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Eddy Barrows joins JMS on Superman this summer

Superman by Eddy Barrows

Superman by Eddy Barrows

Following up on their announcement a couple of weeks ago that J. Michael Straczynski will write both the monthly Superman and Wonder Woman titles beginning in July, DC Comics announced yesterday that artist Eddy Barrows will join JMS on Superman.

Barrows will draw a story for Superman #700, and then will take over the monthly title with #701. He’s also heavily involved with DC’s big May event, War of the Supermen, as he’s the artist on War of the Supermen #0, one of DC’s Free Comic Book Day offerings this year, as well as the last issue of the weekly limited series.



Ugh. Judging from that picture above and a few more from around the net, this guy looks like he is a terrible Artist. Way to blow it DC. It’s like something from the 90s, he can’t draw hands and his faces are all skeletal while the rest of the body is super vainy. Does anyone at all like this style of art?

Fantastic choice. I was hoping he would come back to a Superman book after his aborted Action Comics run. With Pete Woods on Action, and Jamal Igle on Supergirl, the Superman family books have some great artists on board.

Looks like it could be a pretty good match. Maybe he’ll end up being the equivalent of JMS’s J.R. Jr. on Spider-Man.

I hope the first arc is about how he lost his right eye in that image. I would totally read about Eyepatch Superman.

Barrows is terrible, DC really could not have picked a worse choice.

Not another “grim and gritty” take on the world’s brightest hero!

Are they gonna give him adamantium claws, too? And a leather jacket?

I’m cool with Eddie Barrows on the book. Liked some of his Teen Titans work.

I like Eddy Barrow’s art. It’s like a cross between Neal Adams and Claudio Castellini.

It’s Mr. Strazcynski that I’m unsure of. I wasn’t a fan of his spider-man work.

Did anyone read Blackest Night: Superman? His art style is very, VERY similar to his studiomate Ivan Reis

“I like Eddy Barrow’s art. It’s like a cross between Neal Adams and Claudio Castellini.”

“It’s Mr. Strazcynski that I’m unsure of. I wasn’t a fan of his spider-man work.”

I’m not really familiar with Barrow, at least not that I’m aware of, but I agree with all of this. I actually really like the art sample pictured here. Supes looks totally badass here, and for a character who’s really wimped out far too often that’s refreshing. YMMV, I guess.

It’s JMS that I’m unsure about too, but I’ll wait and see. Really, it’s how the character’s written that matters.

Rich, up above, is correct though… I too would like to learn how Supes lost his right eye. It might add to his overall badassery.

I’m told Straczynski’s SUPERMAN comes with the editorial mandate that the protagonist wear a green eye patch, for reasons that will be revealed to all in a MAJOR storyline in MAGOG later this year.

Also, Straczynski will be writing the comic under the pseudonym “Mr. Hanky Panky,” so as not to divert too much attention from the upcoming Superman film.

Who here is as impressed as I am that Superman can grimace SO HARD that we can see his back teeth? Will that be Superman’s new power? Super grimacing?

I’m ambivalent about the choice of Eddy Barrows. I haven’t read enough of his work to make a judgement. If I buy Superman, it’ll probably be because of JMS.

The image in the article is somewhat dynamic though strangely colored. I like the rich colors of the costume but I’m not sure of the lighting/light source. He’s busting through a wall but is it light back behind him? The anatomy is okay.

I would absolutely read Super Grimace. He would be known far and wide as a Defender of Shakes, Large Fries, and Weird-shaped Apple Pies. He would just need a few more villains in addition to the Hamburglar.

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