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Eliza Dushku out of Wizard’s Toronto and Anaheim conventions

Eliza Dushku-based ad for Wizard World Toronto, in happier times

Eliza Dushku ad for Wizard World Toronto

She was the top-billed star of the Wizard World conventions in Toronto and Anaheim — and briefly the victim of a case of mistaken identity with Warren Ellis. But now Eliza Dushku, the Joss Whedon mainstay who starred in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dollhouse, has quietly been dropped from the guest lists of both shows.

Is this a victory for the shows’ Con War rivals, Fan Expo (the same city as Toronto) and Reed’s Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (the same weekend as Anaheim), a sign that Wizard’s rapid convention-circuit expansion isn’t making it any easier to attract big-name talent, or just schedule churn?



No conclusions can be made after one incident, but…

I noticed that she was conspicuously absent from the website’s guest list the other day.

Wizard handles cancellations horribly. I noticed Peter David was on the site for WWT for a few days before mysteriously disappearing too. The responsible thing to do would be to announce that the guest had canceled, especially someone like Dushku who’s been in all the promotional material for the con and is the top star. Instead, they remove her from the guest list and delete the news article that announced her attendance, presumably hoping that everyone would forget.

Colonoscopy — a procedure for which I will not stand. ;)

Nice handle.

Colin, you are assuming that the guest was actually scheduled to be a guest. Giving the benefit of the doubt, it is possible for someone to be scheduled to be a guest who was never asked. One possible way that this could happen is when a list is copy-and-pasted with the intention of deleting a name or two, but the deletion was missed.

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Eliza Dushku actually announced on her Twitter feed on March 4rth:

My deepest appreciation for your fandom @aprilataylor Wizard World Toronto & Anaheim folks, unfort. this yr coincided w/an alt. obligation:(

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