied. I must admit that I did not read your whole response for obvious reasons (think brevity) but don’t worry, your penchant for hyperbole was not left unnoticed by this pair of eyes. I think we can agree to disagree and I can only leave you with these parting words: May you find joy in your world of Captain America.

Yours truly,
Jim Smith

Jim, any have stated that Marvel was wrong to issue an apology. Warner Todd Huston was barely a notch above the nuts who wear styrophone hats to keep the alien signals from beaming into their brains – if he was known at all, it was as a narrow-minded bigot – but Joe Quesada’s apology gave him a shred of crebility to latch himself onto, and he rode on the coat-tails of that for all it was worth. I think if it had just been Mr. Huston ranting away, his inanity would have been rightly disregarded as the paranoid piffle it was, but once fair and balanced Fox News latched onto the story and started perpetuating Huston’s mistruths as fact, the story had the potential to create a big stink. And rather than try and ride out the storm, Quesada just backed down and apologised to avoid any further controversy. And that was a disappointing move on his part.

No, you don’t need to be an American in order to be a liberal, but America is far more partisan in its politiics than the UK (where we tend to treat politicians on all sides with equal disdain), with its right-wing news and its left-wing news, as opposed to the politically neutral BBC. Though I’m probably leaning towards voting for the Conservative Party here in the UK, if you must know.

And thank you, I’m sure I’ll continue to find plenty of joy from comics – and not just Captain America. You should try looking across a broader scope, as I firmly believe there’s a comic book out there for everyone.

It’s funny, last week I was called a racist conservative nazi for my postings on the Captain America Tea Party controversy and now I’m called a left wing communist because I don’t like the N-word.

Brianobx, isn’t it obvious? Anyone who posts here, except Warner Todd Huston, is a dirty, godless Communist.

Isn’t it awesome?

Ben Gebhart, thanks for sharing Warner Todd Huston’s rather impotent response. He says “you know nothing about me and despite your self-delusional assumption that you are smarter, more “American” and more tolerant than I, your entire letter proves just the opposite.”
Funny, he ASSUMES all comics readers are leftist and liberal…he ASSUMES comics are some underhanded device to undermine this country and he ASSUMES we are all stupid.
Then he says TOLERANT. This from a man who HATES Muslims so much he wants to criminalize their religion. Must be a new definition of the word Tolerance I wasn’t previously aware of.

“It really is typical of the extreme leftist political viewpoint you possess.” This is the part that pisses me off. I’m a Conservative. I’ve said so many times and I don’t hide that fact. However…I would NEVER say ‘you don’t agree with me, YOU ARE AN EXTREMIST LEFT WINGER” I would never do that because I’m not so narrow minded as to think I could never disagree with a fellow conservative. This guy, however, is NOT a conservative. No, he’s a right wing nut job of the first order. I admit that. Both sides have jerks like this and it’s way past time to start putting them back in their little boxes.

I’m not getting into Right Vs Left politics here. This is about an assault on Comic Book and US, the fans. We should be pulling together, putting petty things like politics aside, long enough to defend ourselves against this. Otherwise…well, it’ll be over before it even starts.
I’m posting stuff on my blog about this, not as much as I’d like because of my work but I’m taking a stand outside the realm of politics. Something I think Warner Todd Huston needs to try because he has NO idea how to participate in the Arena of Ideas in politics.

Why is it that conservatives always talk about how much we hate them, yet they are usually the ones to be uncivil. Carla was nothing but friendly. I don’t blame her for not having heard of Mr. Huston. I’d never heard of him either. Probably because his brand of political commentary makes my ears bleed. Carla was nothing but friendly and his retort was sexist, obnoxious and generally abusive.

I’m sure this will serve as a digression in the highest order, but I would like to comment on some statements made here:

“Brother Justin Crowe
February 12, 2010 at 7:55 pm

Fred, how much of America’s knowledge of Islam comes from people like Huston, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck and others as opposed to actual unbiased research and, whaddaycallit, human interaction? I know and am friends with plenty of Muslims, and refuse to let others tell me what to think about them or any other topic.”

I am a man of African descent, that could be looked at as an Islamic “apostate”. I have spent decades practicing Islam, and I am rather well verse on the doctrine(s) of this particular theolgoy.

One of my many issues with Islam, is the fact that most of the followers are no less informed about their own religion, than Huston, O’Reilly and others that you name here…. And yes, that includes the most devout of Muslims.

I have read the Qu’ran from cover to cover, more than once (as I have done with the Bible, and I have issues with that book and its beliefs as well), and I’m here to say, that there is much within the beliefs of Islam that are left to be desired.

Not that I agree with Huston’s call for genocide in the slightest; however, much of what he says in regards to the religion is most correct. But my only question to him and his ilk would be: “….as opposed to what?”

Not that I’ve spent much time doing so, but from what I’ve read from his work, I’ve yet to see him disparaging Christianity (the Western Ideal) the way he does Islam. For in reality, Islam merely picks up where Christianity left off, in terms of hatred, ignorance, bigotry, racism, misogyny, and violence.

I’ve come to realize that there are in fact those of every belief that are not bad people, but that does not negate the less desirable aspects of their beliefs.

So the intent of his site, presumably written by Huston himself (although I suppose I should take the time to write and ask him directly before making such a presumption,) is to report “the day’s events?”

“Huston acts in the role of a newscaster in that he comments on the day’s events with linked stories and commentary, while at the same time presenting the Opinion Editorials of the regular contributors to the site . . .”

Two things jump out at me here. First, It must have been a slow “event” day. Slow enough for Huston to ignore his own advice and actually pick up a “funny book” INSTEAD of a real book to find something newsworthy to blog about, thus narrowing his own OBVIOUSLY broad perspective:

“But, I do have one bit of advice. Put down the funny books and pick up a real book once in a while, will you? It might broaden your perspective a tad. Ta ta, fellas.”

I would have really liked to have read somewhere how Mr. Huston’s clearly well-read library of big wordy books came to have our “lowest common denominator form of entertainment” at the top of his reading list that day.

The second thing, and quite possibly more important, is the fact that “presenting the Opinion Editorials of the regular contributors of the site” only means those opinions that are not at direct odds with the driving opinion of the moderator/dictator himself. Small minded people use big words to build a false sense of superiority and self-importance in crowds they don’t feel comfortable in. They bully others when they assume that they are better than the rest of the world they live in. They tell tales of their own deficiencies within their assumptions of others and they attempt to cleverly hide their playground name-calling with decorated banter. Funny how Huston’s own quote can be played back in reverse and seem more about his own issues than anyone else’s:

“Despite their mental incapacities, though, they are sure they are smarter, more civilized, and more tolerant than those they hate and all this they assume while they name-call everyone that disagrees with them. ”

What I can say with pride about my comic book reading community is this:

Our “lowgrade entertainment” drew the attention of a self proclaimed, high profile social commentator whose best effort to insult everyone in the medium was to assume your political leanings based on the comic book you read and your grammar. He came to our “home” and kicked dirt in our face, and for the most part, we stood our ground without “raising?” ourselves to his level. Could you ever imagine dropping in on a forum like his to debate how a hero from our comics would have done things differently in the “real world?” Go back to your reality Mr. Huston, we’re happy here in our own.

Well, I am not impressed with Mr. Warner. His response could have been made with class and dignity, but instead he took the low road and took cheap shots and made disparaging remarks towards Carla Hoffman. She must have hit a nerve.

I see him as a demagog (demagog – a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular passions and prejudices) rather than a credible journalist of any sort.

Please stop feeding him as he will continue to take strength from the emotional responses he continues to generate. Descending to his level with name calling, etc, only fuels his cause.

“Only a fool argues with a skunk, a mule, or a cook” .

Dresden Shaemus

April 6, 2010 at 12:47 pm

Larkin’s Post:

“Has anyone pointed out that the sign in the comic was lifted directly from a photo taken AT A TEA PARTY RALLY?????

How can the Tea Party be insulted by a sign they created and used?


—–Larkin, the issue is not the sign itself… It is the context with which the sign is being displayed. That context being that this issue ties, by degrees, the tea party movement to white supremacy.—–

I must thank all who have posted as regards the issue at hand. Although I must say that I am saddened by the polarization therein. While most of what is discussed here is entertaining, it is clear that no one from either side of the issue has likely learned anything from the other. And that this fact is perhaps axiomatic of the political spectrum, by very nature, as it stands today. It is sad, not that a political disagreement should arise from this, but that it should serve only to broaden said polarization.

Sure, the right and the left can blame each other eternally for the woes of western civilization, but we do so at our own peril; because what draws us together as Americans should always be larger than what separates us as political parties. And the ultimate irony here is that Captain America, whose genesis served to sire cooperation and camaraderie among the people of this nation in her time of need, is now driving a wedge into the very heart of it.

Yes this is a character in a comic book; but what is art if not a reflection of life? Political commentary aside, I cannot condemn the writers for their loose pen anymore than I can condemn the reader for their loose interpretation.

And yet here we are again, still shaking hands with the devil we know, still cutting off our head to spite our body. Shame on us all.

Sincerely weeping for his nation,
Dresden Shaemus

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