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Apple’s iBookstore designates ‘Comics & Graphic Novels’ as top-tier category

iPad's iBookstore

iPad's iBookstore

When Apple’s much-anticipated iPad launches in the United States on April 3, the media slate’s highly organized e-book application will feature “Comics & Graphic Novels” among its top-tier categories, reports.

Citing findings by the Busted Loop mobile media research firm, the website states that Apple’s iBookstore will designate about 20 main categories, including “Fiction & Literature,” “Reference” and “Cookbooks.” Below those will be more than 150 sub-categories; “Manga” will fall under the comics section.

The iBookstore content sales and delivery system is viewed as a major selling point of the iPad, but until today it had been unclear how much an emphasis might be placed on comic books.

When the iPad was unveiled in January, Apple announced it had partnered with five publishers to produce content for the iBookstore: HarperCollins, Hachette Book Group, Macmillan, Penguin, and Simon & Schuster. All of those houses have imprints that publish graphic novels or manga (for instance, Hachette’s Yen Press imprint publishes Twilight: The Graphic Novel and Yotsuba&!, while Penguin’s Puffin division produces a line of literary adaptations). Macmillan and Simon & Schuster are also major book-market distributors of graphic novels by other publishers but there’s been no mention of whether those agreements could extend to the iBookstore.

More publishing partners are expected to be added after next month’s launch.

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Attention DC Comics: get on the stick, or get left behind.

Marvel, Archie, every other company has figured out how to (or whether or not they should) pay royalties on electronic reprints. It’s obviously a solvable issue. Do so.

Even if it’s only for older stuff or graphic novels, it’s a START.

I want iPad

Who cares, really?

Are you really going to spend $600 on a larger version of an itouch??? And then buy all your comics on it?

Give me a break…

I’ll totally spend the money it!

I love reading comics, but the storage factor has always been a problem for me. This is a great solution.

I would still buy physical copies of anything by Fantagraphics as those production values are too hard to pass up. Everything else though, more than happy to have it on the iPad.

It won’t be $600 forever

It’s about F***** time!

Am I going to spend $600 on a larger (roughly comic book size) iPod Touch and buy all my comics on it?


Very very probably maybe.

Great to hear, Tim!

I was just WAITING for this to happen. I figured they’d finally announce it sooner or later. Hopefully, we’ll see some spotlighting of titles from Oni Press, Vertigo, and other companies on the iPad.

Hey, does that mean we won’t see any of Robot 6’s Shelf-Porn article in the future? Since, well, this one is a possible shelf killer. Unless there’s “Digital Shelf-Porn.”


Yes I will spend $600 US on a larger version of the iTouch and then buy comics on it. I had to google the iTouch as I had no idea what it was. To be honest I’m a bit confused as to what it is. It looks identical to an iPhone to me.

That said, I have no interest in the iPhone. When I bought a cell phone last year I got a Nokia 1208 as I simply wanted something that could call people. I only ever got an iPod because my brother bought an iPhone and so no longer wanted his iPod. I have no interest in macs or anything else that Apple produces.

That said, I am interested in the iPad. I am interested in getting an ebook reader that’s the size of a book, has internet access and is in colour. I had created these requirements before the iPad was ever announced. I’ve simply been waiting for a product that fits this need.

That said, I may buy a Windows-based tablet instead of an iPad. It will depend on what formats of ebooks it can read compatibility and how many comic companies jump on the bandwagon. At the moment we’ve got lots of small comics companies on the iPhone with a sampling from Marvel. If DC jumps on the iPad bandwagon then I’m sold. Alternatively if they go the route of a flash driven website like Marvel, I’ll get a Windows tablet.

Of course I got into traditional comics because Marvel promised to release its comics digitally. So I have a much stronger interest in digital media then you’re average comic fan.

Not interested at six hundred bucks now or in the near future. Maybe when all the bugs are worked out and Maybe when we really have an idea what content will be available.

The IPad just doesn’t do enough for me to justify the expense.

I’ll wait and see…

Am I fussed….NO, Maybe ok for you throwaway merchants but for us serious collectors its a no brainer………collect printed comics and have an investment.

This would keep my wife from complaining about “all the comics laying around”. And that my friends is worth every penny!

“Investment”? When was the last time a comic was worth more than anything other than it’s cover price?

Digital comics are just one more way for publishers to reach the masses. From the publishing point of view, it’s not Print vs. Digital, it’s Print AND Digital. I’m all for the iPad as another means to get people to read in this country. Especially if it puts more dollars in the pockets of those who create the content.

Here’s hoping that Apple quickly gives access to smaller independent publishers.

Why do you say $600 for an iPad? Dude, it’s $500 and up!

500 for a crappy 16 gig with no 3g, buying anything less than the 32 gig is a huge waste of money. Although IMO the iPad is a huge waste of money no matter what. I’ll be holding out for an HP Slate which will do everything the iPad can do and much much more without being tied into Apples crappy DRM filled iTunes.

The Great JoeCini

March 12, 2010 at 7:37 am

16GB is not enough to store a library of comics on. Not when you are also storing apps, music and videos as well. The only thing the iPad will hopefully be good for is driving down the costs of Solid State Hard Drives.

Great Device, but the down side of things is that The iBookstore is not available to Canadian Customers. As stated here Near the Disclaimer at the bottom.

And so it begins…another step toward the end of the paper (monthly) format. Not sure how I feel about that, but it was inevitable.

Personally, I’ll be waiting until the Big Two jump onboard and prices fall before I even THINK of buying an iPad.

Either way, I’m looking forward to what the future might bring! :-)

My dream:

My dream is to have an iTunes like program on a device like the iPad, call it iBook or iComic, or whatever you like.

Those of you who currently subscribe to podcasts using iTunes know how it’s functionality works.

I would love to subscribe to my favourite monthly comics, weekly, or whenever they come out by DC, and other publishers. Heck, instead of downloading them all the time (for free), with that type of convenience (and a reasonable price point), they would actually get me to PAY! And like music where I go to more and more concerts than I ever have in my lifetime now, they would end up getting me into spending more and more money on their books, and other fandom things.

You just open up the program, it connects and downloads any of your subscriptions automatically. It would be great!

The only thing is, will DC get on bloody board? They are SOOOO non-digital relevant it is scary.

Nick Defina
March 12, 2010 at 8:20 am

Great Device, but the down side of things is that The iBookstore is not available to Canadian Customers. As stated here Near the Disclaimer at the bottom.

Wow! That’s for pointing THAT out Nick! That’s a little important!


That is the big difference. You collect comics, I read them.


Thanks for that notice. That’s a fairly hefty mark against the iPad. Now will be the time to see if DC jumps on with either iBooks, iVerse (or other 3rd party seller) or by themselves. Unless of course they keep doing nothing.

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