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Your video of the day: Canadian Batman TV commercials

Apparently back in the mid-80s Batman and Robin had to support their crimefighting habits by shilling for a retail store chain. Hey, batmobiles don’t come cheap. No doubt they had an added incentive in the fact that the Joker ran the competing chain. Man, he sure does enjoy gouging customers! (via)



man, they move their mouths a lot.

Zellers is kind of a crap store too. Oh Batman, what were you thinking?

Zellers used to be a lot better than it is today, and some of the bigger stores are still decent/

Wow, Batman is so over-the-top in this. Hilarious!

— Nick
from City of Kik

But except for the goofy mouths, they seem to have picked their style sheets directly from the comics.
Some shots looked like Rich Buckler drawings and maybe some Adams, Aparo or Giordano. The Joker seemed to come from a Marshal Rogers cover.
It may be a weird mix of styles, but hey, at least they didn’t use Superfriends’ templates.

I’d like to know who made this commercial.

Batman and the Joker seemed to be mostly modeled on Brian Bolland’s version of the characters.

Better than Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

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