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At the wake for Marvel’s Hercules, it’s do ask, do tell

From "Hercules: Fall of an Avenger" #1

From "Hercules: Fall of an Avenger" #1

It turns out that Marvel’s dearly departed Hercules may have even more in common with the mythological figure on which he’s based than we previously thought.

The boisterous demigod-turned-superhero, who made his formal Marvel Universe debut in 1965, seemingly died in February’s Incredible Hercules #141 during the finale of “Assault on New Olympus.” All that’s left for his friends and colleagues to do is mourn — and share stories about the fallen Prince of Power.

And, boy, do they ever share. In Hercules: Fall of an Avenger #1, out this week, Namora encourages those women who had been intimate with the bed-hopping Lion of Olympus to relate their memories. (Alfyse, queen of the dark elves of Svartalfheim, apparently works blue, if you’ll forgive the pun.)

The surprise occurs when Snowbird eyes the crowd suspiciously and says, “Now come. I know there are others in the crowd who should join us … don’t be shy” — causing an antsy Northstar to reply, “Is that the time? Gotta go!” before, well, going (at super-speed, naturally). You know, Northstar, the highest-profile gay character in the Marvel Universe.

The exchange is brief, casual and played for laughs, but it’s obvious what writers Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente are asserting — that the Marvel Hercules, like the Greek Herakles, was fond of women and young men. In case it’s somehow not obvious, Van Lente spells it out this morning on Twitter: “Clearly, Hercules and Northstar had a ‘team-up’.”

That presumably places Jean-Paul Beaubier on a long, long list of Hercules’ male conquests from classical mythology that includes such figures as Abderus, Elacatas, Iolaos and Iphitus.

Just don’t tell Kyle.

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Nitpick: That’s Namora, not Namorita.

When I first read it, I thought Snowbird was suggesting that both Namor and Northstar had spent time with Hercules. But now I see she was referring just to Northstar and Namor is just confused by the suggestion.

Thanks, I always confuse the two.

Sean T. Collins

March 18, 2010 at 11:31 am

This delighted the hell out of me when I read it yesterday. I like to think he bedded a long trail of dudes throughout the Marvel Universe, because why not?

It’s not the first inference along these lines, either. Incredible Hercules was littered with them.

Namor’s slack jawed reaction to Alfyse’s off panel monologue about Herc and the Elvish Tickler was priceless, and Thor’s lifted eyebrow as nice as well, so much fun stuff in this issue.

Can’t wait for part II and Prince of Power.




when i first read the pannel and saw snow birds eyes seem to be a little evil as she looked at Namor and north star. it hit me that Maybe Hercules decided to experiment and since Namor has that wtf look of confusion and north star is running away means only one thing North star got some loving of a god. though marvel will never show the thing full pannel. just flash back.

…………………………………………Well, many Greek men fought beside and slept wit men. Including Alexander the UnGreat.

What’s with everyone wanting herc to be gay??? WHY does he have to ne gay??? Not looking for an argument cause to each his own, but I always envisioned him as being a ladies man…keep it that way please. Go have your fun w/ northstar and leave the herc alone!!!

“What’s with everyone wanting herc to be gay???”

He is Bissexual according to greek mythologie so I think people just want him to be himself! :P

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