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"Lockeness Monster" by Alex Pardee, from The LOST Underground Art Show

By all accounts tonight’s episode of Lost, now in its final season, looks to be a momentous one. (Note: I hate finding out that a given ep will be “so-and-so-centric” beforehand; alas, that ship has sailed for me as far as tonight goes, but I’m not gonna spoil it for y’all if you haven’t heard.) With that in mind, why not kick back with a few Lost-related goodies from the world of comics?

Hark! A Vagrant‘s Kate Beaton recently finished an epic catch-up on the show, which has apparently prompted a fit of creativity. The Lost comic strips she’s recently posted to Twitter include an ode to her least-favorite character, an astonishing truth about Sawyer, and a bit of 20/20 hindsight for Jack.

Cat Rackham‘s Steve Wolfhard gets in on the action by questioning Locke’s pronunciation.

The Cloudy Collection’s David Huyck catches an unfortunate glimpse of something best left unseen.

Nedroid‘s Anthony Clark has gone absolutely Lost-comics crazy. Just click on his Twitpic account and start scrolling, and you’ll find page after page of little Lost delights.

Finally — and you might wanna wait till your lunchbreak for this one — feast your eyes on this astonishing gallery of Lost illustrations, paintings, sculpture, toys, and god knows what-all else from Gallery1988’s Lost Underground Art Show back in December. Glorious, and gloriously weird, stuff. Kind of like the show!

(Links via Kate Beaton and Scott Campbell)

"Locke" by Wade Schin from The LOST Underground Art Show



Sweet work. I love the inks and the blood treatment on Locke.

Thanks for sharing these!

ooh, I had not seen Kate and Nedroid’s lost comics. rad! thanks for the links!

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