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A sneak peek at Ted Naifeh’s art for ‘The Coven’ co-feature

Art by Ted Naifeh

Art by Ted Naifeh

The DC Universe blog provides a first look at Ted Naifeh’s art from “The Coven,” the new co-feature that will undoubtedly lead me to buy Teen Titans for the first time in a few years.

I’ve been a fan of virtually everything Naifeh’s done — Gloomcookie, How Loathesome, Courtney Crumrin, Polly and the Pirates, Death Jr., The Good Neighbors — so I’m undeniably biased. Add to that a fondness for mystical characters in general, and Traci Thirteen and Zachary Zatara in particular, and I really have little choice but to pick up May’s Teen Titans #83.

At The Source, Editor Rachel Gluckstern chats briefly with Naifeh and writer Rex Ogle, who provide even more reason for giving the back-up series a try.

“… I love Traci 13 and Black Alice,” Ogle says. “Each is so intensely unique and powerful, and hello, witches! Both ladies and Zach Zatara have all this potential for great stories, but they’ve taken a backseat because I think it’s hard to write about magic. You want to say, ‘Aww, man, look, she’s a witch, so she can do anything,’ but what I want to do is teach these kids about what it means to play with the fabric of the universe. When it comes to magic, there’s no such thing as a free lunch.”



I’m all sorts of excited for this feature. I think it’ll be the first time I buy Teen Titans since the first two OYL arcs a few years ago.

Barely related, but I giggle everytime I see the word “Coven” since watching “American Movie”.

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