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There’s a new Lantern in town …

After the events of Blackest Night #7, which came out yesterday, DC reveals two covers for Green Lantern #52. You might remember that when originally solicited, DC held back the covers for this issue, and now we know why … they didn’t want to spoil the end of BN #7.

SPOILERS for the latest issue of Blackest Night after the jump …


Here’s the first cover, by Doug Mahnke …

Green Lantern #52

Green Lantern #52

And the second by Shane Davis, both featuring newly minted White Lantern Sinestro:

Green Lantern #52

Green Lantern #52



Mahnke is a great illustrator, but that cover is pretty lame; ooooh a character holding his fist clenched tight while staring at the reader, big deal. That Shane Davis cover though is pretty rockin’.

For some reason I get the suspicion that Hal will be the White Lantern before long…

Oh, my stars and garters! I kind of knew what happens at the end of BN #7 because a buddy told me (I like spoilers and I haven’t bought mine yet) but these covers have me worried. Let Sinestro have his moment but what does this mean for the rest of the corps? This could give DC’s Brightest Day an interesting twist.

Oh, and I love Doug Mahnke’s cover.

Wow. The Sinestro Corp War is what got me back into DC comics after being a strict Marvelite. I think the common thought was the Hal would be the White Lantern but I bet that Sinestro manuevered himself into that position out of revenge for what happened with Parallax. I wonder what is going to happen to the Sinestro Corp?

“Oh my stars and garters”? Really? Holy Fanboy…

I hope the Shane Davis cover is the common cover.

Oh god, his mustache in the second one is killing me.

I loooooooooooooove the Doug Mankhe cover. Awesome awesome awesome.

‘joe h’ – what a poor, negative, miserable, ignorant perception. are u like that in real life too?

Sinestro is one of the best villains in comicdom. I just hope that Johns won’t turn him into a hero. (Actually, with that mustache, he can’t be a good guy, can he?)
And I must admit that I am also not a fan of Mahnke’s art.

Best wishes,

Both covers a great. I think which cover you like really has to do with how you view sinestro. Me personally I see him in more of a heroic and iconic light so Mankhe’s cover appeals to me more. On the other hand Davis’ cover has a more villainous and aggressive tone.

The Shane Davis cover seems to be an older model Sinestro – more oblong head, bouffant hair, waxed mustache – while the Mahnke cover depicts him with slightly more normal-shaped head, unwaxed mustache, and Hitler Youth haircut.

ptthunder – Take it easy dude. Just cause his opinion doesnt match yours doesnt mean you have to a be a tool. Its a cover geeez

I like the first one more.
Regardless this really looks cool.

THIS is why I’m not ashamed to admit I have a mancrush on Geoff Johns.

I read on a different release of this same info, some fan complaining how the covers are inconsistent; that Sinestro is either drawn with a human-ish head or a giant forehead, but not both.

To that person, if you’re reading this, both pictures above show a giant forehead. The concept is called perspective. You don’t see it as pronounced in the first cover because we’re seeing him from below, but it’s there.

om i thought if any one was going to wind up as a white Latern it would be Hal given his leader ship and doing what is needed against all the odds going on in blackest night. but Sinestro instead blackest night must have affected him more then thought to have sinisestro with the power of the white latern. since Sinestro and power is bad

You can’t have a mustache and be a badass.

Axon, tell that to Chuck Norris, Charles Bronson, and Zorro.

Didn’t Johns say outright there won’t be a White Lantern. No one believed him of course but it seems a bit rude to just lie openly about it.

Holy cow, I stepped on some sensitive toes. I’m sooorry for calling a boring cover boring.

I like both of them, but I must say the Shane Davis cover is my favorite.

They look mah-velous

You can’t have a mustache and be badass?
One name for you: Floyd Lawton. The most badass badass in the DC Universe.
I love Sinestro. I think he is my second favorite villain. Second only to Doom. Like Doom, Sinestro is such an awesome villain if he is written right. Not really evil for evil’s sake but will do anything to achieve his goals, with his own since of loyalty, and honor. I am so glad it isn’t Hal as the white Lantern but I can’t see him not ending up as the white Lantern eventually.

I loved how Geoff Johns pulled the rug out from under me in Blackest Night #7 with this. I enjoy both covers, but they’re both pretty much portraits so nothing that screams “Holy Crap this is amazing!”

@JasonF – you can be a badass and have a mustache! Lawton is a great example, mine would be: Magnum P.I.

I hereby pronounce Reis and Coipel for best comic book artists of the year.

Oh, and to remain on topic, I love Sinestro as a White Lantern. Mahnke really nailed that cover, kudos to Davis, also.

Joe H, and all,

isnt it obvious that that cover was dictated to be drawn it such a manner as to be easily cropped and made `headless’ for earlier speculation-feeding solits? While editorial & marketing departments often make mistakes, they very rarely do something without a reason, whether you think the final image is boring or not, it seems logical to assume that wee were supposed to see the image without its head first (as we did) and just assume that it was Hal, and then be shocked, shocked I say (whether we are or not is another matter, but it must have been marketing’s intent) when the `real’ cover shows that the torso of the White Lantern belongs to Sinestro…. for now.

@ Generalzod33

Fanboy and Geek, I am!

Sinestro as White Lantern = Norman Osborn as H.A.M.M.E.R. czar

I LOVE that the White Lantern is Sinestro, I’m so happy that it isn’t Hal. I know that it’s Hal’s book usually, but this event is the whole universe. And since Hal DID take Parallax away from Sinestro, he needed the spotlight. Sinestro’s entire existence has been about fulfilling the wishes of Abin Sur, and everything done until now has been done because Sinestro cares about saving the universe.

It makes sense, not to mention all of his rage in the last pages of the issue was just so real. This is Sinestro’s redemption, even moreso than on Krougar.

Here’s my vote for John Stewart for the White Lantern…if only for the irony.

I too think that Sinestro will fall and that John Stewart will take the mantle over.

“Sinestro as White Lantern = Norman Osborn as H.A.M.M.E.R. czar”

No way. Sinestro has been a game player in the Johns-driven GL universe since GL Rebirth #1. That’s six years ago. Norman winning the day in Secret Invasion was an unfair out of left field last minute blink or you’ll miss it bad writing choice.

Keep him a villain, Geoff!

That Mahnke cover features the most intense thizz face (google) I’ve ever seen in comics, maybe anywhere.

Just imagine…John Waters as a super hero!

I’m not digging the Shane Davis cover. It looks kind of cartoonish and goofy, has a really cheesy background with bad coloring, and Sinestro’s angle is too straight at the camera. It’s not nearly as powerful as it could have/should have been. As for Mahnke’s cover, I feel like I’ve seen that pose from a GL a hundred times before. The art itself is very clean and pretty damn good though. And I like how I can read from it that he must be saying to himself “That’s right, bi-atches. I’m the f’in White Lantern.” although whether he says that as a hero or villain is yet to be seen. I personally imagine Sinestro will try to be a hero, but he won’t be believed and he’ll crack and end up the villain we all love and love to hate.

seriously DC, please stop trying

And the movie hasn’t even hit and already I’m tired of it.

Why is Sinestro wearing a mask? Is he trying to keep his secret identity?

I think there will be seven white lanterns… Jordan, Sinestro, Attroticus, indigo-1, Carroll, Agent orange, and Saint Walker… Sinestro was just the first

There still publishing this?

I’m just happy John Stewart will soon be out Geoff Johns hands soon, because GJ did NOTHING with the character.

I think that all of the earth guys that are in the green lantern corps should join the different lantern corps out there now. For example Kyle in the Blue lanterns,I mean he was the embodiment of hope for the corps when lantern was paralax,Guy just is a perfect match for the red lanterns,I tought that Stewart should be in the indigo,a man that was responsible for the destruction of a planet would really should wander and find himself..the rest could be new characters

” “Oh my stars and garters”? Really? Holy Fanboy…’

“Holy’? Friendly neighborhood irony.

The second Lex Luthor decided that he wanted a ring of every color; somehow I got it into my head that he would be the white lantern, because white light is made up of the entire color spectrum. I was shocked and quite relieved when I turned the last page and discovered that Sinestro was the White Lantern. Thaal Sinestro of Korugar is back!

Brightest Day just got a little brighter…

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