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The Thanos Imperative to ‘ignite’ in Marvel’s cosmic books

The Thanos Imperative

The Thanos Imperative

Marvel announced today that not only is Thanos coming back in the pages of Guardians of the Galaxy, but he’s bringing another cosmic event with him.

In an interview with, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning talked about The Thanos Imperative: Ignition, a one-shot due in May that will kick off their next cosmic epic.

“The Thanos Imperative: Ignition is a great place to jump aboard and you won’t need any prior knowledge,” Lanning said. “But if you’re a devoted reader, there are rich seams of pay-off to enjoy. The threat of the Fault, a huge rip in time and space left by the War of Kings, is something we’ve been exploring in the Realm of Kings stories that run into The Thanos Imperative. This is the moment where Magus, a very serious bad guy in his own right, takes control of it and galactic disaster follows! This epic story forms a climax to many of the tales we’ve been spinning in the cosmic corner of the Marvel Universe for the last three years.”

He said that the event will include Nova, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Silver Surfer and Quasar, as well as villains like Magus.



Is Thanos wearing some sort of size-XXXXXL spacesuit, minus helmet, in that picture?

I love Guardians of the Galaxy so count me in for this!

Okay… That image alone is magnificent. When a character is reborn, you really want their rebirth to give their death and subsequent rest meaning. I have a feeling with DnA, that this will definitely be a case where they manage to to do so. Thanos is one of the great villains in comics. I can’t wait to see what they have planned.

And this is just another event to further support my reasoning for dropping GotG. Bummer.

@Robert: agreed, incredibly epic teaser.

That said — although the return of characters in an inevitability — Thanos’ end was one i was hoping would never be undone in my lifetime. That final panel of him as Lady Death’s equal in the first Annihilation was such a long time coming; after finally getting what he’s always wanted, can you think of any other Marvel character who so strongly WOULDN’T want his own death undone?

However, that too is just further draw to this miniseries for me; i’m really curious to see what DnA do with the character!

Normally, I’d have some reservations about having three consecutive events on top of each other using mostly the same characters. But, it’s DnA doing their cosmic stuff. That’s really all that needs to be said, as far as I’m concerned.

Naw — look at that chin! It’s just another cheap Skrull trick.



NICE! He’s wearing his classic costume as well! So the Fault is a rip in time and space so does this mean we can get a Thanos that still wants to destroy everything? I cannot wait for this!

Looking forward to Thanos’ return, although I’m a bit worried that they’ll undo what Giffen accomplished with the character in Annihilation. Thanos assuming the role of Death’s consort was the natural evolution of the character, and I hope that’s kept in mind with what’s to come. I don’t want to see him revert to that one-dimensional, “destroy all life”, character that he initially was.

That said, Thanos was the original foe of the Magus, way back when — and it seems fitting that he make his return now to resume that role. So here’s hoping that this is a good as it promises to be.

Starlin is not involved then count me out !

DnA is involved then count me in!

Oh. Hell. Yes.

Magus? Really? Is this like a new Infinity War?

Well if you look at it by going back to Starlin’s original Warlock run where he introduced Thanos, and Magus, Warlock was changed to the Magus to Specifically fight Thanos. Now it seems the Roles are reversed, as Thanos is coming back to fight Magus. It actually makes sense for him to return if you think about it in this aspect.

Hopefully the subsequent mini series will be $2.99. I didn’t buy War of Kings because of the price tag. Marvel has started putting out some $2.99 books, so here’s hoping. I love DNA, but can’t justify paying an extra 1/4th just because something is a mini series.

DnA haven’t failed me yet, so I’m looking forward to this a whole heap more than I did for Secret Invasion. *fingers crossed*

I love DnA’s cosmic stuff at Marvel, but they are overdoing it just a little bit with the events, I feel if you have books that don’t have that big a readership to begin with, having so many events can basically bleed off your readership one by one.


Okay, Marvel you brought him back. Now, we have a deal!

Starlin? Really? I mean the guy produced some of the greatest cosmic titles ever for Marvel…back in the ’70’s and ’80’s. Infinity Abyss was just a huge letdown as was his The End story. He has finally gone the way of Claremont and outgrown his usefulness in the comics community. Seriously…I think old writers should follow suit of sports stars. Tell their major stories then when the gift starts to wane become editors of the titles they used to work on. That may sound cruel but I’m tired of spending money based on nostalgia and DnA are turning out some of the best cosmic titles since Ron Marz was doing Surfer in the late ’90’s. Let Starlin live on his legacy and pass the torch. That…and I’m a sucker for Thanos. If done right he is the best cosmic villain Marvel has.

Since they introduced the Rift, the distorted mirror universe on the other side has been presented as a universe where Life has been triumphant and, as a result, has been running amok like some kind of cancer. Given his own origins as the champion of Life, it is possible to argue that the Magus has an affinity with this overly abundant mirror universe.

I suspect that Thanos is coming back to fulfil a cosmic purpose – i.e., introduce death to the mirror universe. He may still be the consort of Death, but his purpose may now be to restore or recreate the balance between Life and Death for the other universe and protect ours at the same time.

this just proves that a character like Thanos can not be gone for long he is too good and suprised the thing made no mention of Galactus being involved in this event and wonder if the thing will include any mention of Warlock since Magnus is back and so is thanos

I would like to see more focas on the inhumans Impire that siad I’m up for this

good day

I too am excited over Thanos’ return. Assuming it is the original, I hope they offer some continuity with his death as some folks mentioned. If he is not the original; then they are free to do whatever with him — though it should be meaningful in either case (He is one of the COSMICs). Some folks are tired of characters being easily resurrected because it cheapens the story-lines which lead to their demise–forces them into gimmick status. I am a huge fan of Thanos and had accepted his death as he achieved his ultimate dream — being one with death. One responder mentioned a plot line where Thanos may be bringing death’s balance to a universe. In City of Heroes I offered a similar plot in the Architect mission environment–Except Thanos had gone mad at becoming Death and started building his own death realm in the natural universe. The Black/Gray look is reminiscent of Thanos’ look in the online story Twilight War — were he actually defeated Odin among other feats. It will be interesting to see what power is at his disposal.

@ Mike: You are aware the current villains of Realm of Kings are from a universe where there is no death? When they come into 616. guess what’s the first thing they’re going to get rid of?

Yeah I doubt Thanos would be happy.

“In the yeeeear two THOU-sand!”

I’m surprised no one has mentioned what Drax’s reaction will be when Thanos returns! Also a Nova/Thanos staredown would be awesome!

Yea, I’m looking forward to this.

I’m with you John, Drax is gonna be really mad.

Count me in for this, Marvel cosmic events are the best, in those comics when they say anything can happen, it’s true.


kisskissbang bang

February 13, 2010 at 11:37 pm

If Starlin himself hadn’t undone Thanos’s first death all the way back in Avengers Annual whatever, I’d be more upset. That’s the one that should have stuck.

kisskissbang bang

February 13, 2010 at 11:46 pm

Whoops, I meant Marvel Two-In-One Annual 2, which continued Avengers Annual 7, with the death of Warlock. The Infinity Gauntlet story is much-beloved & not without its merits, but if death is to mean something in comics, then Thanos shouldn’t have been revived that time, never mind now.

love…. Thanos…. almost can’t resist this!!!!!!11 but it’s so hard to get totally psyched cause it’s not Starlin writing Thanos. that’s not a knock against the current writers. i’m just saying that THanos has in the past always been best in the hands of his creator.

this is for people like adam kirby (who said this is the reason hes dropping GOTG). if we dont support these great comics like GOTG and NOVA they will go away. they are regulary in the low 90’s of the top 100 comics sold evry month. comics that sell a lot better are cancelled every year. so come on people stop being so freaking picky and buy quality comics like the ones DnA produce!!!

Although I love Guardians and Marvel’s cosmic stuff in general (I am totally digging what’s going on with the Inhumans lately), I haven’t been particularly thrilled with Realm of Kings thus far. The whole Rift/mirror universe thing just isn’t as compelling as Annihilation or Conquest. But anything with Thanos AND Magus has serious potential, so I’m eager to see what DnA have in mind.

Re: his rebirth taking away from Giffen’s end for the character in Annihilation, I think some people had the answer above with the mirror universe being overtaken by Life. Who better to take care of that problem than the avatar of Death?

Marvels’ cosmic titles have been great so far and I’m old enough (44) to remember how awesome Thanos and Adam Warlock and the Magus all were back when Starlin was on them. I have total faith that DnA won’t let me down.

If there wasn’t a Marvel tag on the bottom of that picture, I would have sworn it was something New Gods related.

This a real bad time for Drax. He’s just getting around to being the great anti-hero and attempting to be “somewhat” of a father to Heather then this happens. He’s most likely will lose it and revert back to the true Drax the Destroyer, which can be fun.

On the other hand…Thanos v Magus! – I hope.

Given how much the world at the bottom of the Fault has been described as a “universe where Life won”, it figures that there would only be one man for the job of beating it back.

When Life gives you lemons, you go get Thanos.

I have’nt been reading Marvels cosmic stuff lately but Thanos is one of my favorite villians, so I’ll have to check this out!

1. while not absoulutely hating GOTG I can’t see why it gets the raves it does
2. I like the plotting but the constant wisecracks give me a headache
3 the page layouts are really ugly

…And all I’m thinking is wouldn’t it be cool if DC and Marvel could get together like they did with the DC Versus Marvel deal in the 90’s and produce an epic, two universe-spanning “Darkseid Vs. Thanos” maxiseries?

I’m just happy to see Thanos back, but I’m sick of crossovers. I don’t want to have to read eight books a month to follow one story. I’ll buy the main parts, because Thanos is the villain, and I can’t resist a character with a genuinely interesting point of view, Thanos’ love of Death has been compelling to me even as a morbid kid reading Starlin’s original Magus stories. I just hope the writers don’t push it to hard. I want a single coherant story not a thousand throw away crossover chapters in which nothing interesting occurs for months at a time. If anyone’s still reading I disagree with Thanos’ death at the end of Annialation. not that he died, but as an Eternal Drax tearing out his heart should not have done it. Marvel nerd trivia an eternal needs to be almost completely disintegrated before he can die.

I’m afraid that I’m not buying the individual comics…

I AM however, buying the Hardbacks…

I particularly like the way Marvel are putting all the necessary comics together in one volume for these “mini-events”…

The “War of Kings” HC is AWESOME! I’m sure “Realm of Kings” and “The Thanos Imperative” will be just as good.

If we keep buying the hardcovers (or more importantly, PRE-ORDERING them) then marvel will see there is still a demand.

The other thing in their favour is that BECAUSE these books aren’t in the Top Ten, Marvel Editorial don’t seem to feel the need to interfere… DnA can just get on with writing great stories…

Now, if only DC would collect all their titles as quickly as Marvel do…

Thanos returns as the herald of Nekron in the Blackest Night…

It’s so obvious what’s gonna happen:
Kree, Shi’ar, Nova Corps and Guardians vs Thanos, Magus and a few more enemies

What is unknown is what Thanos is doing and how to stop it.

Brazilian reader

February 16, 2010 at 9:45 am

Any comment about why Nova and GOTG are not present in Marvel May solicitations??
Were they cancelled?
Will this Thanos event be the swan sing for Marvel cosmic line?
No… we have tons of Deadpool comics every month!! Yaaaaayyy!!
(okay… that was irony, if you hadn’t realize… )

Great new… after the return of mighty THANOS maybe we should see the IN BETWEENER again who was the true originator of the MAGUS living paradox in the old Jim Starlin’s WARLOCK saga…

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