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CBGB confirms comic coming from BOOM! this July



CBGB has confirmed something I posted about back in January — that they are indeed working with BOOM! Studios on a CBGB comic book. In fact, this week at South by Southwest, they’re handing out copies of a single page CBGB comic by Jesse Blaze Snider and Chuck BB.

The four issue mini-series will kick off this July with a cover by Jaime Hernandez. The anthology will include contributions from Ana Matronic of the band Scissor Sisters, Kieron Gillen, Oscar-nominated screenwriter Kim Krizan, Chuck BB, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Rob G, Sam Humphries (go Sam!), Marc Ellerby and more.

“BOOM! is all about delivering fantastic work that’s not found anywhere else,” says editor Ian Brill. “The comic industry needs an outlet for the type stories found in CBGB, and we’re happy to be the ones working hard to bring these stories to smart, discriminating readers.”

“BOOM! got what we were about” says Louise Staley of CBGB. “Our attitude jumps off every page.”

“The club was as much about those in the mosh pit as it was the bands that played there,” adds Robert Williams of CBGB. “The narrative in this series celebrates both.”

The comic will come out under BOOM!’s new BOOM! Town label and will be collected into a hardcover in November. Check out a PDF of the one-pager from SXSW after the jump.

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The Ugly American

March 19, 2010 at 10:08 am


Is that onliner slang for something?

*goes to check urban dicto-pedia*

Only Music Found Underground / Only M-F-Ugly Girls.

Or you could read the comic page above where they explain it.

They should make this scratch n sniff so that kids today can experience the sweat, urine and vomit.

This is Hilly’s kids who are licensing out the CB’s name or someone else?

Country, BlueGrass, Blues and Other Music From UnderGround

Jesse Blaze Snider! LOL! Nepotism is awesome.

Well done commentors, why bother to read the thing you’re actually commenting upon. Kudos, I applaud your lack of fear at being ignorant.

This comic will surely be a smash success in the same way Grateful Dead Comix was.

Jesse Blaze Snider

March 19, 2010 at 3:13 pm

First: Talmerian – “Nepotism is awesome?”

Let’s not perpetuate that BULL$#!+ my father has absolutely NO ties to CBGB’s at all, in fact the only person in my family who has even played the club is ME. I played with my old band Baptized By Fire like 5 years ago. The reason why I got the job is because I’m writing the TOY STORY ongoing series for Boom and my editor has a desk next to Ian Brill and Ian needed someone to write something fast and my editor recommended me. No NEPOTISM involved. Please, don’t open your mouth when you don’t know what you’re talking about.

(Now, we take a much friendlier writing tone…)

Second: Sam “Other Music from Under Ground” is NOT what OMFUG stands for, but my one pager clears everything up! =)

Read it, the bouncer says exactly what it stands for, what you said is a commonly thing that people mistake it for meaning.

You should all check out the book, from what I’ve seen so far, it is quite awesome! =)


It was a dream come true the day i played on the CBGBs stage with my band. We sucked ass but i played on the same stage a lot of my music heroes played one. Love CBGBs and miss it. Gonna get the comic!

As someone who has been to CBGB’s,played CBGB’s ,and is actually currently wearing a t-shirt from CBGB’s, I can tell you with certainty, OMFUG stands for “OTHER MUSIC FROM UNDERGROUND”

“Art not found anywhere else” or a club thats not found anywhere period. CBGB’s is like a “Marc Jacobs” or something like that now. If you wanted to milk the name so badly maybe you shouldve tried a little harder to keep it. this is garbage.

Jesse Blaze Snider

March 20, 2010 at 8:04 am

I’m with you Sam, on every level except that I didn’t trust a friend to tell me what it stood for, I went straight to the dearly departed horse’s mouth, you’ll find the correct answer here…


Checked out the link…Interesting…but I don’t think I’ll be taking a Sharpie to my t-shirt to scribble out “From UnderGround” quite yet. After all this,I guess I’ll HAVE to go buy the book!!!

Jesse Blaze Snider

March 20, 2010 at 11:46 am

Understandable. =)

What I have read thus far, has been quite cool. =)

Hope you dig it!


Country, BlueGrass, Blues, and Other Music for Uplifting Gourmandizers (sic)
source: my dog eared copy of This Ain’t No Disco: The story of GBGB by Roman Kozak, Chapter One, page one

Wow. One more nail in punk rock’s coffin.

Hi guys,

I just wanted to confirm what Jesse had to say regarding the “nepotism” comment. Jesse has done great work for BOOM! on the TOY STORY book (don’t believe me…read the rave reviews on this and other comic websites) and when Ian said he needed someone to write the one-pager, I recommended him. From there Jesse submitted a pitch like anyone else, Ian liked it and there it is.

Believe it or not, some people get work based on their own merit. Jesse is one of them.


why don’t all you haters read the book before you judge it. it’s really easy to have a big mouth when all you have is keyboard courage.

@ JSS maybe you should find out the score before you run off at the mouth. lots of people (including myself) tried very hard to save it, the city of NYC didn’t see it our way. thats just how shit fell. where were you when they were closing the club? what did you do to “save” it?

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